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December 3, 2013

Drive Safe with Nannar Tire Smart Cap

Having a correct tire pressure on our car is very important. It saves your money, fuel, and even protects life.

Healthy Living Inc, the distributor of Nannar Tire Pressure Monitoring LED Smart cap (TPMS), is a must for people that want to make sure that their tires are properly inflated. Once installed, it will alert you if your tire pressure drops by a set of point. And best of all, your tires will have longer tread life.

The tire pressure-monitoring device is reliable and designed to monitor your tire pressure 24/7, and is designed to withstand even in toughest situation on the road. It’s made of stainless steel with clear polycarbonate that withstands all traditional cleaning solvents. The Nannar TPMS cap is a small, no-maintenance, economic, self-calibrating, light device that flashes when your tire is under-inflated or below the correct psi. The device is 100-percent self-contained with batteries (good for approximately three years, and can be replaced).

When the cap is first mounted on the valve stem, it will “memorize” the tire pressure. The cap will then be calibrated for life and will not require resetting. It is easy to use, requiring no technical knowledge. A set of four Nannar TPMS caps can be installed in just a few seconds and will not require a trained technician. The Nannar TPMS caps can fit in any vehicle from SUV with pressure range 10-70 psi, or 0.7-5.0 bar to trucks or heavy vehicle with pressure range 60-170psi or 4.0-11.0 bar.

How to install the product? Simply check the tire pressure of your car. After setting the recommended tire pressure, get the cap started on the valve stems threads. Put the key into the grooves at the top of the valve cap. Then, simply twist the cap firmly using the key. The cap is now in place and will monitor your tire pressure 24-hours a day, seven-days a week. If the tire pressure drops 4psi (0.3 bar), the LED Smart Cap will start flashing. The LED flashes every 1.5 seconds until the tire pressure corrected properly. The product has a 2-years manufacturers’ warranty.

To know more about Nannar TPMS, you may call +63-2-241-9602; 230-8770 or +63-925-5519620.


  1. Several years ago, I switched from metal/aluminium caps that go for around P150 to P250 a set to rubber ones (less than P100 a set) because they kept getting stolen. I wonder how many people are willing to take a risk with this one.

    1. Didn't you read? There's a key to be used to lock the tire cap in place

  2. Or get a fuckin' a tire pressure gauge and check the tires every 2 weeks. Great concept though.

  3. Price? If this cost only a couple hundred pesos, it should be fine. But if this is more than 1 thousand pesos, better luck next time. I'd rather have the money for the increased price for my gas allowance.

  4. A whole car can get lost, with key and alarm, what more this caps with keys ???


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