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June 1, 2014

Ford's Driving Skills for Life Program Now on its Seventh Year

Ford Philippines once again kicks off its annual Ford Driving Skills for Life (DSFL), a global program aimed at teaching drivers, especially those with new licenses, the necessary skills for safe driving beyond what is learned in standard driver education programs.

To make the DSFL sessions more relevant, Ford conducted a survey to look into the driving habits of Filipinos.  While 96 percent of people surveyed considered themselves safe drivers, 40 percent of the respondents admitted to engaging in a number of dangerous driving behaviors such as sending SMS, eating and drinking, and talking on phones while driving.  The DSFL program will touch on these behaviors and other factors that increase accident risk while driving.

In partnership with schools, socio-civic organizations, and its growing number of dealerships around the country, Ford is aiming to reach out to more licensed drivers, free-of-charge, and make them aware of smart and safe driving skills. Participants will likewise be provided with helpful tips on fuel-efficient driving, vehicle maintenance, and road safety initiatives through classroom training, interactive sessions, and test drives.

“We take road safety very seriously and we make it our responsibility to reach out to more people and inform them about the advantages of having the right driving skills to be safe on the road. We want to boost people’s knowledge and confidence in driving through our Driving Skills for Life seminars,” said Joseph Ayllon, assistant vice president for communications, Ford Philippines.

“We’re also eager to work closely with public transportation operators in the country to have bus, jeepney and cab drivers attend our sessions as well.  This is one of many ways by which we can help ensure safe driving,” Ayllon added.

Together with Tuason Racing School (TRS), Ford is providing a more interactive atmosphere where the audience will get the chance to ask questions and clarify perceptions about driving. These sessions will empower more participants comprised of customers, university students, media, and public utility vehicle drivers to get firsthand experience on safe, smart and fuel efficient driving techniques.

DSFL seminars are set to be held at various Ford dealerships around Metro Manila and key provinces.  Seminars will also be held at select colleges and universities.

Ford also continues its “I Pledge to Drive Safe” campaign that encourages the public to make their own pledge for road safety and share it with families, friends and on their social networking sites. The campaign aims to engage more users to practice safe driving techniques and share these with their own circle of friends.

Ford’s road safety initiative began in the Philippines in 2005 and was re-launched in 2008 in alignment with Ford’s global DSFL program. Since then, more than 25,000 participants have attended the program.  For more information on DSFL and the schedule of seminars, please visit: and

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