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May 23, 2017

Honda Cars Philippines Offers Extended Warranty

Honda Cars Philippines, Inc. (HCPI) announces the launch of Honda’s extended warranty program, the Honda Protect Plus Extended Warranty. It is a flexible program that gives customers an option to extend their regular 3 year warranty for another 2 years.

The Honda Protect Plus Extended Warranty program covers all models offered by Honda. Customers who purchase the Honda Protect Plus Extended Warranty will get an additional 2 years of warranty or 40,000 kilometers, whichever comes first. This takes effect after the standard warranty period of 3 years (or 100,000 kilometers whichever comes first) has lapsed.

With this program, customers need not worry about possible sudden expenses brought about by vehicle breakdowns during the fourth and fifth year of their Honda’s life. Moreover, as their vehicle will be under the care of certified Honda technicians and only genuine parts will be used on their vehicles, they can command higher resale price should they decide to sell their Honda.

The Honda Protect Plus Extended Warranty comes at very affordable price starting at P 12,300 for the Honda Brio.

For more information about the Honda Protect Plus Extended Warranty, check out the FAQ below:

What is Honda Protect Plus?
Honda Protect Plus is an additional 2 years or 40,000 km (whichever comes first) warranty on top of the standard 3 years warranty. It is an optional product that customers may purchase. It provides Honda genuine parts and Honda quality service.
  • Exclusions: Same with Standard Warranty (first 3 years Warranty) plus Body and Paint
  • Car Models Covered: All car models
  • Transferability: Transferable to new owner of car
  • Dealers covered: Can be claimed at all Honda dealers
  • Warranty Claim Limits: None
Where can you buy Honda Protect Plus?
All authorized Honda dealers.

When can you buy Honda Protect Plus?
During purchase of new car sales.

Who are qualified to buy Honda Protect Plus?
New car buyers.

How can I buy Honda Protect Plus?
Talk to your Honda Sales Consultant for more details.

How much is Honda Protect Plus?
Price of Honda Protect Plus starts at P 12,300 which is more affordable compared with other brands that start at P 24,000. Broken down per Honda model, it is as follows:
  • Brio: P 12,300
  • Brio Amaze: P 12,700
  • City: P 15,300
  • Jazz: P 15,900
  • Mobilio: P 16,500
  • BR-V: P 19,800
  • Civic: P 22,100
  • HR-V: P 24,900
  • CR-V: P 26,700
  • Accord: P 35,900
  • Odyssey: P 39,100
  • Pilot: P 67,700
  • Legend: P 87,700
What are the payment terms for Honda Protect Plus?
It can be paid via cash or credit card.

What do I need to do when claiming for Honda Protect Plus?
Go to any Honda dealer and present the Honda Protect Plus Card with PM (Preventive  Maintenance) History attachment during your Honda Protect Plus claim.

What are the procedures in case of transfer of ownership?
You are required to keep the Honda Protect Plus card and PM history document (located in the Standard Warranty Booklet). No additional documents will be required by Honda.

Is there a free for transfer of ownership?
None. Transfer of ownership is free of charge. However, the customer is encouraged to contact any dealer for ease of warranty claims in the future.

What if I lost my Honda Protect Plus card?
A customer shall inform the dealer within one (1) month to hassle a hassle-free warranty claim in the future. Present the following documents:
  • OR/CR/Deed of Sale of Honda car and the Standard Warranty Booklet. 
  • Pay P 100 as a replacement for lost Honda Protect Plus card.
What are my responsibilities to keep my Honda Protect Plus?
Follow every prescribed Preventive Maintenance schedule (6 months/10,000 kilometers, whichever comes first) to not void your Honda Protect Plus.

Can I refund my Honda Protect Plus?
Yes. Refunded price will be Honda Protect Plus purchase price less P 1,000.

Until when can I refund my Honda Protect Plus?
Honda Protect Plus can be refunded within first 3 years of purchase. Honda Protect Plus cannot be refunded during the 3rd to 5th year.

Where can I refund my Honda Protect Plus?
You can refund your Honda Protect Plus at the dealer where you purchased your Honda Protect Plus. If it is impractical to go to your selling dealer, please contact your selling dealer to arrange refund process with your preferred dealer.

Can I buy Honda Protect Plus after I refunded it?
No. Honda only allows one-time purchase per vehicle.


  1. 5 Years Warranty or 100,000 Kms. bale bente bente kada taon, pag 3 years warranty or 100,000 Kms. 1st Year 20,000 Kms., 2nd Year 50,000 Kms and 3rd Year 100,000 Kms.

  2. What a cunning way to generate more revenue! You pay a good amount for an extra two years of warranty and are forced to stick it out with casa maintenance in fear of voiding warranty! Honda PH is the biggest winner here. Honda PH has created a new racket!

  3. Why would anybody pay several grand to tie themselves further up to servicing only with Honda dealers? Only the unknowledgeable would subscribe to this. It's like paying with your own money to have yourself detained.

    Take note that warranty will be voided if you do not service your vehicle with Honda dealers.
    This is a sly way for Honda to make more money:
    1.) You pay for extra warranty. More money for Honda.
    2.) You are forced to stick with Honda dealer servicing for an extra two years. More money for Honda.
    3.) Honda makes money out of you for 5 years instead of 3 years.
    4.) You cannot use aftermarket lubricants or parts. You cannot use Motul, Royal Purple, etc. or else void warranty.
    5.) Honda is trying to coax back customers for servicing since most leave at 2.5-3 years. Again, it's only all about making more money out of the consumer.

    I will never be fooled again. Honda isn't as premium as it once was a decade or two ago.

  4. Hyundai at kia five years at no additional cost na. They should've extended it to 5 years Na lng. Sila run naman makinabang SA service revenues​

  5. Sana gawin na lang nilang standard yung five years out-of-the-box.

    Sino naman kasi ang tatakbo ng 100k kms in 3 years? Mga taxi or UV lang yata nakakagawa nun, at void warranty mo kapag ginawa mo yun sa Honda mo.

    I don't see why not - they're saying na twice a year or every 20k kms lang maintenance. If you add that up, that's 100k kms in 5 years. Sakto lang diba?

  6. I think it's just fair. If I pay 15,300 extended warranty for my City. In case my car's engine breaks down (which I think will cost more than 100,000 to repair) I instantly get the return from my investment.

  7. You know, if they throw in 5 year warranties as standard, then people will continue returning to their service centers for maintenance.

    I think the reason why people stop returning is because the warranty's finished - it doesn't matter where they have it serviced at that point. Then price becomes the deciding factor.

    I fail to understand why they need to charge extra - claims are subject to investigation anyway.

  8. Bumili yung brother-in-law ko ng extended warranty para sa Ford Everest niya. Nasa P44,000 ang additional 2 years. Compared to Honda CR-V na P26,000. For me very reasonable and price ng Honda.

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