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April 25, 2017

Speed-Sensing Door Locks, Power Folding Mirrors Added to 2017 Honda Civic RS Turbo

After equipping its Civic 1.8 E with speed-sensing door locks and power folding mirrors, it was just a matter of time when the Civic RS Turbo would get them too. Well, the wait was much shorter than everyone anticipated as Honda Cars Philippines has finally equipped it on its range-topping compact sedan.

The award-winning Civic RS Turbo now comes equipped with these two features ultimately adding convenience to motorists. Speed sensing door locks, automatically locks all the doors when vehicle speeds reach 15 km/h. Meanwhile, the power folding mirrors allow owners to fold or unfold both side mirrors simultaneously with just a push of a button.

Other than these two changes, the Civic RS Turbo remains unchanged for 2017.

Retail pricing for the 2017 Civic RS Turbo has gone up P 10,000 across the line due to these two new features. The RS Turbo now goes for P 1,413,000 while adding the Modulo kit bumps the price to P 1,460,000. Add the special rims as well and the price tops out at P 1,525,000.


  1. The best in its class just got even better!

    1. Yes because auto locking doors and folding mirrors enhances the driving experience tenfold.

      Promote pa more and you'll get your own soon.

    2. No need to promote coz im really getting one before year end, sucka!!

    3. Well good job to you. They really paid you handsomely. Hope you really do get one "before the end of the year"

      Is that year 2017?

    4. Ha ha ha! Keep on dreaming with regards to your assumptions, boy. You cannot turn the tables on me.

      The Civic RS, winning several awards locally and internationally needs no further promotion from somebody like me. Its inherent qualities speaks for itself whilst smoking its competitors be it in the road or at the sales chart.

    5. And yet here you are. Still promoting with these "awards".

      Sige pa. Promote pa more. Konti na lang bibigyan ka na nila. Ilan ba quota mo per day?

    6. LOL. What an insecure prick you are.

      "Enthusiast" like you are too prevalent these days. Can't accept the achievement of other car brands and their buyers too.

    7. Kinda rich for you to say that when your usual MO is bashing other brands (and maybe their achievements) and upholding mighty Honda.

      Sincerely yours,

      Insecure Enthusiast

    8. That's hilarious! Check out my comment in the HRV vs CX3 and see for yourself if i upheld the Honda Hrv.

      You're just a butthurt competitor brand worshiper who can't accept facts.

    9. Enlighten us of what these "facts" you talk about. Comments like "The best in its class just got even better!" are these the sterling "facts" you speak? Sterling comments right there. Clearly designed to be please your paymasters perhaps?

      I just hope for your sake that they do hold their end of the bargain of giving you a Civic RS Turbo "before the end of the year". Whatever year that is.

      Lovingly yours,

      Butthurt Insecure Enthusiast

    10. 2016 North American Car of the year, 2016 Philippine Car of the year, etc.. and most importantly # 1 in sales in its class. Still ain't enough for you?

      Im not surprised, you sound similarly like those fan boys of that particular brand which produces drop dead gorgeous cars but too cramped for comfort. These fanboys (including you) can't accept other car brands achievements.

    11. "2016 North American Car of the year, 2016 Philippine Car of the year, etc.. and most importantly # 1 in sales in its class"

      And yet you call me a fanboy? Please by all mean list all the acclaims of your mighty Honda. Isn't that what your paymasters has tasked you?

      Remember there's an RS Turbo waiting at the end of the rainbow... So when did they say they're gonna give you an RS Turbo? Which end of the year?

      Yours truly,

      Insecure Drop Dead Gorgeous Fanboy (Allegedly)

      Nahiya ka pang sabihin yung Mazda. Come on! I know how you love bashing Mazdas! Sige na kahit isa lang. Pandagdag puntos din yan kay boss.

    12. I'm laughing my ass off at the guy accusing the other guy that he's paid by Honda. Nobody does that shit. Stop arguing, you guys are both numskulls.

    13. ^^ I wasn't the one who started it.

      Mazda Fanboy:
      Ha ha ha! Bakit ka bigla napikon nung nabanggit ko yung drop dead gorgeous but too cramped for comfort thing? Buking ka na, Mazda fanboy ka din pala. Ha ha ha!

      Well, it's okay. Enjoy your car, i'll enjoy my current car and my soon to be Civic RS!

    14. I'm the original Mazda fanboy and I'll butt in, you know that the Mazda 3 is the better car to drive than the Civic RS, and the reason why it was the car of the year in North America and here is because it is a newly released model, same as when the new Mazda 2, Mazda 3, or the Miata was released. Still, the Civic RS is a good jack of all trades, but it boils down to your personal wants and needs.

