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August 16, 2018

The MMDA's Going to Go All Predator On You with Thermal Cameras

Motorists get ready: the MMDA is about to go all Predator on you. Just like the ugly motherf*cker alien in the 1987 Arnold Schwarzenegger popcorn flick, enforcers will soon use thermal cameras to determine whether or not there are at least 2 warm bodies onboard vehicles whenever the Expanded HOV Traffic Scheme is in effect.

This was revealed by MMDA General Manager Jojo Garcia who said that heavy tint has made implementation of the Expanded HOV Traffic Scheme “difficult.”

During the first day of the Expanded HOV Traffic Scheme, 156 heavily tinted vehicles traversed EDSA during the coverage period of HOV and the MMDA personnel failed to see whether these heavily-tinted vehicles complied with the policy or not.

It’s for this very reason that Garcia said the agency is contemplating the purchase of thermal cameras simply to catch violators of the Expanded HOV Traffic Scheme.

Honestly, this move is a bit overboard, but we guess enforcers can finally relive this iconic movie scene whenever they flag down any violator (we highly suggest calling them a motherf* might be the next “Gadget Guy” internet star):

Together with the MMDA’s use of thermal cameras, the Land Transportation Office (LTO) said that they may consider coming out with a regulation on car tints, specifically the allowable level of darkness.

According to LTO Law Enforcement Services Director Francis Almora, they’re currently coming up with the guidelines on vehicle tints. Once the regulation takes effect, owners will have to modify the darkness of their car tints to comply with the new requirements. He said that no motor vehicle will be registered (new or renewed) with the LTO if they are sporting heavy tints.

The Expanded HOV Traffic Scheme took effect last August 15. Its full implementation including fines will take effect on Thursday, August 23.

This traffic scheme covers all lanes of EDSA, from North EDSA in Quezon City to Magallanes in Makati City from 7 AM to 10 AM and 6 PM to 9 PM from Mondays to Fridays. Driver-only vehicles, both public and private, are barred from traversing this major thoroughfare during this time. A fine of P 1,000 is imposed for the violation of this regulation.


  1. Guess the use of thermal cam can't be helped.

    In favor of the tint regulations. Should help ID colorums (too many heat signatures + unmarked vans with PNP stickers) and feeling privileged *ssholes too.

  2. ... As usual I expect the insecure cop renting scumbags would not be following this rule. Just another pointless regulation. They can't even regulate those who cover their license plates with dark glass, let alone properly implement this.


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