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April 8, 2015

6 Monster Jam Manila Competitors Confirmed for June 20-21 Show

American-based Feld Motor Sports has confirmed the six of the Monster Jam competitors that are coming here to the Philippines, for the first time ever! They are ready to showcase their best in the thrilling racing and freestyle competition in three shows running from June 20 to 21 at the MOA (Mall of Asia) Arena.

Those confirmed to make an attendance:

The Rockstar - GRAVE DIGGER
With four World Finals championships under its belt - or hood, the Grave Digger is one of the most recognizable trucks in the world. Its mystical green flames and decorated exterior certainly makes this truck a rock star among its competitors. Watch out for those red headlights. The Grave Digger is in the house.

The Daredevil - MAX-D
This monster truck will make you want to strap your seatbelts on. Its supernatural ability in both racing and freestyle competitions has made any fan's jaw drop to the floor, and its aerodynamic built has won it a total of 11 World Finals championships. Max-D is here to wow you with its signature cyclone and insane donuts. You might even see the double back-flip that etched its name in the history books once again.

The Crazy Bull - EL TORO LOCO
Get ready for a wild ride with the El Toro Loco. Its massive and menacing horns stick out from the sides and gore competitors, and the raging looks are not just for show. It shares the Freestyle Championship title at the 2004 Monster Jam World Finals. Just like an angry animal, El Toro Loco can smell the fear of its competitors. Run fast. The crazy bull is on a rage!

The Crowd Favorite – ZOMBIE
When Monster Jam gave the fans the chance to pick a monster truck created, Zombie rose up and emerged victorious. It debuted in 2013 with experienced driver, Sean Duhon. Its killer moves and twists made the fans even more eager to see what this monster truck can do. Hold on tight. Zombie is set out to not disappoint.

The Legend - DRAGON
The competition is going to heat up once this monster truck smashes its way into the arena. Promising to leave a trail of destruction, Dragon will go through boulders and over hurdles to win this competition. If you’re not intimidated by its fierce exterior, then wait for the stunts and jumps this fearsome beast can do.

While Son-uva Digger has been in the competition since 2011, many fans still see it as the new generation of the Grave Digger. The exterior of this beast is enough to get your attention with its ferocious purple murals and its 1950’s Willy’s body style. But, Son-uva Digger is more famous for its streak of high-profile wins, especially in freestyle competitions.

Tickets are now on sale through SM Tickets +63-2-470-2222 or via In addition, Monster Jam is selling tickets at the Manila International Auto Show (Booth B-6) from April 9 to 12 at the World Trade Center.

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