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July 1, 2013

Suzuki Swift Moves Hardcourt Hero Kiefer Ravena

On the court, Blue Eagle Kiefer Ravena nimbly maneuvers towards the basket to score victory for his team. This hardcourt hero known as “The Phenom” performs with grace under pressure and uses his smarts and a sense of sportsmanship as an ambassador of basketball.

He carries the same qualities even when off the court. When he is maneuvering on the road, he says he always keeps his cool. With level-headedness, it’s natural that he chose the Suzuki Swift as his ride on the Metro’s streets. “I trust the Suzuki brand because it has already proven a lot of things. I also did my research – I asked around other car owners my age and they had good reviews about it. They said that they are happy with their cars. The features of the Swift are comparable with other cars but the price is really affordable. I find the Suzuki Swift to be trendy, nice, and perfect especially for first-time car owners”, he shares.

He adds that he likes the compact features of his chosen car. “It is perfect for first-timers because it is not that big -- you don’t have to think about the cars around you on the road, unlike if you are driving a bigger car. You can do your thing without any hassles. It is also not too small that you’re not safe if you get into an accident.  Many people buy cars with long spaces between the front grills and the driver’s seat for safety. The more compact Swift still offers a good amount of safety because they developed a lot of features to ensure not only comfort, but also a sense of security inside the car.”

The Swift offers uncompromised safety with standard features such as seatbelts, airbags, and an anti-lock braking system, along with a high-mount stop lamp, side impact beams, an immobilizer, and a defogger.

The Swift’s size also helps this collegiate athlete with another dilemma. “Parking is a perennial problem not only in school, but also anywhere else in the city. Having a compact car like this will free me from worries since it is easier to maneuver unlike the bigger cars. At least, kahit paano, madadalian ako,” he grins. Parking is also the reason why he chose Ablaze Red Metallic as his car’s color. “It will be easier to spot inside the Ateneo—among the sea of blue cars in the parking areas,” he jokes.

The Suzuki Swift offers comfort that may not be found in other compact models. “It may be compact, and look small, but when you go inside, you discover that you have enough room. It can comfortably seat five average-sized persons, or in my case, three of my basketball friends, because they are too big!” he laughs. It also has more than enough trunk space to stow his personal gear. “What I would put in my trunk are my basketball gear – my change of clothes, and my shoes – basically anything I need to play basketball. Unlike other guys, I like to keep my car mess -free!” he reveals.

Kiefer turns a bit more serious when he talks about the need for fuel efficiency. “As someone who cares about the environment, it is one of my concerns in choosing a vehicle. I was glad to learn that it is more fuel efficient than other cars. Not only will it help save money on gas, I am confident that even if I drive often, I am still helping to save the planet.”

The trendy Suzuki Swift is power-packed with features that ensure an amazing and safe driving experience for this generation’s go-getters like Kiefer Ravena.  Check out the other features of the Suzuki Swift on or visit your nearest Suzuki car dealership today.

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  1. Wow... Just wow.. This is a rather lame endorsement. This screams paid advertisement. I was used to reading your articles having WAY higher standards than this. If he's endorsing shoes or other basketball gear, then no questions asked. This, however, I don't really see anything in what he does that would make him credible in having this kind of endorsement. I hope Suzuki would have a better choice of endorser than some matinee idol. Sure, he's good at the court. But that has nothing to do with motoring. Someone with more motoring cred. Case and point: Regarding fuel efficiency: It's all utterly baseless. He didn't even bother putting in mileage figures, not even a ball park figure. This kind of cheap endorsement makes the Swift appear cheap. It's a disservice. I bet even just one of you writers/editors would make a more credible and convincing endorser.


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