Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Review: 2017 Ford Everest Titanium+ 3.2 4WD

They say, you’re not supposed to meet your heroes. There’s a danger that once you see them up close, they won’t seem as perfect eye-to-eye as opposed to being perched on their towering pedestal. That’s the dilemma with the Ford Everest. After a drive in Thailand, I’ve yet to try it on Manila roads. In the two years that passed, fate played itself cruelly as cancellations, re-schedules, and even a minor hiccup meant no seat time. As 2017 rolled in, so did a minor refresh. This is the Everest featured here. While its blemishes don’t make it so god-like anymore, from where I stand, it still remains the mid-sized SUV’s hero car.

Heroes are supposed to stand tall in the face of adversity and the Everest does just that. Two years have passed since the world first saw it and its competitors have yet to hold a candle to its styling. From every angle, it’s simply purposeful yet elegantly beautiful. The basic shape is dictated more or less by the need to create a larger feeling of space without taking up a huge footprint; and while that’s been achieved, it’s been done so with unmatched refinement. It’s sculpted in all the right places, down to one of the best, if not the best looking OEM wheels in the market.

The Everest’s high-set cabin means a step and a half just to get inside. Despite the pillar-mounted grab handles, it’s something that’ll continuously bother geriatrics and small children. Once aboard though, it greets you with a combination of the familiar and the new. The view is much the same as the one in the Ranger, but some unique touches like a stitched up dashboard, higher quality leather appointments, and programmable ambient lighting do impart a higher-end feel. Yet, it stays true to its blue collared origins and this can be found on the center console and door panels which are hard wearing but low rent. Thankfully, the new for 2017 black and gray color scheme manages to mask that, plus it’s still far better than any other offering in its class.

Seated in the first or second row, there’s no denying the feeling of space. Plus, the seats themselves are really good. They prioritize support over hugging your ribcage during cornering, in tune with the Everest’s character. And with power adjustment for those in the front, finding a comfortable driving position is easy. It’s largely the same in the second row where the seats are well-shaped and capable of seating three abreast even if Ford claims they’re the thinnest seats they’ve ever designed. It’s only in the third row where things get cozier. Getting in and out is a challenge because the second row only slides. Once you squeeze through though, you’re greeted with ample space. And with the second row seats now offering two slide adjustments, those in the rearmost row can bargain for more knee room.

Ford has always prided itself with filling the Everest with tech and the 2017 edition shows their continued leadership in that department. Front and center is SYNC 3, Ford’s newest infotainment system. Most pundits didn’t seem to notice it, but it makes a big difference. The familiar four-quadrant layout is now gone, replaced by an icon-based system with the five main functions located at the bottom and contextual menus taking up a majority of the screen. With large graphics and gesture commands, it’s intuitive and responsive to learn and use. Apart from the layout, the screen itself is noticeably higher resolution and paired with a faster processor, SYNC 3 is snappier too. Though most owners will still prefer using on-screen commands, the voice commands are simpler and easier to master as well. Finally, SYNC AppLink allows certain apps to be paired and connected to your smartphone. Though the app catalog is quite short, at least Android Auto (there’s no icon for Apple CarPlay) comes integrated. Sadly though, there’s still no built-in GPS navigation.

Apart from SYNC 3, the Titanium+ also gets automatic high beam assist (it automatically turns the high beams on and off depending on in-coming traffic). Aside from those two new features, the rest of the package remains as it was: a 10-speaker sound system with Active Noise Cancellation, a dual panel moonroof, power folding third row, and a power tailgate. Honestly, with the exception of a push button start/stop and built-in GPS navigation, there’s nothing absent in this range-topping Everest and that means it can put most luxury SUVs to shame.

Though its looks and kit matches typical luxury SUVs, the Everest still cannot match them in terms of driving performance and refinement. Still, it scores top marks for its class. Compared to other pick-up based SUVs, it’s quite adept in absorbing road undulations with most lumps and bumps soaked up with surprising delicacy. It’s only over really bad surfaces that its composure is shaken with slight shudders transmitted through the low-profile tires. Through the bends, it’s surprisingly well composed with a chassis that’s predictable and controllable. And with a Watt’s Linkage packed into the rear coil spring suspension, body pitching is controlled, aiding high-speed stability. The steering itself is offputtingly light, but once adjusted for, is accurate enough to keep this two-ton vehicle in check.

