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May 9, 2017

Review: 2017 Mazda 2 1.5V+

I know the Mazda2 very well since I spent a good two weeks with the hatchback and sedan just last year. In the time she called my garage her home, she enamored me with her good looks and driving charm. Sure, she could use more space, but you could see why she was judged Japan and the Philippines’s Car of the Year. A year later, she’s back and this time, she’s going by a new name. From the Mazda2 V, she’s now the Mazda2 V+. It turns out, that could very well mean: “Value Plus.”

From the outside, nothing much separates the V from the V+. It’s the same KODO design I’ve grown to associate with Mazda over the past few years. It generally has the same long hood, short deck proportions, but perhaps because designers had a smaller footprint to work with, it’s not as obvious. The hatchback version is also much more gorgeous, though this sedan ends up being more appealing than other sub-compact sedans out there. Eagle-eyed readers will also notice the wrap-around body kit on the V+. It gives the Mazda2 more street cred, but at the expense of embarrassment as I scraped through most driveways and ramps. It’s good to know that Mazda has dropped it.

While the exterior’s not much changed from before, it’s on the inside where Mazda has successfully raised this mid-range model’s value quotient. For starters, the urethane steering wheel gets swapped for a leather-wrapped one. The same goes for the hand brake. These are detail changes for sure, but goodness, it makes operating the car feel better. The more noticeable changes are found at the center where the V+ now gains two features once reserved for the higher Mazda2 trims: the vaulted MZD Connect infotainment system and an automatic climate control system. An even bigger piece of news is that the MZD Connect will be upgraded real soon (as in this month) to accommodate Android Auto (sorry iPhone users).

Fit and finish is still pretty good, though they’re a notch down compared to that of the 6 and 3. On this particular unit tested, the panel housing the headlight leveler and stability control popped out. Though some careful prodding managed to put it back in, this was never a problem with other Mazda vehicles; well, except for the other time I test drove, you guessed it, a Mazda2.

The strong driver-oriented character is ever-present in the Mazda2. The driving position is slightly low, but comfortable and ergonomic. The pedal positioning is natural, aligned to the body’s center line. Together with the tilt/telescopic steering wheel and well-bolstered seats, it makes you feel like you’re driving a bigger car. That said, there’s little escaping the fact that the rear seats are tight and there’s not much cubby holes around. Thankfully, the luggage space is generous enough to fit at least 2 full-sized suitcases with room to spare for carry-ons.

Mechanically, the V+ hasn’t changed. It still carries the 1.5-liter Skyactiv-G producing 108 horsepower and 139 Nm of torque. It doesn’t have enough straight line grunt to knock your socks off, but it does give lively performance suitable for every day driving. For starters, the throttle pedal is well-modulated, allowing the engine to engage with precision. Unlike other small cars that tend to lurch forward (sometimes unexpectedly), the pedal action here allows for a more natural progression. This lends to a more comfortable experience to everyone on board. The accompanying 6-speed automatic is also silky smooth and responsive that the paddle shifters feel unneeded. Fuel consumption is unsurprisingly, the same as before: 8.62 km/L, and that is because of the identical average speed of 13 km/h.

While the engine and transmission are good enough reasons to love the Mazda2, it’s the chassis that wins me over. Like any other small car, it’s sweetest to drive it in city traffic with its excellent agility and visibility. It’s got a rear parking camera now and reverse sensors, but believe me, it’s largely unneeded except for extremely tight situations. The ride quality is also well balanced. It’s a bit on the firm side, but can ride though any road imperfection with aplomb. What truly sets the Mazda2 apart though is its feeling of stability and capability even at higher speed.

It’s clear that the Mazda2’s greatest strength is the way it’s relatable to both enthusiast and consumer. It’s not vying to be an all-rounder, but rather, its mission is to try to get the driver in you to come out. Adding more features is certainly one way to go about it, but ultimately, it’s just icing on the cake. What’s irreplaceable is the way the Mazda2 gets its foundations right; built atop the ethos of being fun-to-drive.

