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July 3, 2024

Aspiring Racers Live Motorsports Dream At Toyota Gazoo Racing Academy Philippines

Toyota Motor Philippines (TMP) recently opened the 2024 class of the Toyota Gazoo Racing Academy Philippines (TGRA), its training ground for both aspiring and experienced racers.

Held at the Clark International Speedway, the first half of the two-part course taught students racing basics such as how to identify the flags used during a race, braking points on the track, and racing etiquette.

Students were able to apply what they learned during the second half of the course through a slalom activity on the track. The lessons concluded with a ‘follow the leader’ activity where students drove around the track behind a pace car.

More than 30 individuals participated in the classes, from sim racers looking to transition to actual racing to racing fans who wanted to experience the thrill for themselves.

“For aspiring racers, the TGRA is a gateway to achieving their dreams,” shared TMP Vice President for Marketing Services Elvin Luciano. “Our mission with the TGRA is to provide a starting point for anyone who wants to try their hand at racing. We’re thrilled to know some even go on to pursue professional careers in the sport after graduating from the TGRA.”

Since its launch in 2014, the TGRA has produced skilled racers who have gone on to participate in various local racing events, including TMP’s own racing series, the TGR Vios Cup.

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