Keeping the Everest in line is its myriad of driver assist features that go on top of the standard Electronic Stability Control. It has things like Curve Control, sort of like torque vectoring where it reduces engine torque and applies brakes to keep it in line; Roll Stability Control that use gyroscopic sensors to detect sharp swerving or fast cornering and selectively applies the brakes to reduce the chance of rollover; and even Trailer Sway Control that keeps the Everest stable when towing heavy loads.

Of course, there’s only so much the Everest can do to resist the laws of physics. Push it hard through a tight corner, and it feels top heavy and unwieldy. Its body-on-frame chassis and non-independent rear end simply no match for a car-based crossover. In addition, though its bulk is well disguised on the open road, it’s intimidating to drive in EDSA traffic. The high-set cabin coupled with the thick A-pillars mean huge blind spots especially from the front and the front three quarters. It’s especially troublesome to maneuver next to low-slung sports cars and motorcycles. The proximity sensors could have helped, but they’re either delayed or give out too many false alarms to be of any use. It’s also equipped with a front pre-collision alert system which proves to be overly sensitive for Manila roads. It causes too many panic stops which aren’t helped by the spongy brakes.

The brakes are the single reason why it’s hard to extract the most out of the Everest’s powerful 3.2-liter inline-5 engine. With 200 horsepower and 470 Nm of torque, it’s not anymore the segment’s most powerful offering, but it’s still very competitive. It’s a gusty performer with stout low-end response. There’s little in the way of turbo lag and is responsive throughout the rev range. It’s no road rocket, but it has no issues coping up with the near 2,500-kilogram curb weight. What’s more, the sound isn’t as obtrusive as other diesels, though credit probably goes to the noise-canceling technology. The 6-speed automatic always seems to pick the right gear at the right time, though there’s noticeable shift shock going from first to second gear. In a week of driving in city traffic, it managed 7.46 km/L (average speed 15 km/h) which is at par for its class.

When it first came out, the Ford Everest reset many benchmarks in its class, becoming the undisputed hero by providing an unparalleled mix of performance, functionality, comfort, and technology. Two years on, it continues to do just that. At P 2,109,000 some may argue that it’s become a bit too expensive, but considering its packaging and tech, it’s actually quite reasonable. Despite some minor problems (unwieldy to drive, so-so fuel economy, low-rent plastics in some areas), a vast majority of buyers looking for a 7-seater go-anywhere, do anything vehicle will be rightfully served by this well thought of and best realized SUV. It’s going to be their hero and will continue to be for years, if not decades to come.

2017 Ford Everest Titanium+ 3.2 4WD
Ownership 2017 Ford Everest Titanium+ 3.2 4WD
Year Introduced 2015 (Refreshed: 2017)
Vehicle Classification Mid-sized SUV
The Basics
Body Type 5-door SUV
Seating 7
Engine / Drive F/4WD, Low, Locking
Under the Hood
Displacement (liters) 3.2
Aspiration Turbo
Fuel Delivery Common Rail Direct Injection
Layout / # of Cylinders I5
BHP @ rpm 200 @ 3,000
Nm @ rpm 470 @ 1,750-2,50
Fuel / Min. Octane Diesel
Transmission 6 AT
Cruise Control Yes, Adaptive
Fuel Economy @ Ave. Speed 7.46 km/L @ 15 km/h
Dimensions and Weights
Length (mm) 4,893
Width (mm) 1,862
Height (mm) 1,836
Wheelbase (mm) 2,850
Curb Weight (kg) 2,495
Suspension and Tires
Front Suspension Independent, Double Wishbone
Rear Suspension 4-Link Coil Springs with Watts Linkage
Front Brakes Vented Disc
Rear Brakes Disc
Tires Goodyear EfficientGrip SUV 265/50 R 20 T (f & r)
Wheels Alloy
Safety Features
Airbags 7
Anti-Lock Brakes (ABS) Yes
Traction / Stability Control Yes
Parking Sensors Yes, Front and Rear with Camera
Active Park Assist
Other Safety Features Hill Hold Assist
Hill Descent Control
Lane Keeping System
Collision Mitigation
Blind Spot Information System
Tire Pressure Monitoring System
My Key
Exterior Features
Headlights HID
Fog Lamps Yes, Front and Rear
Auto Lights Yes
Rain-sensing Wipers Yes
Interior Features
Steering Wheel Adjust Tilt
Steering Wheel Material Leather
Seating Adjustment Electric (front)
Seating Surface Leather
Folding Rear Seat Yes, 60/40 (2nd row) with slide; 50/50 (3rd row, electric)
On-Board Computer Yes
Convenience Features
Power Steering Yes
Power Door Locks Yes
Power Windows Yes
Power Mirrors Yes, with Fold
Climate Control Front, Dual Zone; Rear, Manual
Audio System Stereo
# of Speakers 10
Steering Controls Yes