      Just as what you've said, the Mazda 3 is too cramped for you liking. Well, I cannot blame you for choosing the more spacious Civic than the cramped Mazda 3. You like the more comfy car and I like the driver's car in the segment.

      I hope you'll get the Civic RS by the end of the year ;)
      But the only gripe I have with Honda, Hyundai, and Toyota, is that they offer less equipment at a higher price point in which those equipment should've been standard in the first place.

    15. Napikon me? Nope. Just echoed your statement there. I think you should really thank me for getting this thread this long. You've really milked this one for your Honda propaganda.

      At the other Anonymous guy, I hope I've given you as much entertainment as I gave the Blogger guy a platform to spew Honda promotion.


      Alleged Mazda Fanboy Insecure Gorgeous

      I read your post in that CX-3 and HR-V. Mazda and Honda pinaguusapan sisingitan mo ng Subaru. What's all about? Congrats on your new XV "by the end of the (model) year"

    16. Nah. You just make it as an excuse to defend your hidden agenda. You can't accept the Civics achievement this time.

      P.S. And that's exactly why i told you to read it. You're saying that im in the payroll of Honda but i disliked the HRV simply because if im in a market for a compact CUV, the Subaru XV under the Subaru Global Platform is the outstanding choice package wise. You just proved it yourself (that im not promoting Honda) by seing my response to it.

      No, Congrats to you for being butthurt.

    17. Hidden agenda? Me? Go back to all my posts and tell me if I have mentioned any other car brand here.

      I'll tell you a little secret. I'm not really against Honda or the RS Turbo. Go ahead, go back all my posts. I never criticized the Civic. What I'm against is people like you. You've clearly picked your choice but to criticize other people's choice is kinda a dick. You're one those people you would insist their own opinions on other people and disparage others don't share yours.

      You criticized people for buying Mazdas and how cramped the rear seats are and how costly the stop-start batteries are. Well it shouldn't even concern you 'coz they made their bed with it. It's their decision. Respect it. It's their money. Don't go around telling people off that they bought the wrong car when they didn't buy the car you like.

      And you tell me I'm the fanboy.


      The Alleged Butthurt Fanboy Who Couldn't Take This Big Dick

    18. Hilarious! Im here in the Civic RS thread, i only said "the best just got even better". Then you came bashing me and the Civic. You came in here crying like a baby.

      I don't bash Mazda fanboys, unless they start it. I tell facts, unlike you. I even praised the CX5 for being downright gorgeous and i like the design but it simply is too cramped for comfort.

    19. To original Mazda Fanboy: I somehow agree to you the Civic being a new model had a big effect in it winning North american Car of the Year and Philippine Car of the Year similar to when the Skyactiv Mazda 2 and 3 was released. The refreshed Mazda 3 speed in particular is so damn gorgeous!

      But you forgot one thing, the Mazda 2 and 3 didn't dominate the sales during that time. While now the Civic X is dominating its competitors in terms of sales, by a mile.

    20. You can call me all the cybabies, butthurt, fanboy all you want. I don't mind. I kinda like it.

      Btw, I didn't bash the Civic, and I didn't say what's best 'coz that's for people who will use them will decide for themselves. Not sales figure, not awards, not magazines or websites. They're all just opinions.

      Good luck with that RS Turbo of yours, if it ever does arrive this year, or the next, or the next after that. Maybe try Subaru next time.

      And this statement:

      "The best in its class just got even better!"

      C'mon! That got to be the most fanboy-ish statement right? Now that's hilarious, and kinda ironic doesn't it?

    21. Ha ha ha! You're obviously pissed off eversince i butted in something about Mazda. Sorry for hurting your feelings.
      Ha ha ha!

      Re that statement: The Civic is "currently" the best in its class. The sales speaks for itself, whether you like or not.

    22. Having large volumes of sales is a win for the manufacturer, but that does not equate that the best selling vehicle is the best car in the segment.

      For example, look at the Ford Ecosport, it is a mediocre vehicle but is sells so many, best in its class for volume sold, but not the best car in the segment. Another example is the Vios, from driving dynamics, technology, to features, it is far from the best car in the segment. I believe that award goes to The Mazda 2, which has a lot of equipment absent in its competitors such as the Honda City which is #2 in the segment. Despite having best in class driving dynamics, looks, features and equipment, it doesn't sell as much as the Vios.

      The choice of local Filipinos(crosswind, adventure, vios, innova) means that the majority of the market prefers the more practical choice, and doesn't care much for features and technology, one factor why we as a nation aren't that innovative compared to 1st world countries.

