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July 13, 2012

Mitsubishi Motor Philippines Unveils Lancer EX 1.6

Photo courtesy of Mitsubishi Press
Mitsubishi Motors Philippines Corp. (MMPC) gives more reason to love the Lancer EX with the introduction of the 1.6 liter variants and an upgraded 2-liter GT-A model.  The Lancer EX 1.6 liter will come in 3 variants: the base GLX with a 5-speed manual transmission or a 4-speed automatic and the top of the line MX with 4-speed automatic transmission.  The new Lancer EX with the all new 1.6 liter MIVEC engine will definitely appeal to buyers of both sub-compact and compact sedans who are looking for a good balance of power and fuel economy.  

Meanwhile, MMPC has also refreshed 2-liter GT-A as it is poised to offer still the best value for money in the compact sedan segment given its top of its class features.

Engine and Transmission

The Lancer EX now features an all-new 4A92 1.6 liter 16 Valve DOHC MIVEC (Mitsubishi Innovative Valve timing Electronic Control).  This exclusive Mitsubishi technology promises an optimal performance across the rev range by adjusting the timing of the intake camshaft.  Advancing or retarding the cam timing alters the distribution of power and torque throughout the useable rev range.  This technology stabilizes the combustion without compromising the fuel efficiency and emissions.

The 4A92 1.6 liter powerhouse uses a lightweight aluminum block for better power to weight ratio and efficiency.  Maximum power of the Lancer EX 1.6 MIVEC is 117 PS at 6,000rpm while maximum torque of 154 Nm is achieved at 4,000rpm.  The 1.6 liter MIVEC engine also delivers a remarkable fuel economy of up to 21 kilometers per liter (as measured by Mitsubishi Motors Corporation at constant 90kmh for the manual transmission variant).

Two types of transmission are available for the Lancer EX 1.6 MIVEC.  The MX and GLX AT will have the 4-speed INVECS II automatic transmission.  The 4-Speed INVECS II provides quiet and efficient automatic shifting eliminating the harshness and power lag of traditional gear changes.  It can also create an intelligent profile which can anticipate the driver’s move by monitoring the road and driving condition and observing the driving behavior.  For those who find the excitement and classic feel of a manual transmission, Mitsubishi will also be offering the GLX with 5-speed manual transmission.

Exterior Styling

The new Lancer EX 1.6 MIVEC boasts its jet fighter-inspired front grille with High Intensity Discharge (HID) Headlamps for the MX variant and Multi-Reflector Halogen Headlamps for the GLX variants. Dimension wise, the new Lancer EX is 4,570 mm long, 1,760 mm wide, and 1,505 mm tall.

Interior Styling and Entertainment

Once you step inside the Lancer EX one would easily notice the 3-Spoke Leather-Wrapped Steering Wheel with Silver Accent adding elegance to the sporty feel of the MX variant.  The Lancer EX also flaunts plush and roomier interior which can accommodate five (5) adults seated comfortably. Leg and headroom are increased making it more comfortable even during long travel. 

The Lancer EX 1.6 models will have a standard dealer option Multimedia Entertainment System which features DVD, MP3 playback, Tuner and iPod connectivity.   These functions can easily be controlled via an 8-inch touch screen monitor located at the center of the dashboard. For safe-driving the Lancer EX also features a Bluetooth Hands Free Connectivity which enables the occupants for a hands-free telephone conversation.   The top of the line 1.6 MX variant meanwhile features a Global Positioning Satellite (GPS) Navigation as an added feature to its Multimedia Entertainment System.  This navigation system can direct you to your selected destination visually, at the same time capable of providing other helpful information such as streets, major buildings and establishment names, speed limit of certain streets, and other point of interests.


The Lancer EX 1.6 MIVEC body structure is designed with Mitsubishi’s exclusive Reinforced Impact Safety Evolution (RISE). With the RISE body structure occupants are protected by employing the extensive front and rear crumple zones to absorb impact energy before it can be transferred to the cabin.  The cabin and doors are made of highly rigid frame and reinforced beams to redirect energy and damage around and away the occupants.

The Lancer EX 1.6 MIVEC is available in the following colors: Orion Black, Citadel Red, Dominic Silver, and Polar White. The Suggested Retail Price (SRP) for the Lancer EX MX is 930,000, P855,000 for the GLX AT and P825,000 for the GLX MT.

Lancer EX GTA 2.0

Meanwhile the 2.0-liter 16 Valve DOHC MIVEC (4B11) Lancer EX GTA also gets an upgrade with its new design 18” alloy wheels giving it an even sportier appeal. 

The Lancer EX GTA CVT is available in Orion Black, Citadel Red, Dominic Silver, Polar White and Kinetic Blue which is an exclusive color for the GTA variant only. This 2.0 liter variant is priced at P1,295,000.

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