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November 7, 2013

Shell V-Power Nitro+ Helps Clean Engines for Better Performance

With the evolution of car engines today, Pilipinas Shell Petroleum Corporation (PSPC) provides Filipino motorists with their latest technological innovation by introducing Shell V-Power Nitro+ fuels. These are Shell V-Power Nitro+ Gasoline, Shell V-Power Nitro+ Racing and Shell V-Power Nitro+ Diesel. The fast-acting formula of Shell V-Power Nitro+ fuels are designed to restore and maintain engine performance through active engine protection.

Shell V-Power Nitro+ fuels are designed to help improve performance and deliver more power and responsiveness compared to Shell standard fuels. The fuels are designed to start acting the moment it hits your engine. “With the Shell V-Power Nitro+ gasoline and diesel fuels, we have built on the innovative and successful platform established by our best-selling Shell V-Power fuels and developed new formulations, designed to improve performance and to act instantly in your engine,” says Oying Yam, Vice President for Retail at Pilipinas Shell.

Shell V-Power Nitro+  is a product of Shell which is working to meet increasing energy demand and supply challenges by delivering smarter products and cleaner energy, smarter infrastructure, promoting smarter use, and by developing new energy sources while addressing the impact on the environment, through cleaner burning-natural gas and advanced fuels and lubricants technology.

Cleaner engines perform better

The advanced formulation of Shell V-Power Nitro+ fuels helps remove deposits and prevent build-up in both old and new engines to ultimately restore and maintain engine performance. For instance, in Shell V-Power Nitro+ Gasoline, friction modifier content has been increased by 25% to instantly reduce friction in critical engine areas delivering more power and maximizing the car’s performance. Shell V-Power Nitro+ Diesel on the other hand contains a new, more powerful detergent technology for faster and more effective clean-up of diesel fuel injection systems for the latest generation of diesel engines. It also contains anti-corrosion agents designed to protect the fuel system from corrosion.

 Shell V-Power Nitro+ Racing remains to be Shell’s top performance and highest octane gasoline, designed to give even more power and responsiveness.

Continuous Innovation

Committed to continuously strive to make better fuels for its customers, Shell invests heavily on research and development. Shell is the largest investor in R&D among the major oil companies with over$1.3 billion in 2012 alone and over 200 fuels scientists and specialist engineers dedicated to the development of fuels innovation, development & product implementation that ultimately transfers the technology from the test bed that is the racetrack straight to the road.

Technical Partnership with Ferrari

 “Our close-working relationship with Ferrari provides us with an environment to test new fuels in extreme conditions. This gives us a better understanding of what will deliver improved power and performance.” said Shell Fuels Scientist Mae Ascan. Shell has been Ferrari’s technical partner for over 60 years, which powered 12 World Championship Drivers’ titles and 10 Formula One World Constructors' Championship titles.

A demand for cleaner engines

Shell provides Filipinos with their most advanced fuels yet that is not only designed to act instantly but also answers motorists’ demand for cleaner, well-maintained engines that perform better.

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