    23. Re your first sentence, it's NOT true all the time. The Civic and City has features that's class leading, mind you. Both of them deserves to be the number one (Civic RS and City VX+), if you'll OBJECTIVELY study its features IN ACTUAL. It just so happen that the Vios enjoys a huge volume of sales from fleet units. Otherwise, the City will be number 1, similar to the Civic.

      As with regards to driving dynamics, it's true medyo "magaan dalhin" ang Mazda. But it's not enough to win the buyers heart, locally and internationally. It's true though, a lot of Filipinos go for practicality instead of features and technology.

    24. Class leading space yeah right, what advantage does the City offer over the Mazda 2 aside from interior space? Nothing. Still halogen headlights, drum brakes, etc. The Civic RS will put a harder fight against the Mazda 3, but as a personal car, the Mazda 3 beats the Civic RS as a daily drive(Even the author of this article would choose the Mazda 3 Speed over the Civic RS if you already have a car for family duties). It's real advantages over the Mazda 3 are Apple carplay(Android auto can be installed in MZD connect,it has been done many times), 20hp, interior space. The Mazda 3 has more equipment(9 speaker bose sound system, sunroof, istop/ieloop, etc).

      I see 10x more vios' than honda city's, so that still still a far cry. Maybe due to the perception that Honda has expensive maintenance and parts which is not true. And if you look at the segment, buyers of subcompacts are very conscious of the cost of maintenance. Fleet sales account for a significant number however.

      It's not just a little bit, the Mazda 2 and 3's handling is so far better than the city and the civic. I disagree, I know that they win the hearts of people but most people just cannot choose their heart over the mind, they need to choose practicality in the end so that's why Toyota and Honda has larger sales volume than Mazda. So for us select few that got past over practicality can get to choose the better cars(Mazda 2, Mazda 3, Civic RS) over the lame vios or the Corolla.

      On the side note, you've been picking some words from my comments, I'm glad that we are mutually benefiting from each other in terms of sentence construction and word usage.

    25. I still have some punctuation mistakes due to the speed of my typing and not checking though.

    26. The Mazda 2's advantage are the conventional automatic, all disc brakes, HID headlights and Yojin 3.

      The City VX+ Navi is way more spacious, has ECON mode, better NAVIGATION system (Mazda's Navigation system sucks, those agents makes empty promises of that SD card that will never come LOL), easier and cheaper long term maintenance and most importantly, the City VX+ Navi has better PASSIVE safety system (6 stage airbags, 10 pcs all in all).

      You know your Mazda 3's features (a sunroof is a potential maintenance headache in the long run once it develops leaking btw) but in retrospect, it's clear that you lack a considerable amount of knowledge about the Civic RS. The Civic RS has a AUTO REMOTE START (you can start your car and cool the cabin by simply pressing a button in the keyless remote), a less complicated fuel saving system ECON mode, better Navigation system, better NVH levels, better mod potential, lots of OEM and aftermarket parts outside the casa and most importantly, an outstanding PASSIVE safety system 6 stage airbags (10 pcs all in all: dual front, front side curtain, front side airbags, rear passenger side airbag and a rear curtain airbag - located in the C Pillar), etc etc..

      Airbags helps in saving lives!

    27. P.S. No worries with regards to punctuation mistakes or occassional mispelled words. Not a big deal for me.

    28. It is more spacious, a Honda trademark. Econ mode only reminds you to have a lighter foot on the accelerator, and yes Mazda's navigation sucks but almost everyone uses waze nowadays. About long term maintenance, they probably have the same cost, but Honda will have an advantage in parts.

      I agree that safety is important and I give plus marks to Honda for that if they really have 10 airbags which I really find hard to believe. Can you give me a definite proof of that 6 stage 10 airbags? An official link or whatsoever for enlightenment.

      Yes, Mazda's technological features might be a headache in the future but I will enjoy them to the fullest rather than worrying. At least Mazda have those features and technology whereas Honda does not. The auto remote start is a useful function especially for the hot climate we have here but it can be also installed in the Mazda 3, as same as Android auto in the playstore with some tweaking.

      I'm satisfied with Mazda's NVH level, at first I was expecting more noise but I was pleasantly surprised that it was silent, way more silent than Toyota's offerings. Mazda also have aftermarket mods available, but not as numerous as Honda. But who needs so much mod anyway? As if you would flood your expensive new Civic RS with mods that will void the warranty.

      But what about the Bose Sound System, front parking sensors, blind spot monitoring system, GVC, etc? The Civic's headlights are also reportedly has poor night time visibility despite the complex design and if you're worrying that the technology present in the Mazda are potential headaches in the future, how more of the turbo setup in the Civic RS? I think that will be the bigger headache in the future in terms of maintenance cost.