2017 Mazda2 V+
Ownership 2017 Mazda2 1.5 V+
Year Introduced 2015
Vehicle Classification Sub-compact Sedan
The Basics
Body Type 4-door Sedan
Seating 5
Engine / Drive F/F
Under the Hood
Displacement (liters) 1.5
Aspiration Normally Aspirated
Fuel Delivery Direct Injection
Layout / # of Cylinders I4
BHP @ rpm 108 @ 6,000
Nm @ rpm 139 @ 4,000
Fuel / Min. Octane Gasoline / 91~
Transmission 6AT
Cruise Control No
Fuel Economy @ Ave. Speed 8.62 km/L @ 13 km/h
Dimensions and Weights
Length (mm) 4,320
Width (mm) 1,695
Height (mm) 1,470
Wheelbase (mm) 2,570
Curb Weight (kg) 1,043
Suspension and Tires
Front Suspension Independent, MacPherson Strut
Rear Suspension Torsion Beam Axle
Front Brakes Vented Disc
Rear Brakes Disc
Tires Dunlop Ensave EC300+ 185/65 R 15 T (f & r)
Wheels Alloy
Safety Features
Airbags 2
Anti-Lock Brakes (ABS) Yes, with EBD
Traction / Stability Control Yes
Parking Sensors Yes, Rear with Camera
Other Safety Features No
Exterior Features
Headlights Halogen
Fog Lamps Yes, Front
Auto Lights No
Rain-sensing Wipers No
Interior Features
Steering Wheel Adjust Tilt/Telescopic
Steering Wheel Material Leather
Seating Adjustment Manual
Seating Surface Fabric
Folding Rear Seat Yes, 60/40
On-Board Computer Yes
Convenience Features
Power Steering Yes
Power Door Locks Yes
Power Windows Yes
Power Mirrors Yes, with Fold
Climate Control Yes
Audio System Stereo
USB x 2
# of Speakers 6
Steering Controls Yes


  1. "It’s clear that the Mazda2’s greatest strength is the way it’s relatable to both enthusiast and consumer."

    No it is not, it is just a cheap Japanese econo car - that gets you from point A to B. Nothing special.

    1. Haters will be haters. Opinion without having driven the car is kinda sad.

    2. It's the mid variant, the premium series is better. And nope, the mazda 2 drives differently from other subcompacts. You'll only believe me if you've driven a mazda. It just cannot be explained in words, you have to experience and feel it in actual.

    3. No hate, it is just not. Stop dreaming you'd get something out from a cheap Japanese car. Stop your hallucination - it is not an enthusiast/driver car for f'k sake! Work harder so you'd get a real one.

    4. ^LOL, you've definitely haven't driven a Mazda. So what is an enthusiast car for you? An expensive muscle car? I actually own a Mazda 3 2.0 2017 and I could've bought the Miata or the 86 but they're not ideal for a daily drive and the Mazda 6 is too big to drive in the city. What car do you own btw? Try test driving a Mazda bro, you'll eat what you're saying. I had many friends which had Civics, Altises, etc, and when I let them drive my Mazda 3, they wanted to sell their current cars to buy a Mazda 3.

    5. Stop it, you did not buy it because you just can't.
      "Not ideal for a daily" - goes to show you just need something for your daily point A to B travel - and there's nothing wrong with that.
      Enthusiasts don't f'king care if their car is practical or not.
      Why do you guys still trying-hard to be an enthusiast when you just bought a boring car?

    6. Boring and mazda doesn't match together. The Miata or the 86 is an ideal sunday car but not an ideal daily car in the metro, you troll. The line up of Mazda are some of the best driving vehicles in their respective classes, all automotive journalists, enthusiasts and Mazda owners know that. Maybe you're just bitter because you can't buy one, or can't even afford to buy any car at all.

    7. "Boring and mazda doesn't match together." for some models(Miata/RX-), but not on your boring Mazda2(3,4,5,6,7 LMAO they don't even bother to name the car, so incrementing number should be fine for a mass-produced car). LOL

      Buying a Mazda2 or 3, and call your self as an enthusiast? LOL

    8. You're hopeless, look at the meaning of enthusiast. It means that you are highly interested in something, in this case in cars. I like what they did, it makes things simpler and you can also hate Audi and BMW if you hate the naming method of Mazda. 1,2,3, etc series for BMW and A1, A3, A5 etc for Audi. Your argument doesn't make any sense, you are just trolling.

