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April 3, 2017

Chevrolet Launches Complete Care Program

The Covenant Car Company, Inc. or better known as Chevrolet Philippines not only launched the all-new Spark at the Manila International Auto Show, but they also kicked off its Chevrolet Complete Care Program.

Chevrolet Complete Care is an after-sales program that incorporates a comprehensive set of owner benefits and privileges that promises excellent service and after-sales support from the moment you purchase a Chevrolet vehicle.  It encompasses everything from staff training, to culture building, to awards recognizing those within our organization that truly live and breathe the “I Care” philosophy.

The Chevrolet Complete Care continues to gain tremendous momentum across Southeast Asia and the globe, and has received ongoing positive feedback from Chevrolet customers across the region in the way the brand is now taking care of their customers. The after-sales program boasts of a comprehensive suite of services that aim to give owners total peace of mind.

Chevrolet owners can enjoy their Chevy worry-free and hassle-free for a longer period of time with the Chevrolet 5-Year Extended Warranty Program. The warranty program covers new Chevrolet vehicles for five years or 100,000 kilometers, whichever comes first. Meanwhile, the Chevrolet Trailblazer and Colorado comes with a special 3-year plus 2-year extended warranty for the Power Train or 100,000 kilometers, whichever comes first.

Aside from the extended warranty, Chevrolet offers the security and convenience of its 24/7 Chevrolet Roadside Assistance. New Chevrolet vehicles are automatically enrolled in this service for 3 years.

By simply dialing 846-2438 (CHEV), clients can benefit from three specific kinds of assistance when faced with emergencies – Vehicle Support such as battery boost, fuel delivery, and tire change, Personal Assistance and 24/7 Info Service.

And with Complete Care, Chevrolet provides continuous support to its customers whenever needed. With the 24/7 Customer Care Assistance, Chevy owners can count on helpful Customer Care Advisors to answer inquiries about Chevrolet vehicles, services and promotions.

Also striving to provide excellent service at the best time possible, The Chevy Non-Stop Service guarantees one-hour service for 10,000-km, 20,000-km, and 30,000-km Preventive Maintenance Service or PMS.

The Chevrolet Philippines after sales team is always ready to provide customers with assistance. Select Chevrolet service centers are open throughout the day, with no noon break, to ensure that the vehicle will be ready at the soonest possible time for the customer.

Finally, maintenance of Chevrolet vehicles is convenient and hassle-free with longer PMS intervals which ups it to every 6 months (from the current 4 months) or 10,000 kilometers whichever comes first.


  1. Cut the crap Chevrolet Philippines, until you honor the TCM issue don't stir any gimmicks like this.. YOU DON'T CARE ABOUT YOUR CUSTOMERS. 1-hour PMS? let's see how far you can hype that s***. With an appointment to do an oil change and filter replacement takes half a day! And when something happens, we're quoted with parts costing 200-300% more than the competition.
    Chevy No More.

  2. "Chevrolet Complete Care is an after-sales program........It encompasses everything from staff training, to culture building, to awards recognizing those within our organization that truly live and breathe the “I Care” philosophy." >>> Talaga lang ah? anung petsa na, ilang taon na kayo dito? ngayon niyo lang narealize yan? so utang pa ng loob namin ngayon??

  3. tang ina sino ba niloloko nitong chevy?
    ang ganda pakinggan pero walang kwentang after sales, napaka rude pa ng mga empleyado sa service center. change oil ng colorado costs 12k, samantala sa local shell station 4k lng nabayaran ko, fully synthetic at oil filter kasama na.

  4. Lol at people lashing out at Chevy PH. Do your research before buying instead of complaining. Naloko lang kayo sa marketing campaigns at sa low down payment.

  5. Dapat on time na dumadating na ung mga Genuine Parts ng Chevy para hindi na problemado ung mga Chevy Owners dito sa pilipinas.

    Fully Synthetic talaga ang pangkaraniwan na ginagamit sa Chevy Vehicles. Very Satisfied ako dun sa Aftersales ng Chevy.

    Pero ung mga Genuine Parts ng Chevy, Japan Made pa kaya sulit na ang Chevrolet Vehicle mo.

    Kaya Thumbs Up ako dun sa Chevy, Maasahan ko yan!

  6. trailblazer owner here. so far no major issues sa tb namin but for other owners, may mga issues na worrisome. good brand good performance but after sales suck big time!!!

