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September 17, 2016

Focal Multimedia Collection is Now in the Philippines

Renowned for car audio and high fidelity speakers, Focal is now offering their range of multimedia and wireless set-ups perfect for audiophiles on the go.

With over 35 years of experience in design and manufacturing speaker drivers and loudspeakers, Focal is now displaying their expertise through their New Media collection. With increased access to “music on the go”, Focal is now offering these plug-and-play solutions, integrating some of their proprietary technology in the process. And while the design is different from the usual form of loudspeakers, Focal is promising that the heart of the product—the authenticity of sound—is exactly the same.

The Focal New Media collection is aimed at users who are appreciative of natural sound with high clarity and low distortion—the very qualities the French company is best known for.

Dimension – The Real TV Sound

The Dimension fuses Focal’s acoustic know-how with the sleek form of a soundbar. The Dimension answers the basic concern normally associated with soundbars: lack of clarity and mere adequacy of sound power. Using five patented speakers derived from its automotive line, the Dimension offers a very low frequency response. The central inverted dome also helps radiate the treble. Supporting Dolby Digital and DTS encoding, the Dimension provides 450-watts of maximum power, perfect for rooms measuring around 50 square-meters. The 5-channel soundbar is also available with an optional Base-reflex subwoofer system for a true 5.1 experience.

Listen – Premium Mobile Headphones

Targeted at the mobile user, the Listen provides excellent noise isolation while offering excellent high-quality acoustic performance even on a busy city street or in a subway car. The Mylar/Titanium driver creates outstanding sound quality with high dynamics and deep, controlled bass. It’s also lightweight, perfect for traveling or even taking a conference call in private thanks to its built-in omni-dimensional microphone.

Sphear – Dedicated to Sound and Comfort

The very first in-ear Focal headphones, the Sphear features an innovation in the way it’s shaped. Using memory foam or silicone tips, the front adapts naturally to the ear while the extended housing at the back shifts the weight of the headphones to the interior of the ear. The 10.8-mm transducers provide tonal balance with a particular rich mid-range.

Spirit Classic – Rendevous with Your Music

The one that started it all, the Spirit Classic meets the requirements of even the most discerning audiophile. It is the quintessential “Spirit of Sound”, having Focal’s unique sonic signature for a live, dynamic spirit and faithful reproduction of music. It is designed to be used at home in a quiet environment, the Sprit Classic features excellent bass performance with minimal outside disturbance. Finished in a unique “hot chocolate” color, it has a premium finish made of solid, brushed, and polished aluminum.

Spirit One S – One Sound, One Style

For the nomad who enjoys music even at the noisiest of environments, the Spirit One S is one of the newest headphones from Focal. Designed with portability in mind, the Spirit One S offers tight bass without distortion while still providing high sensitivity for excellent range and dynamics. On the mechanical side, the Spirit One S is highly compact while still offering the best in comfort, lightness, and robustness.

Spirit Professional – Purely Professional

Finally, the Spirit Professional is the reference for those who work in a studio environment. The flat, neutral sound ensures excellent sound reproduction resulting in the replication of the original dynamics of the audio signal. The Mylar/Titanium alloy speaker drivers also enable the Spirit Professional to detect the slightest of imperfections in a mix. The black textured finish also makes it shock and scratch resistant.

For more information about Focal Multimedia Philippines, check out their Facebook page.

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