Thursday, April 20, 2017

2017 Nissan Urvan Premium vs Toyota Hiace GL Grandia vs Foton View Traveller

Nissan Philippines is getting into the premium full-sized van in a big way (literally) with the 2017 Urvan Premium. On sale to customers starting June 2017, it’s the first Japanese competitor to take on the segment stalwart, the Toyota Hiace GL Grandia. In order to help would-be buyers, we have assembled the 2017 Nissan Urvan Premium, Toyota Hiace GL Grandia, and a dark horse, the Foton View Traveller in this comparison chart.

Some key specifications not included in the comparison chart are warranty and pricing, so take note:
  • 2017 Foton Traveller: P 1,348,000 (5-year / 150,000-km).
  • 2017 Nissan Urvan Premium: P 1,650,000 (3-year / 100,000-km including commercial use).
  • 2017 Toyota GL Grandia: P 1,677,000 (3-year / 100,000-km).
Now, let’s head onto the comparison chart:


  1. Great for the consumer(s) as there will more choices. Toyota will be forced to add more value to their product.
    Nissan should have also brought in the automatic transmission version as driving one of these behemoths will be more enjoyable without having to row through several gears on your own.

  2. Yan, dami na pagpipilian. Over rated Toyota will think to add more features to their units.

  3. Nissan's Urvan has a nice aircon distribution system, but ingress in the front feels like climbing a small truck plus I got a cut from the door lock at the rear.

  4. At 300k difference, it's a no-brainer take the Foton. + Longer warranty, strong, durable Cummins engine, competitively equipped and more, with extra sliding door. There's no reason why one would go for a Nissan or Toyota.

  5. Nissan is very tall as compared to Toyota... Baka hindi na makapasok sa mga carpark ng SM or other malls ang Nissan Urvan Premium.

  6. I hope Nissan include automatic transmission for this new Urvan.

  7. I hope Nissan include automatic transmission for this new Urvan.