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January 19, 2015

Ford Delivers Record ASEAN Sales

Ford Motor Company today announced overall retail sales for the ASEAN region in 2014 that rose more than five percent from the previous year to a record 100,824 units.

The company’s ASEAN sales were driven by record full-year performances in the Philippines, Vietnam, Malaysia, Cambodia and Myanmar, as well as full-year market share gains in Thailand amidst a significant domestic industry slowdown.

“As we continue to grow across the ASEAN region – including the ongoing expansion of our Ford showroom and vehicle lineup, and most importantly our talented teams across these dynamic markets – we’re able to serve so many more new-to-Ford customers and further strengthen the presence of our world-class brand,” explained Matt Bradley, president, Ford ASEAN.

Leading Ford’s ASEAN sales was the segment-defining and Thai-built Ford Ranger, which became the best-selling pickup truck in 2014 in the Philippines, Vietnam, Cambodia, Myanmar, and the second-best seller in Malaysia.

Ranger sales across the ASEAN region increased 10 percent from a year ago to 50,190 units.

“The rugged appeal, versatility and overall capability of this extraordinary pickup continues to attract a wide range of customers across ASEAN, and serve the requirements and needs of their respective work and lifestyles,” said Bradley.

Ford’s 2014 sales were also given a boost with the launch of the all-new EcoSport compact urban SUV, which is helping define a whole new vehicle segment across the ASEAN markets.

The newly-launched EcoSport quickly became Ford’s second best-selling nameplate in the key markets of Thailand, the Philippines, Vietnam, Malaysia, and Indonesia, finishing 2014 with total ASEAN sales of 18,149 units.

“The EcoSport has further expanded our showroom and allowed the Ford brand to connect with a whole new segment of customers across the region,” said Bradley.

Thailand continued to lead Ford’s overall performance in ASEAN with full-year sales of 38,087 units. Amidst a significant domestic market slowdown, Ford continued to outpace the overall Thai industry in 2014 helping drive its full-year market share up 0.5 percentage points to 4.4 percent.

Ford finished the year strong in Thailand with three consecutive months of increasing sales, including December retail sales that rose nearly 20 percent to 3,471 units.

In the Philippines, Ford delivered its second consecutive full-year sales record with retail sales that jumped 53 percent to a 20,341 units. December sales increased 56 percent year-over-year to 1,903 units, capping Ford’s all-time best quarterly performance in the Philippines.

In Vietnam, Ford delivered a record full-year performance with total retail sales rising 71 percent to 13,988 units, including December sales that increased 64 percent to an all-time best monthly total of 1,650 units.

The exceptional year helped drive Ford’s full-year market share in Vietnam up 1.5 percentage points from the previous year to 8.9 percent.

In addition to the Ranger being Vietnam’s best-selling pickup, the Transit also finished the year as Vietnam’s best-selling commercial van.

In Malaysia, Ford also delivered its second consecutive record full-year performance with overall retail sales rising 31 percent to 13,938 units. In Indonesia, Ford’s overall full-year sales increased more than 14 percent to 11,614 units.

Ford continued to experience significant growth in the emerging markets of Myanmar, Cambodia and Laos, with collective sales that rose 31 percent to 2,161 units, including record full-year sales for both Cambodia and Myanmar. Ford saw its sales rise 14 percent from the previous year in Singapore.

“We intend to continue leveraging our global Ford resources and product portfolio to introduce our latest technologies in Thailand and across ASEAN,” said Bradley. “Ford is firmly committed to developing and promoting vehicles and technologies that improve fuel efficiency and reduce carbon emissions, help support environmental sustainability, and offer consumers greater choice and benefit.”

Ford is confident that momentum in ASEAN will continue in 2015 thanks to its ongoing product-led transformation that will include the launch of the all-new Everest SUV and new Ranger across the region.

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