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June 2, 2014

AutoDeal: Helping Filipinos to Connect with Vehicles for the Best Possible Price

When it comes to buying a new car or motorcycle, the price point is consistently a major consideration in any individual’s buying process. Being able to find a vehicle for a special price or to get added-value can often be the incentive needed to seal the deal. However, it’s often difficult for prospective buyers to find timely and reliable information on all the best deals and promotions that are occurring across multiple different brands.

Now for the first time, Filipinos can access a website which not only collates information on all the best promotions, but also provides exclusive deals that cannot be found anywhere else. Founded by the same team that built Pinoy Auto Trader, not only provides promotional data on cars and motorcycles but also on car parts and accessories.

“The product is only two months old, but the traction we’ve already been able to obtain has been incredibly positive,” said co-founder Christopher Franks. “Trying to find all the necessary information when purchasing a new vehicle can be incredibly difficult, which is why we’re working with industry leaders to collate as much data as possible so that we can be the central place Filipinos come to online when they start the buying process. After all it’s often pretty frustrating to find a promotion, only to find out it has expired.”

“More than anything, we’re trying to build trust,” added co-founder Daniel Scott. “We don’t deal with middle-men and work exclusively with the official distributors of the products we advertise. Best of all, our product is totally free to the public.” will be launching even further features at the end of the month which aim to not only improve the buying process, but to also keep manufacturers in-touch with the demands of the public. In addition already has a mobile platform which encourages prospective buyers to connect over the phone and to visit sellers in-store.

“We’re constantly relaying non-identifiable data back to manufacturers to let them know what kind of promotions the public are engaging with. We’re hoping that this information will help the industry further align their marketing offers to benefit the Philippine consumer. Furthermore our strong commitment to reporting a wide range of statistics allows us to build a transparent service to clients,” added Franks.

“We have a large roadmap of development, all of which aim to better inform the public. We work very closely with some of the country’s major motoring pundits as a means to disseminate relevant informative content which can also be incorporated in the buying process,” added Scott. was launched in April 2014 and is already providing exclusive deals on a variety of products, ranging from brand new cars and scooters to three-wheelers, car   care products and car accessories. It will be further extending its offerings throughout the month of June.

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