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June 9, 2022

Europe Upholds 2035 Ban On Combustion Engines

The end of the internal combustion engine is near. This as the European Union voted to uphold the ban of gasoline- and diesel-powered cars in the bloc by 2035.

Members of Parliament voted against an amendment that would have eased a requirement on carmakers to cut emissions, to a 90 percent reduction by 2035, instead of the 100 percent proposed last year. The result sets out the position for negotiations with member states later this year that will determine the final shape of the law.

If an agreement is reached then, it effectively spells the end of the combustion engine car in Europe, marking a radical overhaul of a form of transport that has dominated for more than a century. It would also be a crucial win for the bloc’s climate agenda, with the transportation sector proving one of the hardest to decarbonize.

Lawmakers also voted against an amendment that would allow carmakers to buy credits for so-called e-fuels. Those synthetic fuels, made using captured carbon dioxide, with hydrogen produced from renewables, have been touted as a way to keep the combustion engine viable as a carbon neutral option.

This development will have long lasting implications for carmakers, like Toyota and Mazda, who still feel like there’s life for the internal combustion engine and want a multi-prong approach to solving climate change. This ruling pretty much shuts those plans down. EVs are now increasingly becoming the one and only choice for automakers moving forward.

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  1. Well.... ICE will still be here in the Philippines... we are so backward other countries are for electrification while we still dwell on diesels and cheap motorcycles...


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