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February 13, 2015

Meet Kia's New Mascots

Kia Motors has created a new way to reach out to its youth and family audiences, with the introduction of fun and friendly mascots known as Enzy and friends. These characters were created with the youth in mind, and inspired by Kia’s own brand personality – vibrant, distinctive, and reliable.

There are five characters in all: Enzy, Razy, Aqu, Tory, and Laito, each one representing an automotive and natural feature. The main character is Enzy, the engine monster who creates fire with his large strong hands the color of Kia Red. Razy, the radiator monster, creates wind and possesses distinctive inventing skills. Aqu is the fun little washer monster who works with water, while the vibrant pink figure is Tory, the battery monster who can generate electricity with her hands. Finally, Laito is the bright headlight monster who gives out light from his eyes. These five friends come together to make a reliable and hard-working crew just like the parts of a car work together to get bigger things moving along.

Kia introduced Enzy and his friends through its PBA team, Kia Carnival, starting with the game today against Barangay Ginebra San Miguel. An Enzy mascot will accompany the team to its games and its exciting new commercial will air soon during TV spots. Enzy’s crew will also appear at the helm of Kia’s upcoming youth marketing program in the Philippines.

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