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March 7, 2012

A One-on-One with HARI President Ms. Fe Perez-Agudo

Photo courtesy of Hyundai Press
*EDITOR'S NOTE: The following piece was originally published in The Philippine Star where this blog's author is a weekly contributor and columnist.

The success of the Hyundai Accent, Elantra and Tucson is just the tip of the iceberg for Hyundai Asia Resources, Inc. (HARI), the country’s official distributor of Hyundai automobiles and trucks. In fact, whether you’re looking for a tiny city car or an all-out sports car, Hyundai has your bases covered. However, beyond the world-beating products, HARI is focusing to deliver the entire customer experience.

The Philippine Star recently sat down with Ms. Fe Perez-Agudo to ask about the unique opportunities and challenges that face Hyundai including its response to customers affected by Tropical Storm Sendong as well as plans for its One Hyundai Club (OHC).

PS:      2011 has been a banner year for Hyundai Asia Resources, Inc. To which do you attribute this growth?

FPA:   2011 marked HARI’s 10th year as the official distributor of Hyundai cars in the Philippines. It was truly a momentous year for HARI, defined by milestone achievements, such as the Hyundai Global Distributor of the Year Award for 2010 from Hyundai Motor Company and the 2011 Ernst and Young Woman Entrepreneur of the Year title awarded to HARI’s President and CEO, Ms. Fe Perez-Agudo. The year saw HARI strengthen Hyundai’s footing in the automotive industry with its inauguration of 4 new dealerships, growing its dealer network to 37 dealerships. HARI likewise successfully launched the all-new Elantra, strengthening its promise to offer more Hyundai automobiles that would fit the customers’ motoring lifestyle, and firming up Hyundai’s stance as one of the leading automotive brands in the country today.         

Beyond motoring, HARI also solidified its presence as a strong partner in sustainability and nation building, as it advanced its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programs via HARI Foundation, which gave rise to bold and phenomenal campaigns that were able to resonate its many societal transformation advocacies at various fronts, like the Hyundai RUN (Responsibility, Unity, Nation Building) for a Cause, the first automotive-sponsored marathon, where more than 24,000 runners participated in—for free; Hyundai’s Happy Move Global Youth Volunteers program; reforestation initiatives through the Haribon Foundation; community and build activities through Gawad Kalinga and Habitat for Humanity; and restoration efforts for Rizal Park in partnership with the National Parks Development Committee to name a few. 

PS:      What do you think attracts people to visit a HARI dealership?

FPA:   By institutionalizing Hyundai Motor Company’s Modern Premium philosophy and translating Hyundai’s aim to become the most beloved brand, HARI has established a seamless customer experience of a premium motoring lifestyle that every Hyundai customer deserves. This is defined by the simple, caring, and creative ways that HARI enriches the customer in virtually every aspect of the customer journey. From the moment the customers step through the dealership doors, to the moment they are handed the keys of their new Hyundai car and enjoy their journey with Hyundai, they are offered a rare privilege, with HARI’s wide range of lifestyle vehicles, its signature Best C.A.R.E. (Cordial, Accurate, Reliable, and Efficient and speedy) Services, and HARI’s warm and friendly associates at the dealerships that make you feel like you’re part of a family, of Hyundai’s community of motorists.    

PS:      I’ve begun to notice that dealerships have undergone a facelift/change in 2011. Can you specify what has changed with Hyundai in the past year?

FPA:   Keeping to its upward momentum and strengthening its commitment to total customer satisfaction, HARI advanced the build and brawn of its dealer network with its implementation of Phase 2 of Hyundai’s Dealer Enhancement Program (DEP). Aiming for a definitive Hyundai brand signature, HARI has invigorated the look of all its showroom facilities by employing new Hyundai design elements, beginning with a bolder pylon, boasting of an elegant rendition of the Hyundai insignia, elevating dealership prestige and visibility at every strategic location. Significant build refinements include several conveniences for the customer, such as a more spacious parking area, sophisticated and modern customer lounges, a breathtaking showroom display of the latest Hyundai cars, and an impressive showcase of Genuine Hyundai parts and accessories.
            With the same zeal for improving the look of its showrooms, HARI also firmed up its dealer network by bringing total customer satisfaction and top Hyundai quality at the forefront of its operations. Enter HARI’s Jet Service, the next level of Hyundai’s Best C.A.R.E. (Cordial, Accurate, Reliable, and Efficient and speedy) services, now geared at innovating Hyundai’s quality after-sales operations. Jet Service is an exclusive program of HARI that emphasizes the value of giving customers the right service at a timely and speedy pace by making major processes in after-sales, such as receiving of job, actual repair, and delivery of unit to customer, simplified, organized, and time-bound for optimized efficiency and productivity. For effective diagnosing and repair of vehicles, HARI’s Jet Service is also supported by cutting-edge equipment and a wide selection of Genuine Hyundai Parts and Accessories to ensure that vehicles are fitted with original quality parts, as well as expert handling by Hyundai’s certified technicians. HARI likewise adopts a wider, more modern service bay layout to better manage incoming and outgoing vehicles.  With HARI’s Jet Service, the customer is advantaged to faster diagnosing and repair of vehicles and better customer support to ensure quality Hyundai after-sales brand experience.

PS:      Tropical Storm Sendong has hit Mindanao really hard. How has Hyundai responded to the need of its customers in the area?

FPA:   Similar to HARI’s response during the Ondoy calamity, HARI launched in the affected Mindanao region the disaster relief operation called Hyundai SAGIP Center, a special car assistance and repair/restoration program for Hyundai car owners whose vehicles have been damaged by floods and typhoons. HARI’s Service, Parts, and Car and Life teams together with the local dealership offered free towing services, prioritizing Hyundai owners in the area. HARI also offered special discounts on various parts needed to restore the flood-damaged Hyundai vehicles.
            Furthermore, the HARI staff and dealers were also able to reach out through financial assistance and donations in-kind through the HARI Foundation with our CSR partners such as Gawad Kalinga.

PS:      Can you tell us what plans does Hyundai have for the upcoming year? Are we expecting any more exciting products?

FPA:   As HARI continues its journey from its inaugural decade to the next, 2012 will mark a new era of new product and service innovation as it continues to strive to become the customer’s trusted lifetime partner in mobility and beyond. HARI is set to launch more lifestyle vehicles to serve an even wider market. HARI will also extend the reach of the Hyundai brand through social and national advocacies. 

PS:      Are there any existing or special promos that new and loyal customers can expect from HARI?

FPA:   Through the One Hyundai Club, HARI launched its ultimate lifestyle event of the year—the One Hyundai Club Life in Style last January 14 at the Glorietta Activity Center. Celebrating the “Modern Premium” lifestyle, this event is HARI’s way of showing continuous support to its growing number of customers through the One Hyundai Club (OHC).  On this day, Hyundai car owners and guests were invited to a whole day of premium lifestyle experiences. Admission was free and the event was highlighted by the launch of 2012 One Hyundai Club Life In Style Journal with inspiring reads written by renowned journalists and editors, activities prepared for all OHC members throughout 2012, and promos and freebies offered by a selection of best-in-class Hyundai partner merchants. Major prizes were also given away such as a special edition i10 in Hyundai Blue and a trip for two to South Korea.

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