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May 27, 2024

VinFast Leverages In-House Know-How, R&D For Vehicle Tech

More than just offering financial support, VinFast’s parent company, Vingroup has provided their fledging auto brand with a comprehensive technological ecosystem that accelerates their innovation. 

A prime example is MirrorSense, a cutting-edge technology that automatically adjusts a car’s rearview mirrors using sensors to detect the driver’s head and eye position, ensuring safety and convenience when driving.

MirrorSense utilizes precise eye sensors, boasting accuracy within 10 millimeters, to determine the ideal position for all three rearview mirrors, enhancing the driver’s visibility of the surrounding area.

Furthermore, it incorporates facial recognition, enabling it to remember the driver’s face and automatically adjust the mirrors upon subsequent entries into the vehicle.

To date, MirrorSense has undergone extensive testing using a dataset of 25,000,000 images sourced from 250,000 real-world subjects. The performance of this feature has been validated through the analysis of 504 self-collected videos featuring 126 participants representing diverse demographics.

While still in development, this technology will be rolled out soon on VinFast’s passenger vehicle range.

MirrorSense is just one of the many collaborations co-developed by VinFast and Vingroup’s other tech subsidiaries. These subsidiaries include:
  • VinBigData: Delivering innovative products like ViVi (smart voice assistant) and AI Camera.
  • VinAI: A leader in smart mobility solutions, elevating vehicle performance through AI.
  • VinCSS: Focusing on cybersecurity, providing no password authentication and IT security services.
  • VinHMS: Optimizing business operations through specialized tech products.
  • VinBrain: Revolutionizing healthcare with AI-driven solutions.
Another feature integrated into VinFast cars, made possible by in-house collaboration, is ViVi, the voice assistant developed by VinBigData. ViVi understands and responds to Vietnamese voice commands, searches for information, and performs tasks like making calls or adjusting car settings.

VinFast and VinAI are also co-developing technologies including the Driver & Occupants Monitoring Systems (DOMS) and an Advanced Driver Monitoring System (ASVM) featuring JellyView, a 360-degree panoramic observation system that effectively identifies and alerts drivers of blind spots around the vehicle and offers a view of the vehicle surroundings from the cabin.

These extensive in-house collaborations not only highlight Vingroup’s commitment to technological advancement but also shows its dedication to integrating cutting-edge technologies into VinFast’s EVs, redefining the future of mobility with smarter, safer, and more sustainable transportation solutions.

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