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February 12, 2018

Subaru Set to Discontinue Boxer Diesel, Concentrate on Fuel-Saving Tech

In order to keep its iconic horizontally-opposed engines beating under future models to come, Subaru Corporation is turning to some cutting-edge technologies to make them more fuel efficient and environmentally-friendly.

A report coming out of Automotive News says that Subaru is almost ready to introduce a plug-in hybrid of one of their vehicles (likely either the Subaru XV or all-new Forester) with technology largely shared with the Toyota Prius Prime.

According to Subaru’s Chief Technical Officer, Takeshi Tachimori, the carmaker will “use Toyota technologies as much as possible.” Although he did mention that because of the longitudinal nature of the Subaru boxer engine, it will include a few new twists.

With a Research & Development budget just a tenth of Toyota’s, Subaru focused on projects that mainly improved the performance of its boxer engine or EyeSight system. However, with no electrified vehicle in its portfolio, the carmaker is now rushing to comply with the increasingly stringent emissions regulations.

Aside from the release of the new plug-in hybrid model (exclusive for the US for now), Subaru also outlines its plans to introduce cylinder deactivation and even the lean-burning Atkinson cycle on its boxer engines, targeting thermal efficiency rates above 40 percent. The plan goes hand-in-hand with Subaru’s plan to discontinue its boxer diesel in Europe and Australia.

Finally, in order to achieve its target of releasing a full electric vehicle by 2021, Subaru is hoping to leverage a joint-venture which they formed with Toyota, Mazda, Denso, Suzuki, Daihatsu, and Hino called EV Common Architecture Spirit Co.

Source: Automotive News

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