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September 19, 2016

Toyota Motor Philippines Introduces Hilux TRD and Fortuner TRD (w/ Price List)

With Toyota Motor Philippines serving as the country’s official distributor of TRD parts, it’s only appropriate that they give their best-selling Fortuner and Hilux the full-on racy treatment. Well, that’s exactly what happened when Toyota showed off the 2017 Toyota Hilux TRD and Fortuner TRD at the Philippine International Motor Show.

Toyota Hilux TRD

Though the 2016 Hilux has been available with TRD parts since its launch, the popularity of the package has lead Toyota to offer it as a new trim line that commands a P 164,000 premium over the stock truck. Of course, that’s assuming you’re willing to spend on a G variant—since it’s the only grade that can be transformable to a TRD.

In short, opt for the TRD transformation, and you’re looking at the following prices: P 1,372,000 (4x2 TRD M/T), P 1,447,000 (4x2 TRD A/T), P 1,719,000 (4x4 TRD M/T), and P 1,849,000 (4x4 TRD A/T).

If funds are a problem (or if you have a J or E variant), you can get the parts piecemeal. Here’s the suggested retail pricing:

Toyota Fortuner TRD

Alongside the Hilux TRD, Toyota showed off the 2017 Toyota Fortuner TRD as well. Carrying a brand new appearance package that’s far removed from the Thai-market TRD Sportivo, this upgraded Fortuner isn’t just all show and no go. In fact, Toyota is offering an extensive line of performance parts for their popular 7-seater SUV as well. It’s essentially capable across the line with the exception of the sports oil filter which cannot be installed in the gasoline engine variant.

With parts shipping to its nationwide dealership network starting the third week of September (essentially, now), you can get some juicy parts like a sport suspension kit (P 132,900), sports brake pads (P 8,000), and many more.

Some might find the TRD parts a bit pricey compared to the aftermarket competition, but you also have to take note that opting for these genuine parts and accessories will not void your warranty. So, essentially, you are paying for peace of mind.


  1. Toyota RICE-ing Development.. for RICErs indeed.

  2. I don't understand why Toyota persist in calling these TuRD. Change it to Toyota Racing Group or something.

  3. Hi Sir for the additional 164k premium for the 4x4 Hilux TRD what is included? Or in P 1,849,000 (4x4 TRD A/T) is it the same set up shown in the pictures? Thanks

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. 132,900 for a TRD suspension set? Ahahaha. Sa Bilstein nalang ako. Too pricey.

  6. I soundly agree...too pricey.


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