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February 2, 2013

Toyota Preview 86 Convertible for Geneva Debut

Toyota has confirmed its lineup for the 2013 Geneva Motor Show and although the all-new RAV4 is there and so is the new Auris Touring Sports (future Corolla?), the biggest headline is the world premiere of the 86 convertible.

Still carrying the concept moniker, the 86 convertible (properly referred to as "FT-86 Open Concept") is a sneak peek at a "possible future variant" of the 86 (Toyota's own words). Of course, everyone knows that the 86 and its corporate twin, the Subaru BRZ is designed to maintain its structural rigidity even with its roof lopped off, so mostly likely the "concept car" we'll see in Geneva is nothing more than a thinly disguised version.

Right now, enjoy the official sketch provided by Toyota Motors Europe, but we'll be covering the 2013 Geneva Motor Show during the first week of March.

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