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December 18, 2013

Toyota Motor Philippines Shares Christmas Spirit with Toyota Tacloban

Toyota Tacloban Team Members led by their (L) President, Mr. Jimmy Yaokasin and (R) Toyota Motor Philippines President, Mr. Michinobu Sugata
Last December 14, Saturday, Toyota Motor Philippines (TMP) President, Michinobu Sugata visited one of the manufacturer’s dealerships, Toyota Tacloban in the wake of supertyphoon Yolanda. Along with TMP’s top management, EVP for Marketing Yohei Murase and SVP for Marketing Jose Ariel T. Arias, the company offered gift baskets as a reminder to its team members to celebrate Christmas despite the challenges experienced. TMP also previously sent food and water supply to immediately aid them after Yolanda struck the said dealership.

In a statement, TMP’s President expressed, “The Christmas spirit should live on in spite of the trials faced by our team members. These simple tokens that we have shared symbolize our continuous support and concern for the Toyota family. I am very glad that Toyota Tacloban’s President, Mr. Jimmy Yaokasin also serves as an inspiration to our team members in remaining strong and resilient especially in tough times like this.”
Toyota Tacloban is currently the only automotive dealership that is open and operational in the said district.

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