Thursday, January 17, 2013

Shelby Massages Focus ST, Production Limited to 500 Units a Year

Shelby American, Inc., a division of Carroll Shelby International is well-known for super tuned Fords such as the GT500 and its countless variations (including the recently launched GT500 Super Snake Wide Body). But what happens when Shelby sprinkles a bit of magic dust onto the Focus ST? The Shelby Focus ST is born.

Designed by a skunkworks team inside Shelby and tested extensively at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway, the front-wheel drive Shelby Focus ST is a driver-focused masterpiece of performance with a relatively budget-minded price tag.

The 252 horsepower engine is bumped up to 300 horsepower (they didn't mention how they increased the power), capped off with a unique Shelby/Borla exhaust. Other changes include: Ford Racing suspension pieces, functional hood vents, hydro-carbon front and rear grille inserts, and Shelby stripes (or the Shelby checkered flag splash if you prefer). Inside, the Shelby Focus ST gets a unique interior treatment with a Shelby shifter and a unique "Shelby CSM badge".

The Shelby Focus ST is limited to just 500 units per model year and will cost an extra US$ 14,995 (~ P 625,000) over the purchase price of a brand-new Ford Focus ST which will set you back around US$ 23,700 (~ P 995,000).


  1. available po ba ford focus st dito sa Philippines?

    1. Unfortunately, no. The Focus ST isn't available here.


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