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September 22, 2013

Honda Cars Philippines Rolls Out Rainy Day Promos

It’s the rainy season once again! Before driving off into wet roads, make sure your car is in proper condition and you’re driving safely on the road. Honda Cars Philippines, Inc. in its continuous adherence to safety for all its customers now offers promos that are designed to keep you and your vehicles safe during the rainy season.

Rain Safety Promos
  • FREE 15-point Safety Check-up.  A quick check-up, free of charge, will be offered to all Honda customers. This is the first step to safety as it will determine if your vehicle is fit for travel especially under heavy rains.
  • Glass Cleaning Service offered at reduced price of Php750 plus FREE Windshield Treatment.  In the expert hands of Honda Service personnel, your windshield will be freed of watermarks, grime and fine dirt that have stuck onto the glass. The windshield will be restored to its new state giving you remarkably enhanced visibility.  Plus a Windshield Treatment, a chemical coating that enables your windshield to virtually repel rain, aiding the wipers in giving you clear visibility, will be applied for FREE.
  • Tires and Battery Deals. If your tires are already worn out, now is the perfect time to replace them as Honda Service offers tires at discounted prices. And if you purchase two tires, you get Semi Synthetic Oil and Fully Synthetic oil for four tires for free. Purchase of a battery will entitle you to a free Regular Oil (all Free oils can be claimed during your next Preventive Maintenance visit to Honda Service)
  • Discounts on Safety Parts - To fully ensure that your car is rain-safe, Honda is offering discounts on key safety parts – brake pads and wiper blades. Avail of 25% discount on wiper blades and 10% on brake pads, available for all Honda models.
While we cannot stop the rain, Honda is here to help ensure that you and your car will be safe this rainy season. All these deals are available at all Honda Cars dealership and authorized service centers nationwide from September 16, to October 30, 2013 only. Drop by anytime and a friendly Service Advisor will be at hand to serve you.

1 comment:

  1. Sounds like it's really time to drop by at Honda Dealership for my FD. :)

    The free 15 point check up for your car is no joke if and when they thoroughly execute it even without you seeing them do it.

    That's why sometimes I'd rather go to my trusted auto mechanic for repairs and all because I see him do the job before my very own eyes.


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