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November 18, 2012

Manila Auto Salon 2012: Big Guns Collide Again

Manila’s premiere styling and tuning show, the 6th MANILA AUTO SALON starts the big guns firing on November 29 to December 2, 2012 at the SMX Convention Center, Mall of Asia in Pasay City. Again the Big Guns are expected to collide as the show begins in the garages of the top tuning shops in the country.

“Every year the collisions are more intense and the crowd sees more and more talent, in terms of designs, configurations, and out-of-the box thinking” explains organizer Tradeshow International President, Sophie de los Santos. “The drama for the show begins at the tuning shops as they strategize for the win.”

Since the winner is selected by a panel of judges, the big custom car shops and aftermarket shops, notably Autoline Motorsports, A-toy’s Body Kits, Concept One, 199 Off Road House, FM Garage, JWorks Unlimited, Jeff’s Off-Road Shop, Speedlab, Starbright Body Kits, are on red-alert each time the show runs watching details that make or break a car in the show.

“The annual battle for the win does not only reflect in the eye candy. The judges are beyond the glitz and polish,” explains Sophie. “They are looking for the tiny details that show preparation, planning and excellent execution.”

Every year the MANILA AUTO SALON brings out the best and the brightest in the car tuning and customizing scene in the country. Many of the participants actually worked their way up winning at the smaller events like parking lot shows and mall competitions. After each win, the car owners gain more confidence and prestige to finally make it to the pinnacle of the styling and tuning world—the Manila Auto Salon. Competitors know that from where they are now, the show is their next and final big step. But pundits expect more upsets this year as the new generation of the car-crazy surfaces. The David versus Goliath battle will happen in the days preceding the Show.
“2012 marks a different year for the MANILA AUTO SALON as we expect to shore up a more intense competition” observes Sophie de los Santos. “We have been receiving word of the kinds of cars being set-up and the excitement is building up tremendously. This is why the MANILA AUTO SALON never ceases to wow the crowd.”

“Every year there is something new to see or an event to experience. This has brought in sponsors every year which is good for the industry and for the market. They come back because they know that brand recall is so very important—something that can only be done when you unite the brand with the consumer.”

For 2012, the proximate distance from another Tradeshow International organized crowd drawing event--the 20th Defense and Sporting Arms Show—brings a total market size to about 100,000 spectators—a twin event perfect for exhibitors and sponsors to build lasting relationships with the target market.

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