    9. Mazda hater, probably a honda fanboi.

    10. Haha! Seriously this guy! Please do tell us what car your mom drives to get you to school.

    11. Nah..a trying-hard hater probably.

    12. This guy's idea of an enthusiast is probably having a modified 90's ricer civic with big ass rims, loud exhaust, fake hood scoops, momo steering wheel and all the crap "enthusiasts" put on their car.

  2. Hi,

    I've been waiting for the android auto. Hope it's for real.

  3. Did I miss something or the price was never mentioned?

    1. Driven that variant in the MIAS, it was so peppy, doesn't feel like a 1.5, it feels more like a 1.8. Steering feel is superb, the material quality is great, nothing to complain about except if you are a fat person or a tall person that will ride in the back. Satisfied Mazda owner here.

      There's a saying that if car owners recommend you their car, that means that the car is really good because we aren't being paid for that.

  4. Decent car for first car owners. Looks good most especially the Premium Series, too bad it only come in Hatchback form. The 6 speed A/T will be a plus since you need to gut it out in able to extract the most power in its engine in high speed driving.

    I have a popular colleague/former classmate whom Mazda got as one of its brand ambassadors (Mazda 2 Premium Series) and he's happy with it.

    Personally, i don't like the aircon vent design similar to the ugly design of the onefound in the Honda HRV. It has a "winking" effect which isn't in my liking. If Mazda can further improve this (safety features, interior and trunk space) for the next model, it has good chance to atleast produce better sales.


    1. The Mazda 2 has a euro 4 Skyactiv gasoline engine which is among the cleanest 1.5L engine around, I've never seen one that smoke belches.

    2. He's either trolling or has mistaken it for an Isuzu.

    3. Time to have eyeglasses

  6. This, or Honda City?

    1. Pick the Mazda 2 if you love to drive, choose the City if you prioritize space.

    2. It depends on what specific variant you'll get.

      Mazda 2 - better power to weight ratio, Yojin 3 program, "tiis pogi"

      City VX+ Navi - the best all rounder in its class, best safety features in its calss, easier long term maintenance, high resale value. The halogen headlamp-headlight combination ain't the best in class though, you have to spend more for retrofit for better night time visibility.

    3. Wow! This sounds familiar!

      Wait! Before you call me Mazda fanboy, I'll call you Mazda-hater, Honda-fanboy, Honda-lover, Honda-paid promoter. There, we through with the name calling?

      Funny how you mention one with "tiis pogi" but didn't say why then you mention your master's halogen headlamp in a less negative "light". See what I did there?

      So in summation:
      Mazda = tiis pogi
      Honda = halogen pero madali retrofit HID.

      Ayos ka talaga.

    4. The halogen headlamp-headlight combination of the City sucks, without a doubt! But then again, it can be rectified in the aftermarket through retrofit. Although you have to spend 20k++ for it.

      Im not a Honda-lover, im for a car that's the best in its class (no car is perfect though). My current car and future cars speaks of its performance, reliability, ease of maintenance and pogi points!

    5. Why don't you try to be fair and also say what can be done to rectify whatever it is that made the Mazda 2 "tiis pogi". I mean you did it for your master's product right?

    6. What can be done to rectify Mazda 2 "tiis pogi" label?

      Why? Can you rectify the lack of interior and trunk space in the aftermarket? Can you rectify the lack of curtain and side airbags in the aftermarket? Can you also rectify the low resale value in the aftermarket? Now tell me.

    7. I never find the Mazda 2 lacking in trunk space, the rear is quite tight though. Best in class? Best in class for fanboys or paid agents such as you. The resale value of the Skyactiv models are better than in the non skyactiv ones and you also cannot replace that awful CVT in the City. Easier long term maintenance? Both cars are easy to maintain and with the Mazda 2 having the Yojin 3, beats the City in maintenance. The low resale value exists due to honda fanboys such as you but this is changing gradually, with the increasing numbers of enlightened buyers.

    8. Basta si Anonymous Blogger basta hindi Honda maliit ang trunk space and interior. Must have long legs this guy....

      Ilang balikbayan boxes ang kasya sa likod Anonymous Blogger/Honda Propagandist? Time for you to put in the numbers. How about the awards or the magazine citations. I'm opening na the door for you. Paaaasok!