  1. The best in its class! Outstanding safety features. Spacious interior with good amount of premium feel. Too bad Ford has a poor after sales service.

  2. I got 10.4km/liter at 70km/hr average speed from cavite to albay with the premium variant of everest 2016.. best choice of suv. Aftersales service lang tlaga ang problema.

  3. ano po naging problema sa after sales service...?

  4. has it (aftersales) gotten anybetter?

  5. All Casa Aftersales service is sometimes good, some times bad but most of the time bad which in turn makes car owners feel bad. Since nothing is perfect in real life, this is true with regards to AutoRepair Shops or Talyer or to any Human Mechanic. To avoid this problem, one should minimize visits to these shops. To achieved this, cars must be sold after 3 or 4 yrs and get a new one from the proceeds. This is in accordance with the proverbial saying "Para Iwas Sakit Sa Ulo". But the surest way to Iwas Sakit sa Ulo is dont buy a car and take public transport!

  6. It has more than twice the weigh of compact sedans/hatches, there goes the power advantage.

    1. There u go again Mr Power to Weight Ratio !

  7. Carguide.ph, did you drive both the 2.2l 4x2 Titanium Premium and the 3.2l 4x4 Titanium Premium? I did a test drive of the 2.2l Titanium Premium and I can't help feeling the low-speed acceleration is quite 'lazy'. The power just doesn't feel immediate. Does the 3.2l 4x4 version have a bit more punch when accelerating at low-speeds?

    1. I've tried the 2.2 in Thailand. Big difference.

      The 2.2 feels okay, but once you've tried the 3.2, you'd never want to drive the 2.2. I'd like to compare it to driving a 1.6 and 2.0 compact car in terms of difference.

    2. To be fair, pag nasanay ka sa manual tranny and gasoline makina, maninibago ka talaga ng kunti sa 2.2. Pero feel oks, lalo pag ginamit mo yung Sport mode which mas aggressive sa acceleration at depende sa bigat din ng apak natin.

    3. I have to go with Sir Uly here.

      I've tested the 2 Fortuner variants (2.4 vs. 2.8), and though the 2.8 is obviously better, I can still go with the 2.4. Not a whole bunch of difference. It's like going from a 1.8 to a 1.5T Civic.

      But for the Everest, the 2.2 and 3.2 are worlds apart. It's like going from a Mazda3 1.5 to a Mazda3 2.0. Or how dramatically different the Forester XT is with the non-turbo Forester.

    4. Thank you Sir Uly for your opinion. I went ahead and reserved a 3.2l version. The interesting bit is Ford are prepared to offer a discount on this version, but unwilling to discount on the popular 2.2l version. That makes the 4x4 3.2l a much better deal imo.

      Also interestingly, this is not the best driving car in this class. That honor belong to the Montero with it's super-quiet, super-smooth engine and gearbox. You can practically not hear it. However, it's a bit let down in some areas and there are still some questions about the safety after the mis-accelerate incidents.

    5. @Rob, IMHO, NVH for Everest is superb compare to other SUV. EPAS also is super light for parking. I have the 2.2L Eve, Power and Efficiency is well balanced. After 1K break-in period, I manage 16.3km/liter on my ODO reading for 130km with average ups and down. Try the manual mode cause this is equivalent to sports mode to other brand. Enjoy your new Eve Broda. Welcome to the Club.

