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January 31, 2015

Yamaha Tricity Leans into the Future

Yamaha Motor Philippines launched a unique new lifestyle vehicle dubbed the Tricity recently. With two front wheels and one rear wheel, the Tricity certainly looks like a tricycle. However, because of its unique Leaning Multi Wheel (LMW), it leans into corners while taking into account changes in different road surfaces to keep both front wheels with contact on the ground.

The Tricity is unique in that it’s being sold as a commuter lifestyle vehicle as opposed to being either a pure utilitarian motorcycle (the most common form of motorized two-wheeled transport in the country) or a performance bike. The Tricity reflects Yamaha Motor Philippines’s renewed interest in tapping younger, upwardly mobile buyers who otherwise wouldn’t have considered getting a motorbike before.

And at P 146,000, you certainly need to be moneyed to do so.

Still, the Tricity is laudable thanks to its unique LMW system which incorporates three key systems: a Parallelogram Link that allows the parallel leaning of the two front wheels separate from the function of the independent suspensions; Cantilevered Telescopic Suspension for the front suspension with a unique dimension and geometry; and Unified Braking System that applies brake force to the two front wheels and rear single wheel all at the same time.

The 125-cc Tricity is available at all Yamaha 3s shops nationwide and it comes in two colors: matte red or white.


  1. I've been interested with this type of transportation recently because frankly, I'm getting really tired of the metro's worsening traffic condition. I think a 4 wheel vehicle just won't cut it anymore and I'm looking for a secondary mode of transportation.

    So here's my situation. I never learned how to drive a motorcycle, much less a bicycle. My question is, will this three wheeled motorcycle be easy to balance? Is it stable like say, a bicycle with training wheels? Does it need to be balanced constantly like an ordinary motorcycle?

  2. I'd want one! Hopefully, this won't be the object of interest by "'Bikenappers" while you are on the move.

  3. May you please answer me why invented a two wheels in front?.. why not at the back?? Like atv?

    1. it will be easier to maneuver imagine a car with 2 wheels at the back and 1 in front like mr.baen

  4. Would LTO consider this as a tricycle?


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