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October 20, 2013

To-Die-For Deals on the Hyundai Tucson Until October 31

Hyundai Asia Resources, Inc. (HARI), in collaboration with FOX Philippines, gets zombie-fied, just in time for the premiere of Season 4 of the most watched and anticipated drama series on cable TV.

Hyundai’s close association with The Walking Dead has raised the global car brand’s level of cool. The kiwi green Hyundai Tucson has become a star in its own right as the getaway car of Rick Grimes’ band of survivors. Hyundai’s subsequent creation of The Walking Dead Chop Shop app fired the imagination of zombie-philes the world over to design their own zombie fighting machines.

This October, HARI treats the public to a month-long The Walking Dead-themed promotion, kicking off with the first-ever Filipino-made zombie survival car, a Tucson designed by Atoy Customs. Sightings of the zombie car have created huge buzz on popular social networking sites.

Said HARI President and CEO Ma. Fe Perez-Agudo, “Hyundai is globally recognized for its game-changing moves in the motoring world. We take pride in being closely identified with non-auto brands that exhibit that same fearless, edgy appeal. We expect Hyundai to broaden its platform for dialogue with the young energetic market, as exemplified by the massive global fan base of this phenomenal TV series. Of course, the Philippine market is a big part of that. We’ve been ‘bitten’! That’s why, inspired by the Chop Shop app that Hyundai created especially for fans, we had the Tucson re-imagined as a zombie fighting machine.”

In the spirit of this season of the Undead, Hyundai’s nationwide dealerships are getting zombie-fied and offer to-die-for deals on the iconic Tucson. No, the show’s kiwi green SUV is not up for grabs, but you can certainly experience the legendary power that made this Hyundai road warrior survive three seasons outrunning hordes of Walkers.

From October 19-31, you can own a brand-new Tucson for as low as P123,000.00. Drop by the zombie-fied Hyundai dealerships and themed mall displays during this period to view the legendary Tucson side-by-side its zombie-fied version. And avail of drop-dead financing deals, huge discounts, as well as surprise giveaways.

Watch out for announcements on the roving zombie-fied displays at the mall nearest you.

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