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November 7, 2013

Kia's Drive to 20 First Quarter Grand Winner Takes Home a Soul

It was a great day to be a Kia loyalist last October 17, 2013 as Columbian Autocar Corporation (CAC), exclusive distributor of Kia Motors in the Philippines, held a turnover ceremony for the Drive to 20 First Quarter Grand Winner of a brand new Kia Soul.

The Drive to 20 raffle draw is a year-long promotional effort from CAC as it celebrates 20 years in the automotive industry. From May to July, test-drive participants from various dealers nationwide had a chance to be one of the 20 monthly winners of a smart phone, the Samsung Galaxy Ace Duos. Kia buyers, on the other hand, qualified for the Grand Raffle of a Kia Soul- a crossover vehicle with unique design and premium feel.

CAC executives Ms. Ginia R. Domingo, President and Mr. Dodie D. Gañac, Vice President for Marketing, together with Mr. Augusto Camacho, President of Premier Autoteck, the company which owns Kia Ortigas and Kia Sucat, presented the Kia Soul to the lucky Kia buyer. Now a proud owner of a Kia Soul, Ms. Ma. Lourdes S. Imperial, a doctor and homemaker from Quezon City, was warmly welcomed to the turnover ceremony staged specially for her.


It was an eventful day as CAC executives and Kia Sucat gave the keys to the Black Cherry Kia Soul to a beaming Ms. Imperial. As it turns out, the Kia Soul will be Ms. Imperial and her family’s third Kia vehicle in only 2 years.

Starting with a Kia Picanto, Ms. Imperial recalls what brought about the first Kia purchase. “First of all, I was looking for a small car and among all the small cars before, the Kia Picanto was the best looking option.” She adds, “For the price, everything is beautiful- the interiors, specs and then sporty-looking, not corny at all.”

After a while, Ms. Imperial’s family decided to do away with their other 7-seater car and so they were on the hunt for a better replacement. As Ms. Imperial enumerates, her requirements were “spacious, 7-seater at least and fuel efficient.” Their search brought them to the All-New Kia Carens, launched only in May of this year. It was “perfect,” she raves! “Diesel, 7-seater, fuel-efficient and a Kia as well. I’m happy with my Picanto and so I said, Carens it is.” They sold their old car in 4 days and bought the Kia Carens which then qualified Ms. Imperial for the Drive to 20 Grand Raffle. And the rest, as they say, is history.


The Kia Drive to 20 is another proof of CAC and Kia’s commitment to its market. Speaking on behalf of CAC, Mr. Gañac relates that this kind of activity “continuously brings Kia closer to a growing following of upwardly-mobile, discerning market.” He adds, “We wanted to bring something experiential and memorable that both our loyal and potential Kia supporters can appreciate. The Kia Drive to 20 proved to be a welcome treat and seeing the level of support and enthusiasm we are getting from the dealers and more importantly, from customers who agree that Kia is the best value automotive brand today.”

Through these events, Kia and CAC truly strive to keep a good relationship with the people who matter- their customers. Ms. Imperial, Drive to 20’s First Quarter Grand Raffle winner summed it up well when she thanked Kia for “doubling our joy as Kia owners.” She happily shares, “I tell my friends, if they’re buying a car, why not consider Kia? It’s a good choice. No matter if they’re looking for an SUV, a small car or a spacious one, consider Kia because for us, we are happy with Kia.”

As the Kia Drive to 20 First Quarter raffle came to a close, CAC assures that the people can definitely expect more from the brand with the power to surprise. The Drive to 20 Second Quarter dubbed as the Kia Drive to 20 Goes to Australia kicked off last August and will soon draw the Grand Winner of a trip for two to Australia! Test-drive participants can also win one of 20 Samsung Galaxy Tabs, too. The Kia On Tour program highlighting Kia’s model line-up will culminate soon at the Auto Focus Motorshow and Expo on November 7, 2013, and finally in SM Lipa on November 14.

Kia really brought the brand closer to Ms. Imperial and now, she’s a happy and satisfied owner of 3 different Kia vehicles. Join CAC as they bring more activities geared towards bringing Kia closer to you. Visit the nearest Kia dealer and experience Kia for you and your family!

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