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November 9, 2020

5 Reasons Why This Season's Surprises is Spelled Kia

Nothing naughty but everything nice is what the Kia brand is all about for the last two—and most delightful—months of this year. Indeed, it should be on top of every big boy and girl’s list, and checked twice to make sure it’s really there. This Korean three-letter badge stands to be the best pick for the season, and there are 5 compelling reasons for even the coolest guy at the North Pole to trade his trusty sleigh for a distinctive Kia vehicle. His reindeer would love that breathing spell and change of scenery, too. 

#1. The ‘Power’ of Quality 

In Kia Philippines’ formidable stable are not just boxes on four wheels. Time and again, Kia vehicles have been recognized globally, a testament to one of Kia’s core strengths as an automaker: It doesn’t just satisfy needs, it meets and surpasses the mobility demands of the times.

The Sorento got the highest rank for the IQS Upper Midsize SUV, and also won the Upper Midsize SUV Awards for Quality and Reliability.

The Kia Sportage is ranked Top 2 in IQS Compact SUV and is among the Top 5 in Quality Compact SUV Awardees. 

Meanwhile, the Grand Carnival was the Highest Ranked in IQS for Minivans, and the winner in Minivan Category for Best in Quality and Reliability.

#2. Safety, in all shapes and sizes

Vehicle safety is a top non-negotiable priority for Kia, as shown in the string of recognitions it has earned from reputable institutions around the world. Mobility may be essential, but safety is everything. 

In the 2020 USA Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) study, the Kia Forte was the top pick for the Small Car, the Kia Sportage for the Small SUV, and the Sorento for the Large SUV category as the safest vehicles on the road (Note: safety equipment in the U.S. varies from the Philippine spec model).

#3. Eye candies galore

If quality and safety are the soul and spirit of every Kia vehicle, then it needs a snazzy body to make it the life of the party. Kia vehicles exude beauty inside and out—progressive yet iconic aesthetics to break free from the plainness of paved landscapes.

That design bling has earned for Kia some rings. In 2018, the European-inspired Kia Stonic was voted iF Design Award and Red Dot Design award winner. The Kia Sorento compact SUV also shared the limelight in the same awards—and has been commended for its design as early as 2015.

#4. Caring for 15 years

Since 2005, Kia has boosted efforts to build its reputation under the slogan, “Kia Promise to Care.” Intensifying this drive while making every customer experience enjoyable and worry-free, Kia Philippines covers its vehicles with a five-year warranty or 160,000 kilometers—whichever comes first—for all models (except for the K2500 which offers a 3-year warranty or 110,000 kilometers).

Kia vehicle owners are also entitled to 24/7 Roadside Assistance—free for the first five years. This service includes Emergency Towing, Minor Onsite Repair, Medical Assistance, Personal Assistance and Information Service.

#5. Still, Worth the Drive

The surprises just keep on coming. Kia Philippines has just extended the Worth the Drive Deals Promo, stretching its offerings a bit more to ease you into the Holiday spirit as smoothly as possibly.

These irresistible pitches under the Worth the Drive Deals Promo—dishing out monthly amortization terms and even huge cash discounts—will help make you decide once and for all that the Kia vehicle you’ve been eyeing for so long is now within your arms’ reach.

What makes the Promo more attractive this month is that Kia Philippines has extended the payment terms on the newly launched Kia Stonic. This month, you can get as much as P 60,000 cash rebate or low monthly terms of P 15,276.

Furthermore, Kia Philippines’ frontrunners—the Soluto, Seltos, Sportage, Grand Carnival and K2500—also come with affordable payment arrangements.

The subcompact sedan Soluto LX MT, the entry point to Kia's sizable offerings, is retailed with a P 40,000 discount. You can also drive away with it through a monthly term of P 12,094.

The Seltos subcompact SUV LX AT (the go-to vehicle of small families and young professionals) can be yours with a P 50,000 price cut or a zero-interest monthly amortization of up to 18 months.

Those in mid-level management or have growing families may see fit to buy the compact crossover Sportage—which is offered in both LX Diesel and Gasoline variants—via zero-interest scheme of up to 60 months. But if they pay outright cash, Sportage buyers can get cash savings of as much as P 300,000 on the LX Diesel or P 250,000 for the LX gasoline.

The spacious people carrier Grand Carnival LX 11-seater minivan has also been given equally magnificent payment terms through payment schemes such as zero-percent interest up to 24 months, P 120,000 price slash or payment terms of P 36,281 monthly for 60 months.

Last but not the least, the business-friendly K2500 4x2 Karga Plus Protect is offered with a cash discount of P 60,000 or low monthly P 20,186.

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