  8. Everest ang gamit mo pero ung aftersales service lang tlaga ang problema. Sirain kasi yan eh.


    1. Mahirap magsabi na sirain yung Everest kung wala ka naman Eve.. As far as I know yung Eve natin ngayon is wala pang reklamo sa mga owners, not like the other brand kumakadyot magisa. lol

    2. Yeah. Kung kasing reliable lang sana ng Ford yung mga Japanese Brands at kung ganun din kadami yung parts available para sa mga Ford, i'd really go for the Everest.

    3. I agree! 2009 I had Toyota Hilux G. For 5 years, wala ako naging problem. 2012 I bought a Ford Ranger XLT. After a year sira na door lock control. After, nasira naman power windows switch. In terms of quality okay tlaga Japanese brands.

  9. Would have preferred if they retained the beige interior theme. Now it kinda looks like the Trend variant :/ Still the best in class, though!

    1. Dami kasi nagrerequest dati ng black interior kasi daw madaling makita yung dumi sa Beige color. Kaya siguro naglabas sila ng Black interior sa TOTL model 2017 nila. Ok naman yung Beige pero mas prefer ko yung Black Interior.

    2. why po ang 2017 3.2 titanium plus nabili ko s still biege ang color ng enterior? di po kaya 2016 p na model to?

    3. What you got is still the older version. You probably have MyFord Touch and not SYNC 3 yet too. The full roll out of this refreshed 2017 Everest happens in April or May.

    4. inquired about the 2017 model with beige interior.. they said some of the 2.2L Titanium units in april will have that but they're not 100% sure. do you have any info about this?

    5. Some dealers still have the older models with the beige interior. The complete phase in of the 2017 Everest is expected in April or May.

    6. yes but the sales manager in Ford BGC said that the plant would also get the new 2017 models with beige interior in april. i specifically said 2017 and not 2016. so...hoping that's true...would you be able to clarify that with the ford plant? haha

    7. i think the 3.2L model is the one that doesn't have the beige interior anymore

    8. Only way to tell is to see if it's equipped with SYNC 3. If it's running the old 4 quadrant Ford MyTouch, that's older stock.

  10. Uly,

    I suggest that the ASEAN NCAP rating should be included in future reviews for a more informed buying decision. Safety is not just having the most airbags. Filipinos tend to put safety at a low priority.

    1. +1 Sir, Dami pa rin bumibili ng sasakyan na walang ABS, 1 airbag for Drivers only. Plus if you can add also the Euro4 compliance engine, what is the benefit being a Euro4 engine compare to the previous one. I heard that even the 2017 model for other brand is still a Euro2 engine. TY.

  11. Funny how both American offerings (Everest and Trailblazer) are so different. The Ford is clearly the best in class. Stop thinking that, "American cars are unreliable, ugly service, etc." It's 2017. Whether Korean, American, or Japanese cars, it's how you handle the car. You really can't get a bad vehicle these days, unless you go for cars meant to be bare and bad (i.e. Indigo, Alto, Cherry QQ, etc).

    1. We all are keen to think that way, like how bad can a car from a major manufacturer be? I really hope it's always the case, but sir if you have spare dough and want to get adventurous do get a chevrolet cruze, it might change your stand. I'm not talking about the aftersales service, just the quality of the vehicle. Sad truth for that particular GM vehicle, but they are still one of those "American cars are unreliable, ugly service, etc". The US cruze is a different story, but the ones we're getting here is some sort of watered down build. I've had it with them junk.

  12. dami nagsasabi na sirain ang everest..
    pero bakit yung sa amin wala naman naging sira lagi ko naman ginagamit,. 2012 model yun,. problema masyado mahal yung pa service maintenance ko,. mapipilay ako sa kamahalan

  13. Sir Uly just a straight forward question....

    MONTERO GT or EVEREST 3.2 titanium+ considering everything from its specs, best bang for the bucks, after sales, etc.

  14. Sir Uly, can you do also a review of the Ambiente 2.2 A/T? Lagi nalang kasi na re-review puro TOTL units kahit sa youtube. I think mas beneficial din ma highlight ang mga differences nito from the TOTL especially para sa may planong kukuha ng Eve pero hindi na pasok ang budget sa higher-end variants.

    1. Hi.

      Thanks for writing.

      I'm at the mercy of the carmakers on what variant they'll give. They usually have ToTL variants available for testing and it's rare (if ever mayroon) that they'll have a base variant available.

      That said, will ask Ford and will see if I can get a drive of the Ambiente or Trend.

