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February 14, 2018

Phoenix Petroleum Launches Reformulated Fuels with Phoenix PULSE Technology

Phoenix Petroleum launches today its upgraded fuels powered with Phoenix PULSE Technology.

Phoenix PULSE Technology is an innovative formulation with advanced cleaning and protection properties for enhanced power and acceleration. It’s made with cutting-edge fuel technology by world-class fuel experts, exclusively for Phoenix Petroleum.

The upgraded fuel products promise three main benefits: It avoids fuel filter blockage in diesel-powered vehicles; removes deposits from fuel injectors, valves, and piston surfaces; and provides engine protection. Phoenix PULSE Technology also helps improve fuel economy with continuous use.

“The launch of Phoenix PULSE Technology is in fulfillment of our goal to be the most credible alternative to the major brands. We enhanced our fuel products and improved our formulation not only to be able to compete with bigger players in the oil industry, but more importantly, to add value to every peso fueled up at Phoenix,” said Phoenix Petroleum Chief Operating Officer Henry Fadullon.

In just 15 years, Phoenix Petroleum has grown from five stations in Mindanao to 530 nationwide, establishing its reputation as the fastest-growing oil company in the Philippines. Just last year, the company broadened its portfolio to include LPG with the acquisition of Petronas Energy Philippines, Inc., now Phoenix LPG Philippines, Inc., and convenience retailing with the purchase of Philippine Family Mart. It will soon venture into the bitumen business.

“As a homegrown brand, we aim to be the Filipinos’ top choice not only for their fuel needs, but also for fueling their dreams and aspirations. We work hard and continue to grow our business not only so we can bring our vision of being an indispensable partner to life, but also because as the next generation company, we want to provide this generation with the best products and services at the best value,” said Phoenix Petroleum President and CEO Dennis Uy.

Phoenix PULSE Technology is available in all Phoenix stations in all fuel grades. These next generation fuels are suitable for Filipino drivers looking for a connection unlike any other. Drive to the nearest Phoenix Petroleum station now to experience Phoenix PULSE Technology.

Phoenix PULSE Technology FAQ:

Why is Phoenix Petroleum launching Phoenix PULSE Technology?

As the next generation oil company, we want to level up our fuel products for this generation’s drivers, which is why we are introducing our very own Phoenix PULSE Technology. The improved formulation will add value to every peso fueled up at Phoenix Petroleum.

What exactly is Phoenix PULSE Technology?

Phoenix PULSE Technology is a fuel additive with advanced cleaning and protection properties for enhanced power and acceleration.

How was this formulation made?

Phoenix PULSE Technology was developed by world-class fuel experts using cutting-edge fuel technology—exclusively for Phoenix Petroleum. This innovation puts our fuel products at level with the products of the bigger players in the oil industry.

What can it do for my car?

Phoenix PULSE Technology has three main benefits:
  1. It avoids fuel filter blockage for diesel-powered vehicles
  2. It removes deposits from fuel injectors, valves, and piston surfaces
  3. It provides engine protection
All these help result to better fuel economy when used continuously.

How does it help result to enhanced power and acceleration?

Phoenix PULSE Technology allows your fuel to run smoothly in your engine and burn efficiently, resulting to enhanced power and acceleration. With more power and more acceleration, you can experience a smoother and a worry-free drive, be it in the city or out of town.

Why should I choose this fuel over other brands?

Our fuels offer the best value: they are high performance, and are priced reasonably, so drivers get more distance with every drop at Phoenix Petroleum.

Why is it called Phoenix PULSE Technology?

The word pulse connotes life and excitement, which is exactly what this fuel additive can do to your vehicle. It can help give more life to your every drive by ensuring that your car remains energized through its cleaning and protection benefits.


  1. We could lower the ratings on QP if we estimated that the company's
    role was no longer critical to the country's development plans, Enhanced Oil Recovery

  2. Okay na ito sa catalytic converter dahil may 10% sya na bio ethanol?

    1. Yes, it's fine. If it reaches E20 (20 percent ethanol) then the fuel line would have to be modified.

  3. I have used Caltex and Phoenix regular unleaded fuels with my scooter. Both are running great in Cities main roads and streets however when my scooter run in an uphill road, I usually slightly run out of power or the engine is in struggle when I'm using Phoenix and compare to Caltex which I observe the engine is still aggressive. This is only my opinion and keen observation.


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