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May 19, 2024

Only 3 Dealer Groups Continue To Show Support To Omoda & Jaecoo; Brand Reveals Even More Vaporware For Philippines

UPDATE: Read the response of O&J Philippines country manager here.

And then there were three. After 10 potential dealers signing Letters of Intent (LOI) with Omoda & Jaecoo Philippines (O&J Philippines) in November LAST YEAR, only three are left to potentially become their inaugural set of dealers.

As O&J’s house of cards continue to tumble down, only three dealer groups have been left—Autohub, Auto Icon, and Angcore Group.

These three dealers went to Omoda & Jaecoo’s 2024 Global Business Conference in China where they gained a better understanding of the brand’s global development plan. Aside from visiting the “super intelligent manufacturing base” in Wuhu, dealers also had a chance to test drive the Omoda 5 (minus the snapping rear axle), Omoda E5 EV, the Jaecoo 7, and the Jaecoo 8.

Sun Qian, the Commercial Director of the Philippine Consulate General in Shanghai visited Wuhu and discussed in detail O&J’s development plans for the Philippines. He also “expressed admiration for O&J’s innovative strength and their personalized ecological strategy of designing ‘user-oriented’ mobility and lifestyle in the future.”

During the conference, O&J also confirmed two additional vaporware models slated to arrive in the market: the Omoda 7 PHEV and the Omoda 8 PHEV.


  1. "Dealers also had a chance to test drive the Omoda 5 (minus the snapping rear axle)." LOL. They should have been allowed to drive the Omoda 5 with the snapping rear axles to get a feel of the customers sentiments once they start complaining en masse about the defect that also is prevalent in Malaysia with 600 recalls and Indonesia with 420 recalls. Add to that the insufficiently tightened bolt that holds the brake pipe union that causes the brake fluid to leak resulting in reduced braking performance as reported by Chery Omoda Australia that led to 5901 recalls of the Omoda 5. Kudos to these three Dealers, they are three of the most positive and optimistic businessmen despite the Omoda reputation that precedes it even before the cars arrive.

  2. Auto Icon is really good at selling Chinese vehicles like Jetour,GAC ,GWM and Dongfeng
    Gateway and Autospeedygo aren't interested of adding more Chinese car brands in their dealership network same goes for Esjay and ANC.

  3. DEAD b4 arrival


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