Monday, July 24, 2017

Mitsubishi Reveals More Info on Upcoming Next-Gen MPV

Two weeks to its global debut at the 25th GAIKINDO Indonesia Auto Show (GIIAS), Mitsubishi Motors Corporation has dropped more information about its next-generation MPV including three photos that show it in its entirety.

Though the name will be officially unveiled at GIIAS (some reports do say it’s going to be called Expander), MMPC has confirmed that this MPV will be produced at the brand’s new Indonesian factory in Bekasi Prefecture, West Java Province with sales to start in Indonesia by the third quarter of this year.

MMC’s new next-generation MPV is powered by a 1.5-liter MIVEC 4-cylinder engine mated to either a 5-speed MT or 4-speed AT. Measuring in at 4,475 millimeters in length, this front-wheel drive MPV is said to offer “class-topping roominess and utility through its highly variable interior, with easy access to comfortable third-row seats along with a spacious luggage compartment.” It will also offer an SUV-like ground clearance of 205 millimeters.

Outside, the next-generation MPV fuses MPV and SUV characteristics including the latter’s wide flared fenders. Distinguishable by its Dynamic Shield front design, Mitsubishi’s Mobilio competitor will have its lights stacked in three with the LED position lights located high up the engine hood followed by the headlights and then the front fog lamps. 16-inch wheels will be one of the rim sizes available.

Some features of this MPV include Keyless Operation System (KOS) which is Mitsubishi-speak for keyless start/stop. Interestingly, it can also operate the position lights remotely giving owners additional safety when park in dimly lit areas. Welcome Lights are also available wherein the headlights stay on for an additional 30 seconds when exiting the vehicle at night.

More information about this next-generation MPV will be revealed on August 10.

2018 Mitsubishi Next-Generation MPV (vs 2017 Honda Mobilio RS)

Overall Length: 4,475 mm (4,398 mm)
Overall Width: 1,750 mm (1,683 mm)
Overall Height: 1,700 mm (1,603 mm)
Ground Clearance: 205 mm (189 mm)
Engine: 1.5 MIVEC 4-Cylinder (1.5 i-VTEC 4-Cylinder)
Transmission: 5 MT or 4 AT (5 MT or CVT)
Drive: Front Engine / Front Wheel Drive (Front Engine / Front Wheel Drive)


  1. Looks better than the Montero. But gasoline only? This could've posed a serious threat to the Innova if it were a diesel.

  2. From the specs, it competes more against the BRV than the Mobilio.

  3. Exterior has this Jazz-y feel to it.

    The interior looks Vios-y.

    1. Remove the Mitsubishi badge and you would think this is a Honda product. Come on Mitsubishi! You ripped off the Jazz's design!

    2. Of course they copy each. What planet are you from? It's a matter of how much they copy. This may look a bit like Jazz but look at Suzuki Ciaz and Honda City. You'd think they're twins. There's only so much you can design a conventional looking car. When they go crazy with the design they risk looking like a Mobilio that looks like a fish, a Juke that looks like a joke and a Montero that looks like it has hemorrhoids.

    3. ^I have hemorrhoids, and I find this funny but at the same time offensive. Hehehehe...


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