  7. Sorry but im not stupid like you when it comes to cars. You're not aware of the very tight trunk space of the Mazda 2 coz you don't check the competition. Resale value? Go to olx, you'll see the hilarious resale value of Mazda skyactiv models LOL!

    The Yojin 3 is good advantage of the Mazda 2 over the City but the problem is the long term maintenance. So where are you gonna find rare parts aside from the casa? Aside from being expensive. Honda parts are everywhere, LOL!

    The absence of the Curtain and Side airbags which is very crucial is a big no no if you're a thinking buyer.

    The upper B segment buyers are well aware of the distinct advantage of the City VX+ Navi over any variant of the Mazda 2. The main reason why we see a lot of it in the streets.

    1. You don't buy a subcompact for trunk space idiot, buy a bigger car if you will haul a lot of stuff. I checked olx and there are a few sellers of Mazda 2 Skyactivs but their prices are not that low, 200k depreciation for 2 years is not too bad. Cars lose 20% of their value when they are driven out of the dealership. Rare parts? I don't know what you're talking about, there's plenty of parts in Banawe, ask them personally.

      The city has more airbags but you won't need them 99.9% of the time especially if you don't drive like a maniac.

      Advantage? What advantage? You're just a paid Honda agent.

    2. You buy a car to: enjoy it, be comfortable while riding in it, maximize its features and be at ease at the ownership experience and NOT make excuses for all it shortcomings you stupid idiot!

      Majority of Mazda fanboys/fangheys like you are generally automotive newbies. The likes of you are those who'll easily get enamored by the looks of car.

      Hilarious! You're telling me you don't need those additional airbags 99.9% of the time. With all those reckless PUV drivers, truck drivers and bus drivers that can kill you at any moment, you tell me you don't need it 99.9% of the time unless you drive like a maniac? Noob indeed!

      Go home and drink your milk, kid!

    3. So basically you're saying that the mazda 2 isn't comfortable, does not maximize its features and does not have ease of ownership?

      The looks of almost all Mazda's are a big bonus, coupled with great specs, features and most of all, the drive. I wouldn't like to drive a car that looks like a cockroach and has an ugly face like the city and the Civic.

      How long have you been driving? I assume it's been at least a decade and have you ever used your airbag? I'm driving for 3 years now and I feel I do not need the airbag at all, btw I put my seatbelt on all the time.
      I bet I can drive a lot better than you by a huge margin.

    4. I've been driving for 6 years now and i bet you im a better driver than you.

      Bobo ka nga talaga, we see in the news everyday a lot of accidents caused by PUV, trucks, buses or self accident that caused countless deaths. You'll never know when and where exactly it will hit you, it's not all about seatbelts. Collisions doesn't occur frontal only, there's side, small overlap and moderate overlap crash too. It''s pretty clear that you're not aware of these by the way you talk, noob.

      Yes, Mazda 2 isn't comfortable. It's cramped AF and Sir Uly himself hasIt lacks the necessary passive safety features too. But then again, you can't understand these things since you're a noob.

      Hilariously speaking, it indeed lacks cubby holes as mentioned in the article. But the most laughable thing i discovered about it, is the absence of arm rests. LMAO!

    5. There are so many old drivers out there that have a avg driving skill, maybe you're one of them. A lot? Most are minor accidents, deaths are rare and are mostly due to over speeding. You are all talk, and you don't even own a car with even 4 airbags.

      It' comfy in the front and in the rear unless you are six foot tall or a fat person. Yes, it should have at least 4 airbags but that will jack up the price.

      Cubby holes and armrest? So that is what you've been so proud about? lol. You can buy cubby holes and attach an armrest but you cannot replace that awful cvt in your beloved city. You just keep bragging and you don't even own a car less than 3 years old.

    6. I hate to say these but most (but not all) Mazda fanboys are noobs like you. Deaths are rare? It's in the news everyday whether social media or newspaper or tv. I bet you don't even understand those types of crash i mentioned. LMAO!

      Im not bragging anything, the City is just simply a better all rounder than the Mazda 2. Awful CVT? Honda's CVT has improved leaps and bounds from the past generations, it's not like before wherein it's undeniably unreliable and has a rubber band feel. There maybe inate qualities of Mazda 2 that you can't find in the City but in retrospect, there's far more (and useful) features in the City that makes it the 2nd best seller in its class next to the Vios (because of the latter's fleet sales).

