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September 6, 2013

UPDATED: 2014 Honda Jazz / Fit: This Is It (New Info, Photos)

Honda has revealed a couple of photos of its all-new Jazz (known as the Fit in Japan) a few weeks after a magazine leaked out some photos. And from the photos, we like what we're seeing. It sports Honda's new "Exciting H Design!!!" design language, which the brand's attempt to inject more style into their products after some pretty lackluster effort of late.

The all-new Jazz features much more angular lines and creases to make it much more aggressive even compared to the current model. It also sports a slightly longer wheelbase with the other dimensions remaining roughly the same. Inside, the Jazz features upscale looking instrumentation as well as a three-spoke steering wheel that looks shared with the Civic/CR-V.

US-based Motor Trend magazine was able to drive the all-new Jazz at Honda's proving ground in Hokkaido and from there, they've revealed that the Jazz will receive an all-new engine range which includes a 1.3-liter gasoline, 1.5-liter gasoline, and a new 1.5-liter gasoline-electric hybrid. The highest variant is the new 1.5-liter IMA gasoline-electric hybrid that generates 135 horsepower and an astounding 36 km/L fuel economy figure. The Jazz hybrid can travel up to 30 km/h in pure electric mode. This model is fitted with a new 7-speed dual clutch transmission.

Meanwhile, the 1.3-liter gasoline engine now features an Atkinson cycle and generates 98 horsepower as a result. This engine is mated to a CVT transmission. Lastly, the sporty RS variant gets its 1.5-liter engine "high-revving engine" mated to a six-speed manual with short throws.

The all-new Honda Jazz should enter the Philippine market sometime next year. Expect a reveal at the 2014 Bangkok Motor Show next year.

UPDATE: Honda Motor Co. Ltd., has released the all-new Fit / Jazz in Japan. And here is the official Press Release (including tidbits on the fuel economy).

Honda to Release All-New Fit and Fit Hybrid in Japan - All New Fit and Fit Hybrid Achieve Class-Leading Fuel Economy

TOKYO, Japan, September 5, 2013 - Honda Motor Co., Ltd. today announced it will launch the all-new Fit and Fit Hybrid on September 6, 2013. The first-generation Fit revolutionized the concept of the compact car. Now in its third generation, the Fit once again sets the global compact automobile benchmark. While retaining the design concept of the original model, the all-new Fit features a completely redesigned powertrain and body and offers a whole new level of interior comfort, fuel economy, styling and driving performance.

The Fit Hybrid features the new, simple, one-motor Sport Hybrid i-DCD hybrid system, which performs off-the-line starts in EV mode. By switching automatically among EV Drive, Hybrid Drive and Engine Drive based on driving conditions, this system delivers fuel economy of 36.4 km/L, the highest of any vehicle available in Japan, and high responsiveness throughout the rpm range.

The all-new 1.3 L gasoline-engine Fit features a newly designed engine that achieves class-leading fuel economy of 26.0 km/L, rivaling that of previous Honda hybrids, along with very high output. The all-new 1.5 L gasoline-engine Fit leverages Honda's proprietary direct injection technology to produce high output for powerful, exhilarating driving.

Honda has further refined the center tank layout, an innovative Honda packaging technology that helped make the original Fit such a revolutionary compact car. The latest refinement of this layout makes possible a significant reduction in vehicle weight and an incredibly roomy interior that greatly exceeds expectations for the compact class. This new packaging contributes to the fun driving people expect from a Honda, as well as to outstanding fuel economy.

First introduced in June 2001, the Fit series has passed the two million units sold milestone in Japan. The Fit is manufactured in 10 locations in eight countries and territories, including Japan. A favorite model around the world, the Fit is available in 123 countries and territories, and over 4.87 million units have been sold to date.

