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August 20, 2018

Ferrari Introduces New Paint Technology

Thanks to its on-going collaboration with paint-specialist PPG, Ferrari is the world’s first manufacturer to adopt an innovative low-temperature paint system called Low Cure clear coat technology.

This move underscores the Italian luxury sportscar maker’s commitment to pursue both excellence and sustainability. It follows Ferrari’s move in 2004 to introduce a water-based paint system, one of the first among automakers, which has since then lowered the environmental impact of its cars.

Low Cure clear coat technology is a two-component paint system that incorporates a specially formulated clear coat which makes it possible for the car’s paint to be baked at 100 degrees instead of 150 degrees, cutting energy costs and enhancing the sustainability of the process.

The Low Cure resin contains a new hardener which enhances the chemical and mechanical resistance of the coating. The new formula also boosts cross-coat linking which increases its chemical hydrophobicity (resistance to staining from corrosive chemicals) and reduces water permeability.

Additionally, the new solution makes it possible for Ferrari to bake the carbon fiber and composite components together with the body shell, resulting in a uniformity of color between the various body components.

The new technology has also enabled Ferrari to industrialize a process to produce no fewer than 61 different basecoat colors by combining metallic basecoats with a gloss or matte pigment clear coat.

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