    29. Re ECON mode, it alters the throttle system restricting the aircon from being set at full blast, the acceleration will be slightly restricted as well to be able to save fuel. This is without a doubt a much less complex set up than the istop/i-eloop design, which is a potential maintenance headache in the long run that will consume a lot of batteries too.

      Honda has a cheaper long term maintenance than the Mazda. Mazda's long term maintenance is already comparable to Subaru. More of when the istop/i-eloop bogs down.

      You can check the official IG account of Honda Philippines, there was a post last December 7, 2016 of the City VX+ Navi being shown with 10 airbags. But you really have to check it out PERSONALLY if you want solid proof. There's a curtain airbag in the C PILLAR for the Civic RS and City VX+ Navi while the Mazda 3 doesn't have it.

      There's what we call performance mods (warranty voiding) and accessories mods. Honda has loads of accessories (useful and non-useful) while Mazda has limited ones.

      The Civic as reported by users has poor night time visibility but again, it can be resolved in the aftermarket, similar to other features like Bose sound system. The Civic and Mazda 3 both has inherent qualities, both of them may lack some features here and there but some of if can be solved in the aftermarket.

      No, a turbo charged gasoline vehicle is not a maintenance headache unlike those turbo charged diesel vehicles. A turbocharged gasoline vehicle doesn't have as much soot and carbons as compared to diesel ones wherein they need more frequent maintenance.

    30. So you mean you will just restrict the performance of your car with that eco mode? So you buy a turbocharged vehicle or the vehicle with the best in class power then just restrict the performance? lol. Due to the ever strict emissions standards in Europe and the US, car manufacturers are resorting to start/stop systems, soon Honda and other manufacturers will follow.

      Subaru is still slightly more expensive to maintain than Mazda, with Mazda's free 3 years PMS, in my case 5 years. About those tech systems, they wouldn't release it if it would become a headache, they thoroughly tested it before releasing it into the public.

      I personally inquired in a Honda dealership and the agent there told me that the City VX+ only has 6 airbags, I really don't know what you are saying with the 10 airbags. Maybe you just misunderstood it. Curtain airbags are supposed to cover the rear passengers from the b pillar to the c pillar.

      Mods are now becoming universal, and what can be installed on the Civic can also be installed in a Mazda 3. Seen a lot of modded Mazda 3's both locally and in other parts of the world.

      You would have to spend a significant amount of money for headlights that match the quality and visibility present in the Mazda 3. Cheap ones aren't good and are blinding to other drivers. The Bose sound system in the Mazda 3 is factory installed and you cannot install it in the aftermarket because it uses special wires as Sir Uly stated in the Mazda 3 Speed Review comments. And if you would purchase an aftermarket Bose sound system in your Civic, it would cost you at least 50k php further driving up the price of the already overpriced Civic.

      I agree that gasoline engines are less of a maintenance headache compared to diesel engines however, it is still a turbocharged engine. It is more prone to breakdowns than a naturally aspirated engine. The potential headaches in the Mazda 3 would be minor compared to the potential breakdown of the Civic's turbocharged engine.

    31. ECON mode is used in bumper to bumper heavy traffic, it's a much less complex fuel saving system than the istop. Of course when the road frees up, you turn off the ECON mode then you can enjoy the best in its class performance.

      The airbag configurations of the Civic RS and City VX+ Navi are: dual front, dual front side, dual front curtain (A pillar), rear passenger side and rear curtain (C pillar). The configuration you're talking about is what you see in your beloved Mazda 3. LOL! Time and again, i've told you over and over about this. I even gave you a link in Honda cars IG account, just to have an idea. You really have to see it PERSONALLY to be able to see the "airbag" logo located in the C pillar of the Civic RS and City VX+

      I agree that mods are becoming universal but you have to know that the Civic has more options that are available and most importantly, easier to modify according to your liking.

      Re Bose sound system. The stock sound system of the Civic is good enough but you can get a cheap and good quality upgrade if you know where to get it. Admittedly, this is a plus 1 for Mazda with this one but this is not a deal breaker for Civic RS buyers.

      A turbocharged Civic is a lesser headache in terms of long term maintenance most especially if you know what to do as compared to a Mazda 3 with a istop/i-eloop system, frequent and expensive battery changes, potential sunroof leaking after more or less 5 years or so, expensive and difficult to find Piezo sparkplugs, etc..

