Sunday, January 24, 2016

Tata Philippines Updates Indigo with New Safety Features for 2016

India’s first fully indigenous sedan, the Tata Indigo gets a safer upgrade to go with its frugal diesel performance for 2016.

The Tata Indigo is positioned as a comfortable, spacious sedan in the C-segment. Developed on Tata Engineering’s car platform, the Indigo is offered with a 1.4-liter turbocharged diesel engine with 70 horsepower and 135 Nm of torque from as low as 2,500 rpm.

This new powertrain (the in-house 475 TCIC Diesel), the 2016 Indigo comes with front and rear independent suspension as well as larger 14-inch alloy wheels. The long wheelbase with a semi-forward profile helps maintain a compact overall length and large interior space without compromising the maneuverability of the car in tight traffic conditions.

And for safety, the 2016 Tata Indigo is standard equipped with dual SRS airbags, ABS, and side impact beams.

With these traits in mind, Tata Motors Philippines is positioning the Tata Indigo as the perfect vehicle for entrepreneurs who want to enter the booming car-sharing app service such as Uber or Grab Car. In addition, it makes for a good fleet, service vehicle, or even taxi cab.


  1. The design is like from the 1990's. The Indians better hire a European or American designer like what the Koreans did with Kia and Hyundai. I wouldn't want to be seen in a car with that design.

    1. For the price of this car, I wouldn't expect a good design. You get what you fuckin' payed for.

    2. then go ride there and fuck yourself

    3. Also the fit and finish, its like from the early 90's. even korean cars from the 90's have a better fit and finish. we visited a tata dealer, took a look inside the indigo, I can see large panel gaps and the worst is, there are some screws that are not fully flush with the panels.

    4. This comment has been removed by the author.

    5. indica is a 1990's designed car first come out 2002.they have many new cars tata was a truck bus company since 1940.1991 tata poduced A car CALLED SIERRA 92 ESTATE.1994 sumo suv.

    6. latest 2017 vehicles are tat nexon,hexa,tiago

  2. Good engine performance..good for long distance trip


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