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Thursday, December 12, 2013

Caltex with Techron: the Clean, Environmentally-Friendly Fuel

In recent months, gasoline fuel in the Philippines was put under close scrutiny due to claims made by local Volkswagen distributor Automobile Central Enterprise, Inc. (ACEI) that they couldn’t market and sell their gasoline models due to the presence of heavy metals such as manganese in locally available unleaded gasoline. As a refresher, manganese causes irreparable long-term damage to cars as well as public health (it’s a known carcinogen).

Chevron Philippines called a press conference to air their side in this entire “dirty gasoline” debacle. Their response: all their fuels, sold through their brand, Caltex, pass all international standards and contain no heavy metal additives such as manganese.

Chevron Philippines revealed that smaller oil players use heavy metal additives such as manganese to boost octane levels. This is especially true if an oil company plans to market more than one unleaded fuel (such as regular and premium-grade fuel) but can only economically import one type. By adding manganese, they can effectively boost octane levels by up to 3 points, thereby creating two fuel grades but at the detriment of damaged engine components. Larger industry players such as Chevron Philippines (and the other “big two”) have the capability and the facility to store multiple grades of unleaded fuel made with absolutely no heavy-metal additives.

But Chevron goes a step further than simply providing manganese-free fuel. They’ve upped their fuel by adding Techron technology into all their fuels creating a fuel that’s a cut above the rest.

Techron is Chevron’s patented polyetheramine or PEA-based additive that’s considered as the best and most effective type of cleaning agent compared to alternatives such as polyisobutene (PIB) and Polyisobutylene amine (PIBA). In fact, American-based car magazine, Road and Track classifies PEA-based additives to be “in a league of its own” and “is the only one that can get the job done”. Unlike PIB and PIBA, PEA additives do not build as deposits in an engine’s combustion chamber. This results in engines with better performance and longer life.

And unlike other gasoline players, Techron is standard on all fuels sold by Chevron under the Caltex brand be it their regular (Silver) or premium (Gold) grade.

Thanks to Techron, motorists can experience five key advantages. First, power and improved performance because Caltex with Techron prevents the build-up of harmful deposits in a car’s engine resulting in a more efficient combustion. Second, higher fuel economy (up to 3.4 percent) because of Caltex’s cleaner burn; not to mention it also keeps the fuel system free from deposits. Third, it gives better engine reliability because it keeps the engine in tip-top shape by maintaining optimum combustion even at higher mileage. Fourth, fewer emissions by removing deposits in a car’s fuel injectors and intake valves resulting in an engine that’s clean from the inside. Finally, a smoother ride by keeping injectors clean and preventing deposit formation minimizing the chances of engine knocking brought about by a less-than optimal burn.

The Caltex Star stands for quality, value and service. Most importantly, it stands for their commitment to their customers. With products such as Caltex with Techron, Chevron Philippines is showing that they remain steadfast in treating their customers as individuals and not just “profit margins”. With over 85 years of presence in the Philippines, Chevron and Caltex remains as a trusted partner in providing its customers with quality products, guaranteeing that each time you leave a Caltex station, your car will feel recharged and ready to hit the road again.

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