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December 2, 2014

BEMAC Philippines Carmona Plant Now Ready for Production

BEMAC Electric Transportation Philippines, Incorporated formerly known as BEET Philippines announced that their assembly line for electric vehicles (EVs) is now on place and is ready for mass production.

BEMAC Philippines plant located in Carmona, Cavite is on pre-production fine tuning to make sure of its ability to deliver 500 units per month of 3 wheeled EVs as projected by the company.
BEMAC’s EV engineers from Japan are currently in the country to train their local counterparts in assembling the EVs. This will guarantee that the strict controls imposed by the Japanese company to its local EV subsidiary will be adhered by the Filipino technicians and local parts manufacturing partners.

BEMAC’s strong partnership with a top Japanese lithium-ion battery manufacturer, has enabled both companies in extending full support in terms of their R&D departments making sure the com-patibility between BEMAC’s VCU technology and the battery is working seamlessly. Battery is the driving force behind a reliable EV on the road and it is the utmost desire of BEMAC to provide the best battery to power their EVs.

“We want only to give the Filipinos a reliable and safe EV product which they can proudly claim as made in the Philippines backed by Japanese technology” BEMAC’s President Masato Oda said.
“We are the only EV manufacturer in the country who does a thorough testing of our product be-fore actually rolling it on the streets.” Mr. Oda added. Product safety testing includes vibration test that will guarantee at least 10 years for its chassis or 100,000 km., slalom test, uphill and downhill run, water proofing and breaking capability often employed only by car manufacturers.

Given the reliability and long life of their product BEET is optimistic on the potential of replacing the aging, noisy and air pollution inducing traditional tricycles with their EV-trikes.

“Our business modeling showed that even with higher initial cost, our product is actually the lowest EV in the market today considering that we can guarantee longer battery, chassis life and with a very strong after sales support team ready.” BEMAC Philippines AVP Yvonne Palomar-Castro added.
TODAs in areas like Metro Manila, Cebu and Boracay are showing interest in BEMAC’s EV. Lead-ing local companies who put value in greening their businesses are also interested in utilizing its cargo model suitable for delivery services. BEMAC is expected to produce a minimum of 500 units per month or 6,000 units per year but is preparing to increase its production capacity to 1,000 units per month or 12,000 units per year starting from July of 2015.


  1. How much will this cost when on sale? :)

  2. Bemac,the designed is poor so this must be improved,


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