    1. yep buti nlng isuzu pinanggalingan ng makina ng TB, kundi baka natulad rin kami sa pinsan namin na tinadtad ng sakit ng ulo ng orlando nila, jahit anong selan sa alaga papalya parin..

    2. Actually engine ng Colorado at Trailblazer hindi galing sa Isuzu. It's a Chevrolet specific engine.

    3. thanks Uly, akala ko isuzu designed kasi pareho silang maingay and clattery haha..

    4. Actually the first generation Duramax fitted in older Trailblazer and Colorado models were even noisier than Isuzu's engines.

  7. It's more of the managing group here in Philippines is the problem, in terms of vehicle quality Chevrolet is more of a hit or miss kind of player, reliability of a particular model depends on whom it copied from (partnered or licensed with).. the Optra was horrible knowing Chev copied & pasted much of the inner works from daewoo without due engineering review, hence components breakdown prematurely. Likewise it is obvious that they lack stringent quality standards on their parts supplier as well, not to mention how they manage the pricing.
    All this while people thought the era of old sickly chevy vehicles were over since they were bailed out by the US gov't and had been granted funds to finance their R&D to design and produce better cars. But sadly chevy didn't learn (well at least for the vehicles their selling in asia), couple of their models have very poor reliability (cruze, orlando, spark, etc.) and still operating on the copy-paste-repackage-sell concept.. we all know where those models were based, what's worse is the local managing group isn't responsible enough to concede recalls and TSBs related to them but instead took advantage of its customers and sell them parts that are obnoxiously priced and screw them further with poor service. Good lord, for those who are happy, stay happy. But for those who got burned, learn from it and never be enticed by marketing schemes or flashy looks of new models anymore regardless of how new or latest the technology they're trying to hype.

  8. I'm not convince on this one, Chevy after sale is worst than any Korea car dealership.

  9. Nagpaservice ako sa Chevy Tarlac nung February. Nagpainstall ako sa Casa ng Khaos Fuel Saver. mas mabuti kana magpainstall sa Casa dahil very professional ang mga mekaniko sa Casa. Super Tipid ang konsumo sa Trailblazer ko dahil 250PS & 640NM with Khaos Fuel Saver and DTP Chip; 232PS & 610NM with DTP Chip; 200PS and 500NM Stock Engine. Nung i test run ko sa SCTEX and TPLEX umabot sa 185 km/h. Dahil Malakas ang Hatak ng Trailblazer. Best in Class ang Makina. The only recommended fuel for Trailblazer is Shell V-Power Diesel and Petrol Turbo Diesel dahil malakas ang performance ng diesel engine. 285/60R18 Tires ang gamit ko. kaya The Best ang Trailblazer. :)

  10. Bakit ang Chevy pasig nagpapalit ng parts kahit hindi pa kailangan and pag mahal ang parts na dapat papalitan sasabihin hindi covered ng warranty. (Ilang months na pabalik balik sa kanila ang sasakyan at na tetengga ng twice na tag isang buwan sakanila pero hindi pa rin nila masulusyanan ang problema)
    Ang customer relations officer nila hindi sumasagot sa email then malalaman mo nalang nag resign na pala.
    Hayyyyy nakaka sama ng loob.

  11. I agree with those who commented about the bad after-sales service of Chevrolet dealers. I also experienced the less than professional acts of their staff, how they deal with customers (from my point of view, bordering on rudeness and lack of care for customers, unlike the dealers of other brands which I dealt with before), not to mention the exorbitant prices of parts and service. Another bad experience I had with a Chevy service center (Pasong Tamo Extension) was when I brought my Orlando for service. After waiting for weeks for the parts to arrive, I finally got my unit but to my great dismay, I found out that there's a big dent at the back which was not there before I brought it for service. When I complained about it, the dealership did not want to own up to what happened to my unit. Considering that the unit was in the service center for several weeks, there can be no other conclusion that it happened while my unit was in their custody. Overall, I'm not satisfied with both the unit and after-sales service of Chevrolet Philippines. Chevrolet Philippines should require all their dealers to shape up before their customers move to other brands. For sure, my next car will not be a Chevy anymore.

  12. Sobra presyu nila sa service and parts and bad aftersales service di tulad sa ibang bansa service nila maganda and presyu ng parts tama lang dito sa pinas harapharapan na nakaw sayu ang presyu


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