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February 6, 2017

Foilacar Industries Offers New Sprayable Vinyl Wrap

Foilacar Industries, the company that innovated “wrapping” or “foiling” as a means of paint protection and preservation is launching a new product line that can be sprayed on just like paint. Called FoilaDip, this latest product line is a sprayable vinyl wrap that leaves a rubberized coating which can be peeled off without damaging the original material underneath.

FoilaDip is the local brand of AutoDip, a US-based company which has pioneered sprayable vinyl wraps since 2014. The unique technology, backed up by two years of R&D allows owners to temporarily change the color of the car, wheels, and other accessories easily and safely.

“We were searching for a technology that would provide ease of use and offer the same protection and visual appeal of the vinyl wrap. During a trip to SEMA last year, I met up with AutoDip USA and was amazed by the product. This technology was the solution that we were looking for,” said Lester Codog, President of Foilacar Industries.

FoilaDip is a vinyl-based automotive specific spray paint available in a variety of finishes and colors. Already a success in the United States and Canada, the formula contains UV protection additives that help maintain the finish for up to two years.

“This is the latest alternative that offers fast and reliable exterior protection. Unlike vinyl wrap, AutoDip is sprayed on easily like paint and requires less drying time. A car or an SUV can be transformed visually in a day,” explains Jan Vincent Mercado, CFO of Foilacar Industries.

An innovative feature of FoilaDip is its ability to “self-heal”. It also stays malleable from the day it was sprayed on the car and up to the time it’s set to be peeled off. Instead of getting hard and brittle, it stays flexible even over long periods of time and constant outdoor exposure. This ability to remain flexible allows the rubber-based coat to move and stretch making for easy removal when the time comes.

FoilaDip is sprayed on by a professional using an air-powered spray gun. However, for smaller DIY projects, Foilacar Industries will also be offering Foiladip in retail spray can form.

For more information about FoilaDip, contact Foilacar Industries: 02-656-7200 or visit their office at 10 Brixton Street, Barangay Kapitolyo, Pasig City.

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