      FYI, i drive a 3.5 V6 sedan that has airbags all around and can smoke your tiny Mazda 2 all day any day but im not obnoxious to shove in into other people's face. And im set to replace it with a Civic RS so i can continue smoking obnoxious Mazda 3 ( Mazda 2) fanboys/fangheys like you.

    7. I agree with you. Driving safe isn't enough. Sometimes there dumb drivers around you who'll get you in an accident and extra airbags will increase your chance of survival.

    8. ^ Amen to that brother. The number one cause of car related death is severe head and neck injuries. Curtain and side airbags can definitely help in terms of cushioning the head and neck thereby increasing chances of survival.

      As the saying goes, "it's better to have it and not need it rather than need it and not have it".

  8. I bought my mazda 2 MT last march, and it is my very first car, i let my officemates drive it and since they also drive in manual transmission and own a car, they said steering wheel is light and the clutch feels soft. And since this is my first, i have nothing to compare except the vios i used in driving school. And as far as i am concerned i'm happy with mazda 2 with my daily drive - mazda owner with just 1600km in odometer

  9. Wow an actual Mazda 2 owner against someone who just trawls the interwebs for info and talks about car buying?! Who really is the idiot here?

    Anyare sa RS Turbo mo Anonymous Blogger? Mukhang City na lang yata ang reward mo ah!

    1. Don't forget me, the original mazda fanboy, I own a mazda 3 r 2017, and I'm very satisfied with it, the best part being the drive and the steering. I bought the mazda 3 because I was enamored by its looks, it has great specs and features, competitively priced, and it is the best driving car in its segment. I don't like the CVT in the Civic, and the Civic is more expensive with less features and specs, with only 20hp as the only advantage. The Civic just doesn't capture your heart, the Mazda 3 does it, love at first sight and married it at 1st drive. The majority of Civic buyers just buy it because it has the H badge.

    2. I can't wait to replace my current car with the Civic RS before yearend. I'll smoke both of you pussies with your Mazda 3. Let's see if your ways of trolling in the Civic articles and your so called brochure specs can help you win. LOL!

    3. And the only reason they buy Mazda is because of the 3-year free maintenance, and that's it. They will justify everything.. even call it as an enthusiast car. LMAO! Sorry just can't help it.

    4. I hope you get that Civic RS, trolling? You definitely haven't driven either the Civic or the Mazda 3.

      The yojin 3 or 5 is a big plus for Mazda, but the main reason I chose it over the Civic is because of the driving dynamics, looks, and quality that the Civic cannot offer. Both of you guys don't even own either car, lol.

    5. @Anonymous Blogger

      Let's see din if your constant trolling will really be rewarded by your masters at Honda.

      Btw, I don't own a Mazda 3, so if you wanna race, what I have will definitely smoke your City ('coz looks like yun na lang ibibigay nila sayo).

      Natawa ako dito:

      "I can't wait to replace my current car with the Civic RS before yearend."

      Talagang umaasa ka 'no? Yearend of what nga ba? Baka yearend ng lifecycle niya?

    6. Original Mazda fanboy, i have test driven both cars and the Mazda 3 immediately made me claustrophobic when i sat inside. Those things you're blabbing about won't help you once you're in the streets or in the race tracks when the Civic RS smokes your all show no go Mazda 3.

      I really don't own either car since im only set to replace my current car (3.5 V6 sedan) with the Civic RS.

    7. I love how these enthusiasts call you a troll and yet they reply to your post. LOL

      PS, I don't own a Honda.
      But I always see your Mazda 3 so small on my rear-view camera.

    8. Even I got a bit claustrophobic at first, but you'll get used to it in 3 days. Btw, I'm 5'10 tall and I'm not fat. Race track? Like the Miata, it's not the fastest car but it ain't slow either. The gem here being the driving dynamics as compared to fast cars which are cold and calculated like the Civic. You won't feel the car properly for just test driving for 20 mins in city traffic, you need at least an hour or 2 outside the city for a full test drive. Also, the Mazda 3 has better handling than the Civic RS, the RS is faster in a straight line by a second but the Mazda 3 will smoke the Civic in a winding road or in the race track. The Civic Type R that is used in the Nurburgring is a heavily modified variant, so that doesn't count. A mere 1 sec difference 0-100 speed is not much. From your statement, you just want to go fast without regard to the driving dynamics of the car. Or maybe your current car is a toyota which is the reason for you not even experiencing what a car with excellent driving dynamics feels like to drive.

