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July 15, 2017

Avoid An Off-Roading Nightmare with this CTEK Battery Manager

With 4x4-equipped vehicles becoming more user-friendly and capable, off-roading or trailing has steadily become a pastime for many car enthusiasts. However, for all of the allure that the great outdoors has to offer, it does come with its own set of challenges. Imagine this scenario: after a relaxing day by the river, you decide to head back home. Only this time, your rig won’t start. It seems your battery went dead after being drained by your portable refrigerator and your sound system. With no cell service, how are you going to call for help?

If you’re traveling in a group, you can try jumpstarting your rig with the appropriate cables. Though this may work in getting you home, it can cause even bigger problems. With all the complex electronics contained in a modern vehicle, the sudden voltage jolt may cause one or two systems to overload or short circuit, creating even more problems for you in the long run.

When dealing with a car’s battery, the saying “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” rings true. In this case, CTEK’s line of smart chargers can effectively eliminate battery problems even before they start. Through its unique charging process, it not only keeps your battery fully charged, but it also constantly monitors its condition and then acts accordingly. It disulphates, revives, conditions, and maintains a battery automatically. It even regulates the main voltage to protect sensitive electronic equipment as well. The result is a battery life that’s extended two to three times its normal life.

While the typical CTEK smart charger, typically the MXS 5.0 or CT5 Start/Stop, is good for the typical passenger car or SUVs, there’s also a unique segment that runs on a dual battery setup (one starter battery and one service battery). Typically seen on off-road rigs and trailing vehicles, this setup requires a special battery management system. Enter the CTEK D250S Dual Charger, a multi-functional product that’s a battery isolator (a device that divides direct current into multiple branches), smart power relay, solar panel voltage controller, and a 20-amp smart battery charger all in one.

The CTEK D250S Dual Charger actually charges your batteries as you drive. It gathers energy from multiple power sources, the alternator and solar panels to name two, and optimizes power to properly charge your batteries while eliminating the need for complex battery switches, relays, load managers, low voltage alarms, and the like. And with its 5-step fast charging process, it adjusts the voltage and current based on the battery’s state of charge and temperature effectively reducing your battery’s charge time. Being IP65 (splash-proof, dust-protected, and approved for outdoor use), the D250S Dual Charger is suitable for the go-anywhere, do-anything nature of off-road vehicles as well.

With battery failure often reported as the number one cause for breakdowns around the world, CTEK smart chargers can help you save time, battery and towing costs. And now, with the D250S Dual Charger, it gives you the power and confidence to explore off the beaten path. It helps keeps the camp lights on, beers cold, and still offer the confidence of a one-click start on the way back home. The hassle of a flat battery will be a thing of the past.

The D250S Dual Charger retails for around P 17,000 and is exclusively distributed in the Philippines by CTEK Philippines. To learn more about this and other CTEK smart chargers, check out their Facebook page contact +63 917 575 4812.

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