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Sunday, May 14, 2017

6 Ways to Keep Your Car Cooler This Summer

It’s the height of summer and with that, the heat can get really intense. As temperatures soar, imagine how a car feels like, especially when it’s sealed up under sun. Prevent your car from being a rolling oven with these 6 tips to keep your car cooler.

#1. Park in a shaded area 

Avoid parking directly under the sun without any shade. The temperature inside your car will rise quickly and the heat can damage the interior of your car as well. If parking under a shade isn’t possible, try turning your car around or park in a position where most of the sunlight will go into the back of your car. This is to prevent you from touching a hot steering wheel or seat when you get into your car.

#2. Invest in good car tint

Tinting your windows can keep your car cooler and also protect the interior from sun damage. Make sure to invest in a good quality tint so that it actually cuts down not just visible light, but the more harmful UV rays (UVA and UVB). Oh, and good quality tints also prevent distortions.

#3. Get rid of the hot air

Closed windows trap hot air. If your car or vehicle is equipped with window visors (the plastic piece that runs along the length of your side glass), you can leave a small crack open to let the air circulate. Be careful though, make sure that the opening is not large enough for someone to reach through. Also, take note of the weather: if it rains, the water might get into the interior.

#4. Cool the floor first

Most people immediately switch on the upper vents to get the air flowing. Hot air rises so it’s better to switch the bottom vents on maximum setting to push the air out. Once the car begins cooling, you can open the upper vents.

#5. Drive for a minute or two with the windows down 

This will force out the heated interior air and allow cooler outside air to flow in.

#6. Use the fresh air setting on the your A/C

The Fresh air setting on your car air conditioner allows you to push the hot interior air out. If you use the Recirculation setting immediately, it just means that the hot trapped air inside is just being moved around.


  1. I got a better idea,
    make sure the freon and fluids are topped up,
    invest in an air or cabin filter to keep your AC clean
    maintain your AC system by cleaning it periodically
    BLAST IT ON FULL when you get inside your hot car

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  3. ^Tell me something that I don't know...

    1. Tumama ka na sa lotto, hindi mo lang alam... at na-claim na ng iba....

  4. Do sunshades really help lower the temp in the car?


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