Key Features of the Fit and Fit Hybrid

Honda's new design concept: "EXCITING H DESIGN!!!"
  • The new crossfade monoform exterior styling represents a dynamic evolution of traditional Fit design elements. Advanced in every way, it is the perfect look for the world's benchmark compact automobile.
  • As spacious and comfortable as ever, the sophisticated, futuristic cockpit takes refinement and ease of driving to the next level. The cockpit's controls are concentrated for driver convenience, the front passenger area is open and roomy, and the rear seats are highly comfortable for long drives. Every area of the interior is enhanced in both functionality and value.
  • For fun, comfortable driving, the cockpit's advanced interface gives the driver intuitive control and instant access to important information.
Earth Dreams Technology powertrains—completely new to the Fit series 13G
  • Thanks to the newly designed 1.3 L Atkinson cycle DOHC i-VTEC engine and the newly designed lightweight, compact, wide-range CVT, this model offers class-leading fuel economy of 26.0 km/L.
  • 15X and RS - The newly designed 1.5 L direct injection DOHC i-VTEC engine offers maximum output that is approximately 10 percent higher than that of the previous model. The result is powerful driving with a refined feel.
  • Hybrid - In combination, the 1.5 L Atkinson cycle DOHC i-VTEC engine; 7-speed DCT (Dual Clutch Transmission) with internal high-output motor; and IPU (Intelligent Power Unit) with internal lithium-ion battery deliver fuel economy of 36.4 km/L, the highest in Japan for a hybrid vehicle.
  • The electric servo braking system increases regeneration efficiency, while the fully electric compressor reduces engine load. These and other advanced technologies help the new hybrid system offer more than 35 percent higher fuel economy than Honda's previous IMA hybrid system.
  • Based on driving conditions, the hybrid system can automatically link and unlink the motor and gasoline engine, switching among three different drive modes: EV Drive uses the motor only, Hybrid Drive uses the motor and gasoline engine, and Engine Drive uses the gasoline engine only.
Newly developed platform
  • In the first-generation Fit, Honda's original center tank layout helped revolutionize the compact automobile. Maximizing the benefits of this layout, the all-new platform made it possible to design interior space and overall packaging more freely and flexibly than ever before.
  • Aiming for high fuel economy and exhilarating driving at the highest level, Honda has fully updated its manufacturing and analytical methods for the Fit series, resulting in a platform design that is even more lightweight and rigid.
  • The surface area of sound-absorbing and -proofing materials is increased, helping produce exceptional quietness typically found in a mid-size automobile. This enhancement also greatly reduces the noise generated by irregular road surfaces.
  • The roofline, front pillars, rear combination lamps and underbody have been designed for enhanced airflow, reduced drag and overall superior aerodynamic performance.
Newly designed chassis for fun driving in the Honda tradition
  • The newly designed suspension offers smooth, stable vehicle posture and delay-free roll during turning. The result is a combination of stable steering, handling performance with a steady feel and a comfortable ride with minimized vibration.
  • In Fit Hybrid types, the electric servo braking system converts a much higher amount of kinetic energy into electricity during deceleration, contributing to outstanding fuel economy. In addition, this braking system is the world's first to offer variable servo ratio control, which makes possible a highly linear and steady braking feel.
Advanced safety technologies concentrated in a compact body
  • Featuring Honda's proprietary G-Force Control Technology (G-CON), the Advanced Compatibility Engineering™ (ACE™) body structure is a Honda-exclusive body design that enhances occupant protection and crash compatibility in frontal collisions. The Pedestrian Injury Mitigation Body is designed to mitigate pedestrian injuries in the event of a collision involving the front of the vehicle. These and other technologies contribute to the excellent passive safety of the all-new Fit.
  • Designed to assist the driver in preventing accidents, the active safety technologies of the all-new Fit include VSA (Vehicle Stability Assist), HSA (Hill-Start Assist) and the Emergency Stop Signal (ESS), which warns vehicles to the rear of a sudden stop.
  • Offering a range of enhanced safety features, the City-Brake Active system is available on certain Fit types. The newly developed City-Brake Active system is designed to help drivers avoid rear-end collisions and accidents during off-the-line starts. The system is accompanied by a side curtain airbag system and a front seat i-side airbag system with staged inflation.
Additional Sources: Motor Trend



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    1. So far, HARI has no plans to bring the Veloster Turbo here. It has to do with our fuel quality and the finicky nature of the GDi engine.

  2. No paddle shifters!!!!!!!! thats a deal breaker for me. Hopefully the Thai version has them.

    Uly, can you check please if this model (the 1.5) will come with Paddle shifters?

    1. RS has either manual or automatic with paddle shifter on japan market.

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    1. You never heard of the Renesis 1.3 230+HP engine I believe, nor even imagined naturally aspirated 1.5 V16 engines producing 480+HP?

      It's not about volume, it's about the design and the power-to-weight ratios.

      If we stuck to your comment that 1.5 are only for city drive then NLEX/SLEX would just be littered with SUV's, Pick ups and trucks.

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  8. "Real men drive a stick!" that sounds gay. i'd rather flip my fingers like i'm doing her with my fingers, than hold a stick like i'm holding a *ick. i'd rather have AT paddles and have an extra free hand for my girl, seriously. i have an an A/T manumatic Veloster Turbo, and I'm never ever buying another car without paddle shifters, and turbo. <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< THIS IS SOoooooooo Gaaaaaaaayyyyyy.

  9. Any idea with its price range? do you think that the 1.3 engine would be that too expensive just like the present price of jazz (PHP 752,000.00)?

  10. honda otis mentioned it will be released on last week of may :)

  11. 1.5 V MT 770K
    1.5 CVT 810K
    1.5 VX CVT 910K
    1.5 VX+ CVT 950K


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