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October 8, 2013

Petron Blaze 100 Euro 4: Breaking Barriers in Fuel Technology

The introduction of Petron Blaze 100 Euro 4 marked another milestone in fuels technology in the country since it is still the first and only locally produced premium plus gasoline that meets all the parameters of the more stringent and environment-friendly Euro 4 standard.

Euro 4 is a globally accepted European emission standard for vehicles, which require fuel with significantly low amounts of sulfur (0.005% or 50 parts per million) and benzene (maximum of 1% by volume).   Petron Blaze 100 Euro 4 exceeds some fuel quality requirements of Euro 4 technology vehicles. For instance, its sulfur content is only around 35 parts per million. Currently, the Philippine standard for automotive gasoline allows up to 0.05% sulfur or 500 parts per million and up to 2% benzene.

A revolutionary fuel formulated to unleash the full potential of high performance vehicles, Petron Blaze 100 Euro 4 gives the following benefits:
  1. Powerful performance due to its high octane and exceptional engine cleaning capability.
  2. Efficient operations due to organic combustion enhancer and custom friction modifier.
  3. Enviro-clean because it meets European specifications for cleaner, more environment-friendly fuel.
With 100 RON, Petron Blaze 100 Euro 4 has excellent resistance to “engine knocking” which damages car engines. Engine knocking also results in uneven fuel burn and greater fuel consumption.

While Petron Blaze 100 Euro 4 is recommended for high-end, high-performance vehicles (e.g. Porsche, Lamborghini, McLaren, Audi, Maserati, etc.), other cars will get the same performance benefits because of its very high octane rating and performance enhancing additives.

At present, Petron Blaze 100 Euro 4 is available in 250 service stations nationwide.

“As the only Filipino oil refinery, we are committed to be at the forefront of formulating more environment-friendly and efficient fuels,” Petron Chairman and CEO Ramon S. Ang said.  “Petron Blaze 100 Euro 4 is proudly Philippine-made.”

Petron Blaze 100 Euro 4 is the latest variant of this premium gasoline brand. When Petron Blaze was launched several years back, it was a pioneer since it had the highest octane rating among all gasoline brands at the time. Reformulated in November 2010, Petron Blaze 100 was the first commercially available high-performance gasoline with a Research Octane Number (RON) of 100 ensuring improved fuel economy and engine power.

The company's new Euro 4 premium plus gasoline was launched nearly two-and-a-half-years ahead of the government mandate for this global fuel standard which is set to take effect by 2016.

Mr. Ang added that soon, all Petron gasoline and diesel variants will be fully compliant to the Euro 4 standard.  The company is investing around US$2 billion to upgrade its Bataan refinery. The major project, which is scheduled for completion in the 2nd half of 2014, will give Petron the distinction of being the only oil company capable of locally producing all its fuels that meet stricter global environment and quality standards.

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