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September 13, 2012

Toyota Motor Philippines Launches VNT-Equipped Fortuner, Hilux

Toyota Motor Philippines (TMP) improves its ever reliable Fortuner and Hilux models in September.  With new engine specifications and interior entertainment improvements, both the Fortuner and Hilux prove to be a more road-worthy vehicle. Toyota aims to strengthen its SUV and Pick-up segment through its globally known International Innovative Multipurpose Vehicle (IMV) line-up.

The improved Fortuner and Hilux will feature the advanced Variable Nozzle Turbocharger (VNT) Technology with intercooler which aims to improve fuel efficiency and produce additional engine power by 40% and increased torque by 30%. A variable nozzle vane has been incorporated on the circumference of the turbine to adjust the flow speed and pressure of the exhaust with the intention to improve fuel economy. Accordingly, the balance between the exhaust back pressure and boost pressure based on the engine demand has been optimized to induce responsive power. A Direct Current (DC) motor is used to operate the variable nozzle vane to help achieve outstanding engine performance. The VNT Technology is available for the 4X4 V and 4X2 G Diesel (Manual and Automatic) Fortuner. In the other hand, the Hilux also offers the VNT for its 4X4 G, 4X2 G and 4x2 E variants.

A new feature for the Fortuner 4x4 V Diesel, 4X2 G Diesel Automatic and all Hilux 4x4 variants will be a newly installed Audio system with Navigation Global Positioning System (GPS) which offers the most POIs (Point of Interests) available in the Philippines. This comes standard with a 6.5” Digital LCD with Touch screen function, built-in DVD Player, FM/AM Tuner, Ipod control and Video (Compatible with Iphone 3GS/4Gs and Ipod), Bluetooth capability, 50W X 4 Output amplifier and you may also plug in your favorite music player via the AUX or USB ports.

The improved Fortuner is available in both 4X4 and 4X2 drive trains.  The 4X4 comes along with a 3.0-liter V diesel variant priced at P1, 759,000. The 4X2 2.5-liter G diesel option on the other hand is priced at P1, 484,000 for the Automatic Transmission and P 1, 381,000 for the Manual Transmission.  A 2.7-liter G gasoline option is also offered at P1, 358,000.  Available shades are Lithium, Silky Gold Mica Metallic, Dark Grey, Dark Steel Mica Metallic, Xtreme Black. A White Pearl color on all variants is now available for an additional P15, 000.

Meanwhile, the improved Hilux is also available in both 4X4 and 4X2 drive trains, and offers automatic and manual transmissions. The top-of the-line G variant equipped with a 3.0-liter diesel engine is priced at P1, 474,000 for the automatic transmission and P1, 420,000 for the manual transmission. A 4X2 G manual transmission variant is also available for P1, 131,000. The 4X2 E variant, on the other hand has a 2.5-liter diesel option at P972, 000 and a 2.5-liter J diesel variant option at P843, 000.  Available colors for the Hilux are Lithium, Silky Gold Mica Metallic, Dark Steel Mica Metallic, Xtreme Black. The Freedom White color is now made available for the G and E variants. Also introducing a new color for the Hilux is the Super Red only available for the G variant.

The Fortuner and Hilux offer accomplished, goal-driven individuals the power, confidence and freedom to conquer the road through its improved performance and advanced features. Check-out the improved Fortuner and Hilux in any of Toyota’s 31 outlets nationwide or visit for more details.

Editor's Note: We'll have our First Drive feature on the VNT-equipped Toyota Fortuner and Hilux next week!


  1. puking ina noong june lng kami bumili..... hndi man lng nagsabi na wait for the new engine

  2. why toyota is not offering the VGT as others manufacturers did.VGT increases an enormous 30 t0 40 percent horse.

    1. Toyota is offering the VGT engine (VNT is their internal term) only for the Fortuner and Hilux. No word if the Hiace and the Innova will get this engine.

  3. My hilux 2007 has the same details of turbine as mention in this latest model.. what does it differs?... i got a turbo with a vane controlled by dc motor and a turbo driver computer... whats the difference?


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