      If you really own a V6 sedan, why the hell are you downgrading to a compact car? You should be buying a Mustang or a BMW M4, especially that you want a fast car.

      -Original Mazda Fanboy

    9. @ Original Mazda Fanboy

      You wanna know why? 'Coz it's all in his head. 3.5 V6 sedan eh? So either Camry, Accord, or something American, but the point is, it's a big car. Now given how important trunk space and interior space is for Anonymous Blogger, it's inconceivable that he/she will downgrade to the (relatively) smaller City.

      So in conclusion, it's just BS.

    10. Original mazda Fanboy:

      The Civic has a good handling but it has some body roll going due to the big body (executive sedan like) but it doesn't mean it can't have a good driving dynamics. Plus it's modifiable, making less body roll. It can smoke its competitors in its class.

      I came from a B segment sedan then upgraded to a 3.5 V6 D segment sedan. However, the horrible horrible traffic nowadays makes it impractical. A Mustang or M4 for a daily car? Those 2 sportscars you mentioned ain't cut for DAILY driving. I can consider those once im set to look for a week end car. A Civic RS with its class leading in terms of "useful" features is sufficient enough.

    11. To stupid epal Mazda Fanboy:

      I ain't downgrading to a City, in your wildest dreams! And it's not in my mind, Mazda's are indeed cramped in interior and trunk space. Only solid Mazda fanboys like the two of you takes a blind eye to it.

      That what primarily makes Mazda lagging behind in sales no matter how hard they market there products.

    12. The new Civic RS has decent driving dynamics but the Mazda 3 is far better by a significant margin. I'm a Mazda 3 2017 owner and Sir Uly had a week driving the Mazda 3 and we have the same opinion. The stock Mazda 3 has less body roll than the Civic and you can easily install strut bars therefore eliminating 99% of the minimal body roll. I like the Civic for it's spacious interior but in my case, I prefer a sportier drive than a more spacious but less sportier drive because I drive alone almost all the time, so the tight backseat doesn't affect me. When I have companions though, most are women, so the tight backseat doesn't affect them either.

      I agree that the BMW M4 and the Mustang aren't the most ideal daily drivers but you are clamoring for a fast car so I suggested them. A more practical daily driver is the Lexus IS350 FSport which has a 306hp V6 engine that might satisfy your urge for speed though it is expensive. But if you have a V6 midsize sedan, why not get the Mazda 6 2.2 diesel? It's a very practical and economical daily drive while being a car with excellent driving dynamics. I didn't recommend the Accord because it's a gas guzzler and the Mazda 6 is the best car in the segment, every automotive reviewer all over the world and I have the same opinion.

      Yeah, Mazda will lag in sales compared to Honda or toyota because the majority of car buyers aren't Mazda's target market. Mazda targets those people who love to stand out and appreciate driving fun. While Toyota and Honda as well as the other manufacturers target the majority of buyers looking for a comfy and decent car which have no interest in driving dynamics. They just want to get from point a-b with no fuss. They have good sales growth every year, and they even have overtaken Subaru in terms of sales.

      -Original Mazda fanboy.

    13. @ Anonymous Blogger

      Funny how you're calling me stupid while you're the onee allegedly daily driving a 3.5 V6! Stop BS-ing us of your deluded dreams. Just admit na lang that you can't pay for gas and now work as a Honda propagandist in the HOPE of being rewarded with a City.

      You're gonna downgrade from a mid-size to a compact and your idea of an enthusiast car is a roomy cabin and large trunk? Never mind smoking us, give us what you're smoking.

    14. Original Mazda Fanboy:

      I have several friends who owns both the Civic and Mazda 3 and i've tried both of them several times aside from my test drive at the casa. One thing that makes the Mazda 3 stand out is the Soul Red color, so good looking and sexy too the eyes.

