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July 8, 2013

Michelin to Partner the NASCAR-WHELEN Euro-Series

Michelin has renewed its commitment to the NASCAR WHELEN Euro-Series (the new name for the former Euro-Racecar NASCAR Touring Series) as it develops across Europe.

Since its first involvement in this championship in 2009, the French tire firm has played a key role and will provide tires that deliver a high level of grip, durability and performance adapted to the conditions encountered in NASCAR racing. Michelin sees this as a long-term partnership, with the focus of all its players, from the drivers and organisers, to its partners, very much on the notion of reasoned motorsport. In addition to being a responsible form of racing, the NASCAR WHELEN Euro-Series is also exciting and entertaining for spectators.

A longstanding technical partnership

Since 2009, Michelin has provided this series, which originated in the United States, with a comprehensive technical partnership, including the supply of tires and bespoke support for the teams.

Two tires have been developed for the championship and its uncomplicated cars:
  • The Michelin S9C slick (33/70-15).
  • The Michelin P2E rain tyre (33/70-15). 
The most specific feature of these tires is their 16cm sidewalls, since the cars which compete in the NASCAR WHELEN Euro-Series are identical to their American counterparts. They are consequently particularly wide and that calls for a tall sidewall.

It should be remembered that these cars tip the scales at 1,200kg, are powered by engines of more than 400 horsepower and have uncomplicated mechanicals. They are not equipped with electronic aids, which puts additional emphasis on the role played by the tires which need to deliver both grip and longevity.

The NASCAR WHELEN Euro-Series visits conventional race tracks, as well as 600-meter long ovals with nine-degree banking (e.g. Tours, France). The tyres provided by Michelin consequently need to be versatile in order to provide the expected level of performance at all venues.

Technical regulations that favor responsible motorsport

In this championship, which has been imported from the USA, the technical regulations permit just one set of tires per meeting for a total of three hours’ track time, including practice, qualifying and the race itself.

The introduction of a maximum tire allocation per car is a measure which Michelin backs with a view to steering motorsport to a form of responsible racing that contributes to the mobility of tomorrow.

The principle of tire allocations means that fewer tires are used, which in turn means that fewer covers need to be made and transported, which is good for the environment and also good news for team budgets.

For a complete campaign, only 24 tires are required per car and driver, which equates to a total of 600 tires for the season.

A durable partnership

Michelin sees this partnership as a way to ensure the long-term future in Europe of the machinery seen in the American series. Ever since its initial involvement in the series in 2009, Michelin has worked closely with and evolved with the organizers of the NASCAR WHELEN Euro-Series. The question of tire costs, for example, is studied jointly in association with the organisers in order to meet the requirements of competitors and ensure that the series is affordable.

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