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April 12, 2015

UPDATED: MIAS 2015: BYD Qin Paves the Way to the Future (w/ Brochure)

UPDATE 1: We have included the brochure at the end (4/13).

BYD is cementing its reputation as the new brand to watch out for as it unveiled the Qin at the Manila International Auto Show. Pronounced as “Chin”, the Qin is named after the first Emperor of China who successfully unified the warring states into the powerhouse everyone knows today. Like its namesake, the BYD Qin is set to defy the conventional and be one of the most advanced vehicles you can buy in the market.

Like the new generation of hyper sports cars like the McLaren P1 and Porsche 918 Spyder, the BYD Qin is a plug-in gasoline-electric hybrid car. Unlike the aforementioned Europeans though, the Qin won’t be breaking the bank (too much at least) with a retail price of P 2,488,000. Though that may sound pricey, consider the Qin’s performance figures: 300 horsepower (combined) which is good for a 0-100 km/h sprint of 5.9 seconds. In addition, the Qin boasts of a 13kWh battery equating to a total EV range of 70 kilometers. And the cost of that full charge? Just P 100. Of course, you won’t suffer any range anxiety since the Qin can also be propelled by its 1.5-liter direct injection, turbocharged 4-cylinder motor. The same motor also charges the battery on the go. If you happen to find the time though, a full charge is achieved in 8 hours or 3 hours using a rapid charger system.

Aside from the Qin’s advanced drivetrain, it’s also luxurious inside with a leather interior with power adjustment for the driver, a moon roof, a 360-degree panorama parking camera, push button engine start/stop, an 8-inch Touch Screen monitor with DVD, navigation, and Bluetooth functions, an 11-speaker system with 5.1-DTS surround sound technology, and so much more. And like its F5 Suri executive sedan, the Qin does come with the nifty remote control feature.

Sweetening the deal, BYD Philippines has announced that it’s offering the first 20 Qin buyers a rapid charger system worth P 100,000 which cuts the charging time to just 3 hours. The Qin is available as an indent order.


  1. Why gamble my 2.5M to buy a chinese product? Honestly, why would I trust a chinese brand over the japanese, korean, european etc.? (And specs alone does not justify its build quality)

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