      Mazda 6 diesel? You can't compare apples to oranges since its competitors has gasoline fed engines. Yes, the Mazda 6 has the best engine with the most practicality in its class due to it being a diesel fed. It also has best in class body color (soul red). But as an all rounder, it ain't the best. As a mid size sedan, buyers will look for features that are present in its japanese counterparts that are inherently absent in the mazda 6. Its counterparts has a rear center control module for:
      1. Aircon control
      2. Audio control
      3. Electronic Rear sunshade control
      4. Rear electronic seat control ( it's reclinable and so comfy that it can lull you to sleep after a day of hard work if you have a chauffeur).
      Its jap counterparts even have a rear window sunshade that's manually operated and also has more interior space that befits a mid size sedan.

      In the end, i chose the Civic RS simply because it gives me the best of both worlds. It can be sporty and comfortable at the same time. It has the best in class PASSIVE safety features too.

      I like your suggestion the Lexus IS350 FSport, it's a cheaper alternative to BMW (thanks to JPEPA) and easier to maintain too since they share certain parts with Toyota in which you can find in Banawe. Sad to say, it's too expensive for a daily car. I can consider it some other time for my weekend car though.

      As with regards to Subaru, that company ain't a volume seller. Only thinking buyers has a knowledge about their OUTSTANDING safety features. They are the Volvo of Asia.

    15. Original Mazda Fanboy:

      I forgot to say that the Mazda 6 is best in its class in terms of looks too. The current Camry looks butt ugly on the outside, so ugly that i don't even wanna take a look at it. But it gives you a good touch of luxury inside.

    16. To epal Mazda Fanboy:

      Don't put words into my mouth. Im a partially successful individual who worked my ass off to be given a right to wear that white coat.

      You're nothing but a typical filipino trash talker. You're way below my league.

    17. Haha eto na! Labasan na t*t*, pataasan na ng ihi! Sino ang typical Filipino ngayon?

      "partially successful individual who worked my ass off to be given a right to wear that white coat."

      Don't tell me doctor ka kasi you can't even pay for gas, let alone maintain multiple cars. BS nanaman 'to eh. Didn't know Honda propagandists/fanboys wear white coats. They make you wear that uniform?

  10. Wow! Must I have this as my second car? Any suggestions? I also read at Total's website that they have a partnership with Total with regards to their lubricants. I'm sure my car would be in tip top shape thanks to Total.

    1. I recommend that you get the Mazda 2 RS or the premium series. When buying a car, the top variant will make you the most satisfied with the car. Just add 80k and you get a lot more features and kit.

  11. Mazda is a good car and reliable. The problem is its space. Quite tight inside. Honda City is also comparably good based on a review done here also. And I don't see a problem with it. If you can plunk a few thousand pesos between these entry level models then go for a Mazda. Three years of free periodic maintenance that can be extended to five years is really a terrific come on.

  12. Why does mazda have low resale value?

    1. Because, it is crap, nuffsaid (just like the sticker you will see on their windscreen. LOL)

    2. ^Mazda hater. They have low resale value because of the hordes of honda and toyota fanboys. The resale value of mazda is now getting better beginning from the skyactiv models.

  13. Does Mazda still have the 2 in MT? Not seeing it in the pricelist anymore.

    It's the MT drivers that stand to benefit most from the ergonomics.

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  15. Sir Uly, if you are to choose between Mazda2 RS sedan and Honda City VX+, what would it be?

  16. I bought Mazda 2 HB Premium Series not just because of 3 years free maintenance but because I believe with the quality of Mazda it brings considering it a mid luxury type.

    The drive experienced, the comfort it gives is fantastic and superb even it is not the latest V+ with G Vectoring.

    Driving our Mazda2 HB from Manila to General Santos...

  17. Daily driving my Mazda 2 Skyactiv. So far so good, habang tumatagal lalong gumaganda ang hataw. Bacoor to Alabang, 6x a week. Whew. No hassle at all. Currently on my 9.8k+ km :)

  18. Hi!Should I get the Mazda 2 Premium or the Ford Ecosport?Appreciate all advice 🙂

  19. @Unknown

    For fuel economy I think Ecosport is a win-win but if you want a combination of medyo sporty and engine power performance, I think you should go with the Mazda 2 :) only if you don't mind the space also :)


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