    32. Civic RS for me is the better and more practical choice. There are inherent qualities in a car that you can't upgrade in the aftermarket: the likes of spacious interior space, class leading passive safety features, comfortable ride, low NVH levels, easier to find parts, cheaper maintenance and higher resale value.

      These are the first things a buyer will look into when buying a car aside from price, looks, power, fuel efficiency and ground clearance.

      Those toys in the Mazda 3 are nice to have, i personally like it actually but those are just secondary qualities that are NOT DEAL BREAKERS. Honda engineers focused on the basics, the main reason why they're enjoying thousands and thousands of sales worldwide.

    33. Wow! I haven't checked in here for few days since life got in the way and this is still raging on! This obviously is your day job Mr. Anonymous Blogger and you've found a new playmate to spew more pro-Honda propaganda of yours. Bosses really turning on the screw huh?

    34. The people who argue like these guys fail on every aspect in life. Get a job losers!

    35. So you made the tech features of Mazda into negatives, bravo I'm so proud of you. You'll definitely get that RS Turbo by the end of the year. Do you think they did not test the long term use of those said features? BMW and the other German manufacturers had those technology on their cars more than a decade ago and it works fine up to now with proper maintenance.

      Do you think the Mazda 3 is not comfortable? I've been sitting in the driver's seat several hours a day and I didn't feel even a bit tired. It is very quiet in the interior as well, no complaints. Easier to find parts? The Civic RS has just been introduced and the current generation Mazda 3 has been around for 3 years, there's no problem with the lack of parts. The cheap Amaron battery suffices for the Mazda 3's system, there's no problem whatsoever. Cheaper maintenance? The Mazda 3 has 5 years free PMS and the Civic is more expensive in SRP so the Mazda 3 still wins in the maintenance department. 5 years is a long period of time btw. Yes, the Civic has a higher resale value due to the hordes of Honda fanboys here in the Philippines.

    36. Mazda Fanboy. I can't stop laughing at you, you even made BMW as an example. Do you even know the headache BMW owners experience most especially those who own diesel models? You just exposed yourself as an automotive newbie! LMAO!

      Civic > Mazda 3 all day any day. You can eat its dust too!

  2. Whats more fuel efficient, the rs turbo or the 1.8e?

  3. I wonder if it's possible to upgrade the 2016 RS models with these featues (for a fee of course). I'm really interested, as I have one.

    1. The power mirrors, likely but that means replacing both side mirrors and even your power window switch panel to accommodate the new control.

      As for the speed-sensing door locks, quoting my own previous article:

      "That being said, there is an aftermarket solution available which requiring plugging into the car’s OBD port to turn on features like the speed sensing door locks. Though this has become a popular solution to tenth-generation Civic owners, Honda Cars Philippines cautions against the use of such means."

      Yes, you can. But your warranty may be void.

    2. Thanks for your response, Mr. Ang! Greatly appreciated!

      Replacing the mirrors and driver's door panel should be fine. I'm ok with spending to get power folding mirrors.

      I wonder if Honda would just be able (and willing) to enable the speed-sensing locks via a firmware update.

      Unrelated: it's really difficult to change the RS' audio setup since the head unit is not replaceable. I'm stuck with upgrading the system with aftermarket speakers along with amplifiers.

    3. Well, better to ask your dealer first if the appropriate wiring is there. I'm presuming the wire harness is the same for both models. I don't know though if there's an issue with the fuse and all. Best to check with your dealer.

      As for the speed-sensing door locks, HCPI said that dealers won't do it. Perhaps there's a specialty shop who can do it for you? Check with other 10th-gen Civic owners. I'm sure there will be people willing to help.

    4. Will do, and will ask my dealer/service tech, too! I'm due next week for some accessory installation so I'll be at the casa. I'll share any feedback here. Thank you again, Mr. Ang! :)

  4. Seriously? These features really aren't things that you should lose sleep over. Is is really that hard to press a button to lock your doors or walk around your car to fold the mirrors (you also get a free body inspection along the way)?

  5. Actually, the speed sensing door locks has a standard in other brands such as the Kia Rio,as well as the power folding side mirrors,
    So what's new about it?
    Anyways, it just add the price on the new Civic,

  6. Clearly overpriced.

  7. Yawn. Those features should have been standard in the first place. All its competitors offer it standard for mid and top variant, heck even some subcompacts offer it as standard equipment.

  8. Annoying that everything is automatic except for these added ones and that they only thought about to add it now :/

  9. I have speed sensing door locks in my 2006 Hyundai Sta Fe. You can turn it on and off too but need programming at the casa. When it is a Honda it is always sensationalized.

    1. Due to the hordes of Honda fanboys

  10. built-in dash cam please!

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