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December 2, 2014

Petron Engine Oils: Specially Formulated for Philippine Market

As the only and biggest Filipino refiner, Petron has a deep understanding of the unique driving conditions on Philippine roads, and Petron takes pride in formulating products that will deliver optimum efficiency for Filipino motorists.

Engine oils are essential to ensure efficient operation of gasoline and diesel engines. They have two primary functions: to minimize friction and to prevent wear on the moving parts of engines. In addition, engine oils also act as a coolant, protect metal parts from corrosion, and prevent formation of engine deposits.

While all engine oils perform basically the same function, how well a particular product does so is determined by its quality, notably the components that go into the oil blend.  Petron engine oils, which are specially formulated to enhance the performance of all types of engines based on local conditions, have been subjected to international laboratory testing to meet world-class benchmarks.

Petron Ultron 

Gasoline Engine Oils contain the Thermal Stress Stabilizing System (TS3) that keeps the oil stable even at extreme temperatures, providing excellent protection from engine stress while maintaining superior engine cleanliness. Petron Ultron has undergone widely-accepted international engine tests to demonstrate its excellent performance on engine stress protection, engine cleanliness and thermal stability.

Based on an actual test on a Porsche 997 engine, Petron Ultron provided effective protection against wear. It also delivered excellent control on sludge and varnish formation in an actual Sequence VG test. Its ability to provide superior engine cleanliness was proven when it was tested on a Volkswagen T4 engine. Viscosity tests also showed that Petron Ultron is stable at both low and high operating temperatures.

Petron REV-X 

Diesel Engine Oils are formulated with the Dynamic Cleaning Technology (DC Tech), which provides excellent engine cleanliness and engine protection for long drain performance and longer engine life. It meets and exceeds the stringent requirements of international engine tests designed for diesel-fed vehicles. Petron REV-X was tested for engine cleanliness and engine protection. An actual Volvo VDS-2 field test was also conducted to demonstrate the longer and extended drain performance of Petron REV-X engine oils.

Petron Sprint 4T 

Motorcycle Oils are designed to meet the unique performance requirements of four-stroke motorcycles. Unlike passenger cars, motorcycle engines require lower oil volume, have higher power output, and operate at higher engine speeds. Petron Sprint 4T is formulated with Thermal Control System (TCS) to enhance the oil’s thermal and oxidation stability, which are critical for motorcycle engines due to their unique operational requirements.

All Petron Engine Oils are offered in different viscosity grades and quality levels to cater to all types of engines operating under various conditions. Petron’s engine oils have been uniquely formulated to be among the best in the market.

Optimize your vehicle’s performance. Use Petron Engine Oils with Petron Fuels.


  1. "Unique" driving conditions. Hahaha. What petron really meant by "unique" is that Philippine roads are SHITTY!!! Nagpaligoy-ligoy pa sa pagsabi. Hahahaha.

  2. With regard to Engine Oil, i think what they are pertaining to is the high sulfur content of our fuel and the constant heavy traffic that everyday drivers encounter.
    Both of those criteria plays a significant part when formulating engine oil. Like high TBN oils and excellent VI improvers for stability in high temperature environments.


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