  15. Those cheap, hard plastics all over the interior (especially in the center console area) made me think twice when I saw it in flesh.

  16. In terms of styling, this is pretty much the best of the bunch. The Montero, Fortuner, MUX and Trailblazer are all weaker when it comes to the interior.

    To get a better finish, you would be looking at something outside this class.

    1. I totally agree with that. But as someone coming from a CUV, I still find the materials used in this car to be a bit lower in quality especially the plastics (despite being the best in its class, and that's as far as I know by actually checking out other brands in showrooms). I don't want to stick with the same brand because I want to try other brands also. I want to see how other brands age compared to the last car I've owned so when the time comes, I can decide which car should I buy as my retirement car. ;-P

  17. Sir ULy,

    Please kindly do a heads ups comparison of the Midvariants particularly the Everest 2.2L 4x2AT Trend vs the GLS Montero 2.4L 2WD AT.

    Thank you in advance.

    1. Well based sa specs sheets, lamang na lamang ang Ford Everest Trend. Ang kulang lang sa Eve is yung built-in navigation map sa HU. Pero pwede naman sa android auto or apple car play imirror sa HU. Sa looks naman, kanya kanyang likes na yan. Meron iba napapangitan sa Everest meron din naman napapangitan sa Monty. So all-in-all, IMHO better buy ang Everest Trend Model 2017.

  18. same request here. head to head comparison please. thank you

  19. Sir Uly, we're planning to get 3.2 premium this week since magtataas na raw po this April which is next week. My father really wants the blue reflex color, kaso po apparently, yung available na colors lang po for 2017 model is yung Red and Gray. How true is this po?

  20. Price went up by 40k already as of today April 1, 2017.

  21. Any electrical issues with this model?

  22. Guys, Trend 2016 color red ok lang ba? Yan lang avilable sa casa..

    1. It's a bright, fire engine red. So it's up to your taste. Personally, not a big fan of this "Hilti Red" because it's just so close to Hilti's fleet of vehicles.

  23. Matipid ba sa diesel yung ford everest 4x2 titanium 2017?

  24. Nag appear wrench light..lossing power 3rd hear matic..any suggestions? (mickeyjoan@hotmail.com

  25. Problem is tumaas na excise taxat nag doble presyo ng 3.2 everest, kasing mahal na ng fortuner Top of the line. mapapaisip ka. kung nakabili ka ng american brand, may malaki kang wallet. dahil just in case na may problema. mahal babayaran mo. may chevrolet captiva ako. nag susuffer din sa mahal ng maintenance cost

  26. My ford everest 2.26 titanium 2016 has given me a problem regarding its alarm. It happened twice already. Alarm just set off and the casa where I bought it doesn't know what causes the problem. I bought is December 2016, and just about a month after, I was disturbed by its sudden alarm. It did not respond to remote command. I opened the hood, then the alarm stopped. I brought it to the dealer, they did not see anything after all the checkings. 5mos. after, which is now, it happened again. We are travelling, we left the car at home, good thing someone is tending the house. I received a call that my car's alarm set off again! Please help me if you have thoughts regarding my concern. Thank you very much

    1. I'm not from Ford, but it sounds like your Everest must have something wrong with the hood latch? Some modern alarms actually trigger when the hood is opened (and the alarm is engaged).

  27. The only things I don't like about it are those shiny parts on the dashboard, steering wheel and shift knob.

  28. Hi, same issue po kami ni Maam Anna Lisa Reyes... It happened 3 times na, third time today at exactly 130am. What we try doing is disconnecting the battery but it still going off. It just stop when we open both driver seat and back seat doors, but not sure if that really is the trick. Anyone else whos experiencing same issue?
    Any update for this issue, how to fix this?

  29. Hi sir uly! I noticed today sa new 2017 brochure ng Everest nakalagay leafspring na sa rear suspension compared to multi link coil spring. Bakit kaya pinalitan? I got the brochure last Saturday sa Ford Pampanga. I also checked sa internet, same na din. Im planning to buy... thanks.

    1. It's shouldn't have changed. It should still be the same suspension.

      Can you send me a copy via carguideph@gmail.com

    2. Thanks..also the rear brakes ginawang drums compared to discs sa 2016 model. Thanks.


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