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July 16, 2013

Audi PH Introduces Premium Lease & Amazing Premium Deals

Audi jump starts 2013 with new remarkable models. The launch of the all-new Audi A1 Sportback and Audi Q3 and product-improved models such as the Audi A4, A6 and Q5, greatly helped in improving Audi’s sales for 2013.

The positive market feedback drawn from its new models brought more hope for Audi. And it continues to ignite its plans of not slowing down as it introduces its latest two unparalleled and innovative ways of Audi ownership  – The Audi Premium Lease and Amazing Premium Deals.

Open for both individual and corporate customers, The Audi Premium Lease program is notable by its equitable and convenient features. It invites clients to drive their dream Audi vehicle with just a 10% guarantee deposit and a one-month cash advance rental fee. The best part is, the guarantee deposit is refundable after the lease term.

The low deposit serves to free up other funds to let customers allocate their savings to their other needs. It will already include low monthly fees and cover periodic maintenance services, comprehensive insurance and LTO registration during the lease term. The leasing acquisition scheme also saves customers from spending on the usual down payment and chattel mortgage fees.

At the end of every lease term, the customer has the option to return the car and use the deposit to begin a new lease term for another brand new Audi, or end the lease term and return the car.

The program allows customers to discover and explore the various benefits of owning an Audi with a more reasonable financing option that other loans don’t offer. Vehicle options are made more flexible to each customer’s driving style preference, as the program covers all Audi models except its upcoming models.

For its second thrilling ownership plan, Audi presents the most convenient way for its customers to own their first, second or third Audi. During the whole month of July, Audi introduces its Amazing Premium Deals to the market.  It opens the doors to old and new customers to drive home the Audi of their choice at a total cash out of Php 500,000. No more. No less.  It also welcomes customers to opt for a 20% down payment that can be availed up to 48 months with 0% interest.

Its simplicity of offering a more practical initial cash out makes it better and wiser than other offers in the market. The amazing deals were meticulously designed with affordable monthly payments for each Audi model, including comprehensive insurance, LTO and service warranty.

Lastly, both premium offerings include a 5-year service warranty and 5-year roadside assistance to assure its customers a worry-free driving experience. Only Audi offers these exceptional features in the industry. Customers are cordially invited to check-out these superb and one-of-a-kind premium offerings in all three Audi showrooms.  It’s the perfect time for all automotive enthusiasts to see how simple and reasonable it is to own a brand new Audi.

“We believe that this is the best time to grab and take advantage of our midyear premium offerings. Our Audi Premium Lease and Amazing Premium Deals will allow the utmost convenience for our clients. We are offering this out of sincere gratitude to all the generous support that we gained from the Filipino market.” says Audi Sales Director Miguelito Jose.

Certainly, Audi Philippines is on its way to accomplishing another successful year. They are inspired to continuously uncover what makes Audi the best premium brand in the world through their living motto “Vorsprung durch Technik” (Progress through technology).

For information visit any of the Audi showrooms in Greenhills, Alabang and Global City or contact +63-2-7270381 to 85.

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