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September 17, 2016

PIMS 2016: Godzilla in Manila - Nissan Philippines Launches 2017 GT-R (w/ Brochure)

After achieving the brand’s best sales ever and now achieving a 4.1-percent market share of the Philippine automotive industry, Nissan Philippines, Inc. (NPI) is rewarding itself with the launch of the much-awaited, much-anticipated 2017 Nissan GT-R.

“We are very excited introduce the iconic Nissan GT-R to the Philippine automotive market, as we continue on our quest to deliver innovation and excitement for everyone,” said NPI President and Managing Director Ramesh Narasimhan.

Introduced in 2007 and after being blown away by the 2016 model, the Philippines gets the latest version of Nissan’s iconic supercar that adds more civility and refinement without compromising the GT-R’s legendary reputation and penchant for destroying European exotics.

With a design motif that’s more of function over form, the 2017 GT-R receives better cooling and high-speed downforce while reducing drag at the same time. The new wrap-around skirt, influenced by the Nissan Vision 2020 Gran Turismo Concept, smoothen the air flow around the car while new body work surrounding the four round titanium exhaust tips help achieve a more aerodynamically efficient car.

Inside, the entire instrument panel has been re-designed. It features a single seamless piece of leather artfully stitched by Japanese craftsmen while the new “horizontal flow” dashboard provides a more driver-focused design. The new dashboard reduces the number of physical buttons from 27 to just 11 thanks to the Display Command control rotary knob, while a larger 8-inch touchscreen feature clearer graphics for more intuitive controls.

At the heart of the beast remains the VR38DETT engine. The hand-assembled 3.8-liter twin-turbo V6 delivers 570 horsepower and 637 Nm of torque thanks to individual ignition-timing control of the cylinders and extra boost from the turbochargers. The raw power is tempered by the quick and smooth shifting 6-speed dual clutch automatic.

Regarded as one of the best handling machines in the world, the 2017 GT-R features a more rigid body structure and new suspension resulting in better stability through quick lateral transitions and higher overall cornering speed. 20-inch forged aluminum wheels fill each corner for unparalleled grip.

The 2017 Nissan GT-R is exclusively at the Nissan High Performance Center in Quezon Avenue, Quezon City and comes in Katsura Orange, Vibrant Red, Pearl Black, Ultimate Silver, Gun Metallic, Pearl White, and Pearl Blue.

The retail price is P 7,350,000 including all government taxes and miscellaneous cost such as handling chargers and accessories.


  1. What a beast of a car. If only the tech and styling trickles down to the rest of their disappointing csr lineup

  2. drool. drool. drool. how can i stop from drooling over this car. I NEED A BIG HUGe amount of money.

    1. You probably need to have yourself checked by a doctor. Your salivary glands might be defective.

  3. ok to sana eh kaso papanget na papanget yung kalsada dito sa pinas. ang baba pa ng ground clearance anytime siguro malaki tsana sumayad agad to.

    1. Di mo pa nailalabas sa casa sumayad ka na hehehe.

    2. You guys ever heard of air suspension? Worth investing if you own cars like these.


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